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I suppose eventually I will rate a movie that isn’t a classic, but with so many good classics and such a sharp decline in the quality of the porn industry over the past 20 years, I simply can’t help myself. Especially with XHamster and RedTube now having these classics in full-length rips, available for instant streaming. This review is another in my series of some of the most excellent classic adult movies made; The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann. This 1974 production, written and directed by Radley Metzger again mixes sexy and sophisticated with a solid plot, a few great one-liners and other jokes, a focus on good acting and a very smooth transition from story to sex.

The story centers around Pamela Mann, played by Barbara Bourbon, who is the wife of a wealthy businessman, played by Alan Marlow. Mr. Mann is the quintessential busy executive and through his concern for his wife’s happiness and of course a concern that she is cheating on him, he hires Frank, a private investigator played by screen legend actor Eric Edwards, to follow her through her days and video her and her activities. The resulting videos are a kaleidoscope of sexual adventure and exploration by the socialite house-wife.

Surveillance back in the day was neither high tech nor discrete apparently.

Bourbon always brings a whole lot of sexy to the screen along with a believability more common with classic movies than modern productions. With no over-the-top attempts at being a hot porn star, she could be your neighbor or the woman you bump into at the store which adds dramatically to her appeal. She is one of those actresses that didn’t make many movies of this genre so her appearances are both rare and selective – you know if she is in the movie, odds are it was a quality movie. She chose this one in particular because of the promise of working with Metzger and the quality of his scripts and productions.

Barbara Bourbon went to a formal acting school, but they don't teach deep throating like this in any acting school... One of the best lines in all of porn: "Pamela seems to need a cock down her throat like other women need... well... chocolate cake down their throat."

Joining Bourbon and Edwards in this movie are also Georgina Spelvin, who plays Pamela’s best friend Linda, an experienced prostitute and oral sex specialist, as well as a brief appearance by Jamie Gillis, credited as “The Rapist” and whose role is all but removed in the edited (streaming) version of this movie.

Administrative Assistants back in the '70s needed to be ready for anything.

Throughout the movie Pamela moves between supposed charitable activitoes, such as a political supporter, where her support is getting the candidate off before a big keynote speech, to her therapy sessions with Linda which involve smoking a joint and mutual oral pleasures between the women. By the way, the politician is played by Sonny Landham, which many of you may recognize from some other big-ticket mainstream films such as Predator – he played Billy, the Native American commando on Schwarzenegger’s team.

And at the end of the day, Pamela and her husband can watch all the surveillance films while fucking.

Edwards in his promise to Mr. Mann to do everything it takes to get to the bottom of his case, reviews each day of film with Mr. Mann, explaining his findings. Eventually he gets so close to the subject of his surveillance, he ends up having sex with Pamela and only then does he discover the true nature of her actions.

The Private Afternoons of Pamela Man is available in an edited cut on Xhamster here:

This is a recommended must see for anyone that enjoys a good movie with hardcore sex scenes included, rather than just sex with a bad movie surrounding it. The camera angles offer variety and an artistry to the eroticism, and the scenes themselves offer a little bit of everything for everyone to fap to. I give this one five boners out of five.

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2011-11-24 [Echo]: I wish they'd stop editing out a lot of the more questionable parts of the porns.

2011-11-24 [crudezza]: Me too - in this one it leaves a gap in the movie. And then at the end when Pamela and Mr. Mann are watching all the films collected by the investigator, you see clips of it anyway. Lame.

2011-11-25 [Echo]: Durrrh

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