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This is not just a RP wiki.


Enter through a black iron fence into a secluded grove with a single building upon the lawn surrounded by all manners of flowers in a variety of colors. Made of white marble with black obsidian veins, the dome rising above the poplar trees with the sun glistening off the gold inlay, the building seems almost out of place amidst nature. Stepping around the fountain on a rust-colored perfectly layed cobblestone pathway, individuals walk up to the jet black and midnight blue doors and peer inside showing a beautiful foyer with marble flooring and doors leading into antechambers.

Wearing an all white robe with no armband, the Leader of The Faith named [Arctic Knight] stands just inside the door to greet any and all newcomers, converts or guests.

To the left, facing Southeast, the WatersSong rooms where any and all devotions can be made to the water gods, goddesses, and the water Ancient herself. [Mikame Sayomi] is the High Priestess of this area.

Continuing around to the right, facing Northeast, the FiresSong room where any and all devotions can be made to the fire gods, goddesses, and the fire Ancient herself. There is not a High Priestess for this area at the present moment as the previous person resigned indefinitely.

Facing due North, the DarkSong room where any and all devotions can be made to the gods, goddesses, and the Ancient of Darkness herself. [Willow Moonshadow] is the High Priestess of this area.

Facing Northwest, the WindsSong room where any and all devotions can be made to the god, goddesses, and the Ancient of Air himself. There is not a High Priestess for this area at the present moment.

Facing due West, the EarthsSong room where any and all devotions can be made to the gods, goddesses, and the Ancient of Earth himself. [Araglas] is the High Priest of this area.

Travelling deosil, clockwise, around the Chapel, the door to the StorageRoom faces Southwest and the door to the mortal realm faces due South. The Light Element does not have it's own room as it is all encompassing in its splendor no matter what path you follow. None of these basic elemental rooms have High Priests or Priestesses as of this time but currently seeking the True Ones to take up the position.



The Faith, the name of this religion, is tolerant of all other religions...never forcing people to convert or saying they are wrong. Never one to yell at another for their religious background, The Faith has never been adamant about conversions and/or rituals.

My faith itself...the followers (and yes I'm not the only one) call themselves 'reincarnates.' These people believe that there are entities, for lack of a better term, inside them and they can interact with that entity. I myself is one of these people. Kind of like multiple personalities but this entity can teach us things, about ourselves and sometimes even skills to use in this world.

Belief...beliefs are just what they say. They are what you feel in your heart and such whatnot like that. The Ancients believe in peace between the faiths...without animosity...without racism or sexism...without persecution for being wrong.

Meditation is the best way to tap into a reincarnate's power I've found out. It opens up so many energy channels that you can delve into your own soul, dive into your own body itself. Some picture it as a long hallway with doors on each side...some can see a tall tower with books all along the wall.

This is a real religion...not just a simple roleplay. Keep in mind that this religion is striving to become nationally, and maybe globally, recognized so it may be asked of you to go public eventually. *smiles* Eventually.

Rules, apparently needed for some people on this site, must be followed for the natural flow of things to happen:

1.) Please no racism, vulgar remarks (though this is a sex website), sexual commentary (leave it in PMs please), and/or real life problems.

2.) Keep the respect to anyone at all times. If you have a beef with someone, take it out of the Chapel. This is not the place for fighting.

3.) No one is better than anyone else are all guests:same status (guests), same income (none), and same respect level.

4.) Have fun...any questions about The Faith, ask [Arctic Knight]. Any questions based on philosophy, science, math, etc...ask whoever you want.

5.) There are 6 High Priestesses and/or Priests in this Chapel...they are each 'in charge' of their specific elemental alcoves. Their word is taken over any other guests as they were specifically appointed for a reason to their position.

*UPDATE AS OF 08/17/12* Back in business after a much needed but prolonged abcense...hopefully the High Priests/Priestesses haven't completely given up here.*END OF UPDATE*

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2012-09-26 [Arctic Knight]: *blinks the sleep from my eyes, looking around* I've all but given up on this's not as it once was. So much for public recognition

2013-04-15 [Araglas]: Sometimes life takes us to places it thinks we are needed, and then brings us back to places we thought we behind us.

2015-03-11 [Snap Dragon]: So your serious with this?lol

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