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Tried to try a new look lemme know what you think
/ [Pumpkin]

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2012-06-03 [adio]: beautiful =) just beautiful =)

2012-06-03 [Pumpkin]: no way

2012-06-03 [adio]: yes way

2012-06-03 [Pumpkin]: nope

2012-06-03 [adio]: yes

2012-06-04 [Toravisu]: Yeah, I told ya that along time ago, he's a fuckin weirdo. stalked one of my friends across fb cause she had her email on here, the one she used to sign into fb, and then when he found her on fb he got her cell number.

2012-06-04 [Pumpkin]: creeper

2012-06-04 [Toravisu]: Lol, him or me?

2012-06-04 [Pumpkin]: him

2012-06-04 [Toravisu]: Yeah, def.

2012-06-08 [Lacowboy89]: Wow absolutely beautiful I love it hun

2012-06-08 [Pumpkin]: It is not

2012-06-08 [Toravisu]: Your right, it isnt. but you are...pretty :P atleast accept that.

2012-06-08 [Toravisu]: Btw, that wasnt an insult. You said "it is not" which doesnt refer to yourself, but rather the picture. So thats why I said, your right. The picture isnt but you are pretty, I dont really use the word Beautiful, cept for in like nature or things.

2012-06-09 [Pumpkin]: Ok but i'm an ugly fuck

2012-06-09 [Toravisu]: If your an ugly fuck then im a fugly fuck. Lol.

2012-11-30 [reese_apoc]: gorgeous

2012-12-24 [ClairyXfairy]: O.o :3 Nomz!

2013-08-03 [uberfack]: smiles are sexy

2013-10-03 [bob_web33]: you look hella sexy

2016-05-20 [IceDragonKing]: Beautiful

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