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This could possibly be my shortest review ever. My advice on this one is, just watch it. If you want to see a movie that actually incorporates good acting, a good plot, humor and of course, some hot sex – The Opening of Misty Beethoven is the movie you want to see.

This classic from 1975 written and directed by Radley Metzger stars Constance Money as Misty Beethoven and Jamie Gillis as Dr. Seymour Love. Dr. Love and his assistant Geraldine Rich, played by Jacqueline Beaudant, meet Misty Beethoven in Paris while she is working as a prostitute, and being a pretty bad one. Dr. Love was seeking a special woman to become the next infamous Golden Rod Girl – the world’s preeminent escort and seductress. Misty didn’t fit the bill at all, but he challenges her to give up her bad hooking ways and join him on a quest to train to become the next Golden Rod Girl. What ensues is an adventure in the ways of seduction and love games with the world’s rich and elite.

You'll see some crazy stuff in an adult theater...

Along with the well played and directed plot, sex scenes happen naturally in the moment as we get to experience this fantasy world where sex is not only a daily experience but an expected daily occurrence. In world built around sex and pleasure, even the airlines offer first class sex or no-sex sections, as well as family film or adult film, kosher or regular meals and of course since it is 1975, smoking or non-smoking. Just want a little head? They’re happy to oblige.

I love the '70s. Now this is STYLE!

Constance Money didn’t make a lot of films. According to IMBD she only made eight films in total, but this one could possibly be one of the best adult films ever. Those interested in nothing put straight out fucking might be disappointed with the sex scenes – many tend to be more oral fluffing than complete intercourse and money shots, but Constance Money plays off of her young and innocent looks, a gorgeous body and feigned naivety to truly build the fantasy that she is this woman coming of age in a world that constantly makes very adult demands.

Most of this movie follows the same Hollywood cliché of the underdog training hard and managing to accomplish what most people would think was impossible. She experiences the ups and downs (no innuendo intended) where she wants to quit and hates her manager then stiffens her resolve (again, no innuendo intended). But through it all the movie keeps the viewer entertained with something beyond a constant barrage of oral sex scenes. The world supposed is interesting beyond just being a fantasy, and the script is both funny and for a change, believable.

The key to everything, including good sex... practice...



...and practice!

I give The Opening of Misty Beethoven a five boner rating. If you want a good, entertaining movie that delivers erotica without erotica being the only delivery, this is the movie for you.

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2011-10-24 [Echo]: Damn. I think I have to see this. I saw some of Constant's work and she is just naturally gorgeous.

2011-10-25 [crudezza]: Yes, Constance Money was one of the hottest. Too bad she didn't do more and more variety of films.

2011-10-25 [Echo]: Some part of me enjoys the rarity of it. She has class too and that is rare in porn stars.

2011-10-25 [crudezza]: She does. And it seems as though she always enjoys what she is doing - she gets into her roles and into her scenes.

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