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2010-05-29 14:09:03
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2010-05-24 [The Ghost of Soviet Russia]: wow! I like! ;D

2010-05-28 [Toxxic666]: can i ask how ur seeing anything?? i have looked and there are no pics up there sept the two on my front page.

2010-05-28 [The Ghost of Soviet Russia]: i went back to version 2 and theyre there.

2010-05-30 [Toxxic666]: ok thanx

2010-05-31 [Toravisu]: Yep version 2, very beatiful pictures. Btw, love your new haircut on the profile. :P

2010-06-23 [Saratiger]: mmmmmm yummy ;)

2010-07-03 [Tr!X*]: if you empty and lock and put a pass on this wiki, those ^ perverts can't get round the fact you obviously don't want your pictures seen, right now xD

2010-07-11 [Ihsahn]: Unless it's saved. HAHA!

2010-07-15 [El]: oh yessss. =3

2010-12-30 [lone wolf]: love those sexy cock pillows

2011-02-18 [Toxxic666]: now seriously i kno i put my pics up but must yu call them cock pillows? they are breasts. now cock pillows

2011-02-18 [TidusBMatthews]: Permission to call the beautiful orbs of delight? You have an absolutly beautiful body and a gorgeous face.

2019-09-07 [CASPER]: How do you get to version 2 pics

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