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2016-01-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: A slow grin curls red lips as she lays back on his legs. Pointing to a tall wood closet at the foot of the bed, she waves to the nightstand. "Of course. The chest is...well stocked shall we say? The key is on the 'stand, I keep it locked from...strangers.'

2016-01-01 [Lord Arthin]: He nods and shifts under her u til he can stand, picking her up with him as it would be rude to push her off. With a bit of awkwardness he deposits her on the bed as he takes the key and unlocks the cabinet with it, pulling out a length of rope.

2016-01-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: Murmurs pleasantly, rolling to lay on her belly to watch him walk through her room. Her head tilts as her eyes light up, biting her lip to hide a sharp flash of hunger in her eyes.

2016-01-01 [Lord Arthin]: He walks back over to her, dragging the tassel of the rope along her flesh, as she is on her belly, down her spine. He leans down, nipping lightly at her neck before taking her arms, pulling them above her head and lashing them together.

2016-01-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her head drops to the bed, a shiver rolling through her shoulders at the tickling touch of the soft rope. She tugs at the secure hold, working her arms to test it but making no further movement to pull free, keeping her face to the pillows below her.

2016-01-01 [Lord Arthin]: He lashes her wrists to the head board, leaving enough slack so that she can move, and roll over. He walks back over the the cabinet and inspects it, looking for something else to catch his eye.

2016-01-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: Tucking her legs under her, she rolls onto her side to watch him. The dark wood glows behind the ranks of tools and ropes neatly stored within. Dark leather and spotless steel pair against the creamy white of silk cording.

2016-01-01 [Lord Arthin]: Nothing catches his interest this trip, though he has no doubt he will be back. He turns and saunters over to her, his eyes lidded as he looks upon her lying on the bed.

2016-01-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: "Don't lose the key, please? It's rather a bear to pick that lock." She murmurs, dark eyes grinning darkly up at him as she tugs at the ropes holding her down.

2016-01-01 [Lord Arthin]: They key is placed back on the nightstand a a hand is slid down her body, pausing to twist the metal through her nipples. "Tight?"

2016-01-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her body bucks at the twisting pain, hazy pleasure gathering in her eyes as she shakes her head once. "N-no. Nice and snug."

2016-01-01 [Lord Arthin]: "Good to see I haven't lost my touch" his hand trails down her stomach and between her legs, pushing on her pearl with his fingertips.

2016-01-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her hips lift to his touch knees sliding apart slightly as her skin pebbles around where his fingers trailed.

2016-01-01 [Lord Arthin]: His fingers twist and pinch, as much as they are able to given the slick wetness that they probe. Slowly he slips onto the bed next to her, his other hand cupping her breast.

2016-01-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: She hisses, shuddering around his touch as her hips lift to press into his hand. Arching her body, her breasts filling his cupping hand.

2016-01-01 [Lord Arthin]: He squeezes and rubs the offered breast, digging his nails into the tender flesh as his fingers play her mercilessly, exploring every fold, but never leaving namaah's pearl for too long

2016-01-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her hands tug against the strong rope holding her in place, body writhing alongside his on the bed as he teases between her legs. Pale skin under his hands showing each nail mark in clear halfmoons of red.

2016-01-01 [Lord Arthin]: A dark chuckle echoes in his throat as he watches her writhe, fingers slipping into her to add to the sensations between her legs.

2016-01-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: Gasping, her legs part to lift her hips against his hand. Eagerly driving towards the probing touch as her struggles draw her body taunt in teh binds.

2016-01-01 [Lord Arthin]: He withdraws his fingers from her and looks down at himself, he spreads her fluids over his studded shaft and strokes lightly, bringing it back to full hardness.

2016-01-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: She licks her lips, blatent hunger in her eyes as she watches him. She rolls slightly to her side to face him, pressing her warm skin to his.

2016-01-01 [Lord Arthin]: He parts her legs, positioning himself carefully before driving himself deep into her with one hard smooth thrust.

2016-01-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her head snaps back, eyes going wide as he slides smoothly into her core. A groan of pleasure echoes in the dim room as her hips lift high to his.

2016-01-01 [Lord Arthin]: He pulls out, only to slam back in, taking her hard and fast, his mouth seeking once more the pulse in her neck and biting down on it.

2016-01-02 [Pretty Little Slut]: She bends, the sudden pressure forcing her back to the bed under his onslaught. Held helpless by the silken rope, her long hair covering ehr eyes as she tilts her chin up intentionally baring her neck to his teeth.

2016-01-03 [Lord Arthin]: Biting, gnawing on her skin, marks are left, his hips beating a staccato rhythm against hers as he drives into her. Her bend let's him lower his body, crushing her chest with his.

2016-01-04 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her sound deepens as her chest compresses under his, the chilled metal nodes warming between them quickly around the hard nipples. Telltale shivers work through her steadily, tugging against his teeth as she struggles to keep her hips up and braced to his thrusts.

2016-01-06 [Lord Arthin]: His mouth moves from her throat to her mouth, kissing her with a ferocity matched by his hips as they drive his pierced phallus into her over and over again.

2016-01-06 [Pretty Little Slut]: Nipping at his lips as she meets his kiss with hungry passion, She draws against the rope to lift to him. Pulse racing as he pushes her towards the edge, she moans against him, losing her rhythm in a hard roll of her hips to his.

2016-01-06 [Lord Arthin]: His own rhythm is lost as his climax hits him like a cresting wave, he shoves deep inside her and holds, his entire body stiffening against hers.

2016-01-06 [Pretty Little Slut]: Dropping her head, her teeth latch around the pulse in the join of his neck and shoulder, sinking down and slightly muffling the scream of her release shuddering around his length.

2016-01-06 [Lord Arthin]: He moans with the clamping of her teeth and his body relaxes, sagging slightly on top of her as his climax passes. 

2016-01-06 [Pretty Little Slut]: Worrying the deep bite roughly before releasing him, she plants a light kiss over the deep mark, breath warm against his skin as she conforms her lax body under his.

2016-01-06 [Lord Arthin]: His breath comes in a ragged pant as he rolls off her and onto his side, resting a hand gently on her stomach. "That was..."

2016-01-06 [Pretty Little Slut]: "Hm?" She rolls slightly, not dislodging his touch but only to lay her head on her bound arm so as to see him. A deeply satisfied smile curves her lips as she flexes her body, bringing it slowly back under control. "I very much enjoyed that, lover."

2016-01-06 [Lord Arthin]: "I did as well" a satisfied and contented smile curved his own lips as he looked at her. "Should I release you?"

2016-01-06 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her head tips as her naturally sarcastic self shows for a moment, looking across at him with a grin. "Didn't you just?" Chuckling, she flexes her hands to check for issues experimentally before shrugging. "It rather depends on you and what you want. 'Tis a well tied bit and causing no harm, if you prefer I stay like this I'm perfectly content as such for a while longer yet. Eventually...yes, my shoulder will need a break."

2016-01-06 [Lord Arthin]: His mouth quirks at her dry wit and his head shakes. Reaching up the knot comes undone and his hand drifts back to its former position. "I rather enjoy the feel of a woman's arms. I can always retire that knot"

2016-01-06 [Pretty Little Slut]: Gently untangling her hands from the now loose rope, she draws her arms down. One to pillow under her head, the other folding over his chest where her fingers lightly trace against the bones of his collar ever careful to avoid brushing against the livid marks of her bite. Skin warm under his palm, she shifts slightly to tuck against his side.

2016-01-06 [Lord Arthin]: Barely visible in the soft light, there are markings on his flesh that can clearly be felt under her fingertips, regular lines and triangles in neat, orderly rows. The hand on her stomach caresses lightly and slips to her hip as she tucks in.

2016-01-06 [Pretty Little Slut]: Tracing the unfamiliar designs gently, she taps his chest with a quizzical look. "How was this done, lover? I've never seen such a marking, and I'm...well rather a connoisseur of skin, as it were. My scars are flat to my skin, not raised like this." Her right arm under her braces her up closer to him, as her hand brushes the breadth of the patterning.

2016-01-06 [Lord Arthin]: "Tis an old, old method, known as scarification. It is was once common in my homeland, and is still quite common in Africa though it has fallen out of favor in the west." The pattern trails over his shoulder and down his body, stopping just below the hip, and is about four inches wide. "Mine were done by cutting the skin and placing a small amount of hot clay into the wound to create a raised scar."

2016-01-06 [Pretty Little Slut]: "It's quite an intriguing idea, I've not seen a raised scar intentionally done before. Why?" she asks, not intentionally impolite as she explores the texture under her fingertips.

2016-01-06 [Lord Arthin]: "It's what was done before it was discovered that you could achieve a similar effect with ink. Consider them an alternate form of tattooing."

2016-01-06 [Pretty Little Slut]: A flicker of confused unease crosses her eyes as she shakes her hair back to cover the arm under her in an almost unconscious habitual move. "It is...not generally used as such, now. At least what I've known of scars." Her fingers still against his hip briefly as her voice drops.

2016-01-06 [Lord Arthin]: He shakes his head and leans over to kiss her softly. "No, it is not. This kind of scar, it is precise, and the purpose is not to cause pain but to create art. Myou markings read a prayer to guide the dead along their way, and is actually quite lovely and poetic in Ancient Sumerian."

2016-01-06 [Pretty Little Slut]: "It sounds..well, quite beautiful." She murmurs, kissing him gently. "Looking past him, shadowed and guarded eyes as she briefly explains. "Mine are no less precise, but were not art. Nor chosen. Even here in my room, it's rare for anyone to notice them in this light. In the House well...I do not wear things without sleeves for much the same reason."

She shakes her head as her eyes snap back to meet his. "Yours though, are beautiful. Meant to be seen or not, thank you for explaining them." she leans in, laying a soft kiss against the edge of the pattern.

2016-01-06 [Lord Arthin]: He shivers lightly as her lips touch his skin and his hands stroke her hair. "You are welcome. I am sorry that your scars cause you pain though ..."

2016-01-06 [Pretty Little Slut]: "They are long healed, lover, and do not cause me physical pain." Her lips whisper against his skin as she shakes her head slightly. "they are...actually rather striking I think. I just don't like the 'why/where' to them." She shrugs her upended shoulder before falling silent as her lips trance the patterning along his skin.

2016-01-06 [Lord Arthin]: A shudder passes through him again as her lips trace the cuneiform scars, his hands caressing her flesh in delicate patterns.

2016-01-06 [Pretty Little Slut]: She rolls her eyes to meet his, making no move to take her lips from his skin. "Do you need me to stop, lover?"

2016-01-06 [Lord Arthin]: A small grin flits across his lips as he looks down at her. "Actually I was about to ask you not to."

2016-01-06 [Pretty Little Slut]: "Oh good, I probably wouldn't have listened anyways." she says with a grin, returning to exploring the raised skin with lips and tongue lightly.

2016-01-06 [Lord Arthin]: He chuckles as another sudden ripples through his body, his fingers caressing her marque.

2016-01-06 [Pretty Little Slut]: She Murmurs pleasantly at his touch against the warm skin, tracing his pattern across his chest as if determined to learn it by touch of lips alone.

2016-01-06 [Lord Arthin]: A soft sound of pleasure escapes his lips as she traces the woods with her lips, his hands stroking up and down her back, and over the sides of her breasts.

2016-01-06 [Pretty Little Slut]: Slowly working down the side of the pattern as she licks and kisses lightly along his chest, her sensitive skin tracing goosebumps under his touch.

2016-01-06 [Lord Arthin]: He shivers under her ministrations and closes his eyes, giving in to the pleasure and enjoying the sensationsummer she is provoking.

2016-01-06 [Pretty Little Slut]: she shifts slightly, freeing herself from his side to better move down as she follows the marks. the shift leaving her slowly crawling down the side of the bed beside him as she works down his rips.

2016-01-06 [Lord Arthin]: His hands leave her and pillow his head as he watches her crawl down the bed and down his body. 

2016-01-06 [Pretty Little Slut]: Ever so gently nipping along the skin of his side, she quickly traces the unfamiliar words and marks down. Shifting to follow his body as her eyes glace up to meet his, she places a long hungry kiss alongside the inner edge of his hipbone against the thin and raised skin there.

2016-01-06 [Lord Arthin]: He looks down into her eyes as she places that kiss, his skin warm beneath her lips, and a shudder of pleasure rippling g up his body as she does so.

2016-01-06 [Pretty Little Slut]: A quirk of amused warmth flits over her face as she lowers her lips to the same spot once more, gently using her tongue and lips to tease at the bottom of the trail of scars, kissing licking and suckling in a concentrated effort to affect the same response again.

2016-01-06 [Lord Arthin]: A small chuckle escapes his lips at her playful action, another shudder tingles up his spine and a hand comes down to tangle itself in her hair.

2016-01-06 [Pretty Little Slut]: She stills as her breathe goes out at his grip, it being somewhat of a large and little used hot point for her. Licking her lips carefully to mask the spike of warmth coloring her lips, she presses agaisnt his legs where she lays crouched beside him

2016-01-07 [Lord Arthin]: His hand grips her hair, not having missed that little gasp. He uses the grip to press her lips against his skin again, enjoying the feeling.

2016-01-07 [Pretty Little Slut]: Sealing her lips to his skin, she uses the vacuum created to draw blood towards the surface, warily watching his reactions as her tongue flicks against the sensitized skin feather light.

2016-01-07 [Lord Arthin]: He bites his lower lip as she gives him a hickey on his hip. The grip on her hair lessens enough that she can move of her own volition and his skin prickles at the touch of her tongue. "Nnnn... thats nice"

2016-01-07 [Pretty Little Slut]: she shifts slightly, enough to tuck her left arm over his legs to hold him still as she resettles against him. Exploring his skin, marking and kissing randomly as she works from one hip to the other with a grin.

2016-01-07 [Lord Arthin]: A grin flashes down at her as she works her way across his hips. "Now that's a lovely image..." his legs still under her arm and his eyes lock with hers

2016-01-07 [Pretty Little Slut]: "Oh..?" She twists to look up his body at him, mostly stretched over and alongside him, carefully keeping her dark hair covering her right shoulder and arm even in the low light. Voice a soft flush of breath against the marks of her lips as she lift the sound in question.

2016-01-07 [Lord Arthin]: He smiles and strokes her hair gripping lightly. His skin shivers under her breath and a soft sound of pleasure escapes his throat

2016-01-07 [Pretty Little Slut]: She chuckles, pressing her lips to his skin as her hand idly traces the edge of her nails along his ski. tracing just barely along the edge of his hip and upper leg. "What is a lovley image, love? You didn't answer the question."

2016-01-07 [Lord Arthin]: A shudder runs from her nails up his spine as she caresses his skin. "That image of you right where you are. Clearly thinking naughty thoughts"

2016-01-07 [Pretty Little Slut]: "Mmmhm. Who, me? I'm thinking nothing of the sorts!" She looks up at him with a mock affronted grin curling her pressure reddened lips, making no move to shift from her position curled over and against his lower body.

2016-01-07 [Lord Arthin]: "You, my beautiful flower, are lying to me. I can always tell" He grins and strokes her hair, combing the thick waves through his fingers

2016-01-07 [Pretty Little Slut]: "How could I be thinking anything but such a thought ,with such a decadence of skin laid out before me?" she turns her head into his touch, laying a soft kiss against the pulse in his wrist. 

2016-01-07 [Lord Arthin]: "A decadence of skin?" He asks, a slight chuckle in his voice. His eyes linger on her curves as they take in the scene before him. "I do not think I have ever heard it described in quite that manner before"

2016-01-07 [Pretty Little Slut]: "then that is other's lack of words, as you are quite a decadence." She shifts to place a kiss against the flat of his lower stomach, the change brushing metal against his thighs as she wraps an arm affectionately around his hips. Laying on her side mostly, her hair slides to leave her long, ink Marqued back curled and bare against the pale sheets.

2016-01-07 [Lord Arthin]: He shifts so that he can run a hand down her back, tracing her marque perfectly with his fingers. "You may need a bit of a touchup, lover"

2016-01-07 [Pretty Little Slut]: She shivers, quivering under his touch against her Marque as she fights the urge to twist and try to see what he sees. "Oh? A touchup...?"

2016-01-07 [Lord Arthin]: "There are a couple of spots that seem a bit faded, here and there..." He traces the marque and draws small circles around the spots he sees.

2016-01-07 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her lips grimace slightly, flinching under the touch instinctively as she turns her face down towards his side. "I-...I haven't been able to face someone to get it fixed yet. turns out ill use of flechettes can damage the ink layer, permanently."

2016-01-07 [Lord Arthin]: "I see." He turns her face back towards his and smiles at her. "If we can find the supplies, perhaps I could touch it up for you?"

2016-01-07 [Pretty Little Slut]: "well I don't have a gun for them..both of mine were done by hand." She shifts slightly, tucking a leg over his to look up at him as the faint tension in her eyes slowly fades.

2016-01-07 [Lord Arthin]: "Hand is the best way to do them, in my opinion. A gun is fine for those cheap, tawdry tattoos, but a true work of art requires the artist to devote time."

2016-01-07 [Pretty Little Slut]: "In answer to your question...yes, I have both a tapper and ink supplies here, though the needles probably need a fresh point or to be replaced by now." She sits up s carefully, tucking one leg up to expose the edge of a second set of tattoos in a line inside her ankle, barely visible in the low light.

2016-01-07 [Lord Arthin]: Shifting, he sits himself up, looking at her in the soft light. "We don't have to do it right this second."

2016-01-07 [Pretty Little Slut]: She shrugs her bared shoulder, as comfortable naked as clothed. "Oh, indeed, I just won't remember to tell you, if I do not do it now."

2016-01-07 [Lord Arthin]: "That's fair. Shall we take care of thisbthen?"

2016-01-07 [Pretty Little Slut]: "If...if you wish. The other ink is newer, I sou t there's any case or damage to it...they were...most insistent that it be undamaged. Obviiusly, you know where my room, and the key to the closet, are, it need not be now."

2016-01-08 [Lord Arthin]: Bastian smiled and reached out to stroke her hair, turning it into a caress of her face. "We shall take care of it after we are both sated."

2016-01-08 [Pretty Little Slut]: She turns into his hand, cupping his hand to her face gently. "We are capable of being sated?"

2016-01-08 [Lord Arthin]: "I'd certainly like to find out, wouldn't you?" He says as he traces his thumb over her lips gently.

2016-01-08 [Pretty Little Slut]: " an interesting idea, is it not?" Her lips wrap around his thumb, teasingly suckling the digit. Her tongue brushing over his thumb, revealing a hidden steel ball piercing her tongue.

2016-01-08 [Lord Arthin]: A slow, wicked smile spreads across his lips as she sucks on his thumb and he feels that piercing. Reluctantly he removes the digit from her mouth and grips her hair, pushing her lips back to his skin.

2016-01-08 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her lips pout slightly as he pulls from her before returning to his skin. Lapping across the scattered marks and scars, she hungrily nuzzles towards him eagerly.

2016-01-08 [Lord Arthin]: He bites his lower lip and let's out a soft groan of pleasure, the hand in her hair gently guiding her when needed

2016-01-08 [Pretty Little Slut]: Shifts further down the bed, One hand reaching to brush ever so softly against the metal ladder threading his body, her lips laying a warm kiss against his skin as her hair tangles around his grip.

2016-01-08 [Lord Arthin]: He groans softly and closes his eyes in pleasure as she grazes his ladder. "Mmm... yes that's good"

2016-01-08 [Pretty Little Slut]: A wicked chuckle brushes against his skin as she turns into him, nuzzleing her lips to the metal. " like?"

2016-01-08 [Lord Arthin]: He shuddersmiles and looks down at her. "Very much so"

2016-01-08 [Pretty Little Slut]: "Good." she answers bluntly with a dark smile up at him before leaning down to lap a warm tongue against the skin of his shaft eagerly.

2016-01-08 [Lord Arthin]: A long soft groan of pure pleasure slips from his throat as she laps his shaft, his fingers gripping her hair firmly, just on the edge of being a tug. 

2016-01-08 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her lips part, slipping around his body with a vibrating groan of hungry pleasure while her tongue drags along the underside of his head.

2016-01-09 [Lord Arthin]: He moans softly as her lips close around his tip, his hand clenching in her hair as her tongue caresses the sensitive flesh beneath his head.

2016-01-09 [Pretty Little Slut]: A heavy shiver ripples down her body as she slowly draws him further between her lips, the ball tapping against his piercings.

2016-01-09 [Lord Arthin]: He shudders, pleasure spiking, starting in his ground and shooting all the way up his spine. "Oh.... thats.... yes... just like that..."

2016-01-09 [Pretty Little Slut]: A subtle vibration surrounding him the only trace of her muffled chuckle of pleasure as she shifts in order to press her mouth down around him pressing his head against the back of her mouth with a groan.

2016-01-09 [Lord Arthin]: Another sound of pleasure and another clench of his hand in her hair. The feel of her mouth is sublime, top five in skill, and considering his true age, that's really saying something.

2016-01-09 [Pretty Little Slut]: She presses back, sliding her lips around to take a breath before slurping his shaft fully down with only a brief pause to relax her throat to accommodate his girth. Working her tongue to flex along the sensitive space between the metal bars, she purrs her pleasure around him.

2016-01-09 [Lord Arthin]: He moans again, that purr sending a pleasurable vibration straight up his body, his grip on her hair tightening until his knuckles are white.

2016-01-09 [Pretty Little Slut]: Holding him buried deep within her mouth and throat, she fights to breathe and relax while her muscles convulse around him eagerly, held tightly against his body.

2016-01-09 [Lord Arthin]: He grips her steadily, though not holding her down just yet he is enjoying the feeling of her muscles contracting around his shaft

2016-01-09 [Pretty Little Slut]: Carefully drawing back, she settles into a slow, deep rhythm of movement, keeping her lips wrapped around him as she bobs her head gently under his touch.

2016-01-17 [Lord Arthin]: Moans of pleasure bubble from his throat as she performs her oral ministrations, the hand in her hair alternately gripping and stroking as she bobs on him. 

2016-01-17 [Pretty Little Slut]: Softly, she gathers his length in her lips. Drawing him down until with a brush of warmth, her lips meet his root and press against thin-covered bone as she quietly groans in pleasure,

2016-01-20 [Lord Arthin]: He moans softly and pulls her from his shaft with the grip on her hair, tugging to direct her up his body.

2016-01-20 [Pretty Little Slut]: She moves, following the pull ass she licks her lips. Legs and body uncurling to stretch up alongside him.

2016-01-24 [Lord Arthin]: He tugs until her face is aligned with his and kisses her deeply, shifting her to straddle him as a hand slides up her body to grip one of her breasts, his palm rubbing against the metal piercing her.

2016-01-25 [Pretty Little Slut]: Guttural moans vibrate against his lips as she meets his kiss eagerly. Her shifting position pressing fevered skin solidly into his hands as her nipple hardens at the brush of touch.

2016-01-26 [Lord Arthin]: His fingers squeeze the pliant flesh beneath his hand and he rolls over, pinning her with his body weight and shifting, so that his shaft presses between her lower lips. Hips pish, the metal studs scraping and the bars banging her pearl as he thrusts upwards.

2016-01-30 [Pretty Little Slut]: She hisses softly as he thrusts, pleasure drawing her into a arch under him as she pulls his hips tight against her. the rungs flaring sharp flashes of pleasure through her core bringing a flood of heat to her core.

2016-01-31 [Lord Arthin]: He thrusts again, and again, pleasuring her with his shaft, and yet not entering, drawing it out, driving them both to the edge of that glorious precipice.

2016-01-31 [Pretty Little Slut]: Body burning under the building heat of the steady sensation, her hips shift slightly in order to rock counter to his pace. Quiet whimpers of pleasure escaping flushed lips below lust hazed eyes belay the sweet torture of holding that balanced line between building pressure and the Ecstasy of release.

2016-01-31 [Lord Arthin]: The pressure builds and builds, his breathing is harsh and ragged, when it finally becomes too much... He plunges inside her, releasing with a wordless cry of pure ecstasy.

2016-01-31 [Pretty Little Slut]: Howling her pleasure as he buried into the coiled knot of her core, nails digging against his skin to force him sheathed deep within her body as she spasms around his length.

2016-01-31 [Lord Arthin]: Bliss fades and breath returns as the moment passes and he looks down at the woman beneath him, his face lowering and his lips tenderly touching hers.

2016-01-31 [Pretty Little Slut]: Lips curling into a lazy grin against his as she meets his kiss with gentleness, her thundering pulse slowly fading down as her arms wrap to hold him against her body in a lover's embrace.

2016-01-31 [Lord Arthin]: He sinks into that embrace, his own arms sliding around her to hold her as close as she holds him.

2016-01-31 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her steady heartbeat slowly returns, settleing as she shifts slightly to press the length of her form to his. Trailing kisses across his lips gently with a smile.

2016-01-31 [Lord Arthin]: His lips kiss hers back as their bodies press together, basking in the afterglow of their exertions.

2016-01-31 [Pretty Little Slut]: Shifts slightly against the sheets, trailing her hands in gentle lines against and along his back as she traces his spine.

2016-01-31 [Lord Arthin]: A small shudder follows the course of her fingers and he shifts so as to let his body weight rest beside her rather than on her though he keeps himself close against her.

2016-01-31 [Pretty Little Slut]: Grins widely at the reaction, one hand lifting briefly to tuck her hair back behind her again before rejoining his skin.

2016-01-31 [Lord Arthin]: "Why do you grin so broadly at the way I react when you trace my spine?"

2016-01-31 [Pretty Little Slut]: She shrugs one pale shoulder, hands stilling against his back. "I enjoy watching you react to my touch, where many would pull away once they knew what I am. Is it a problem?" Her eyes are wary and guarded, ready to move away if needed.

2016-01-31 [Lord Arthin]: "Why would it be? I very much enjoy your touch. And I must admit I rather like your reactions to my reactions."

2016-01-31 [Pretty Little Slut]: A flicker of a real smile traces er lips, lighting her eyes for a moment as she leans against him to lay a soft kiss on his lips. "Some others dislike anyone to touch them without sayso. I didn't mean to offend."

2016-01-31 [Lord Arthin]: "It has been my experience that the touch of another person, and especially when that touch may be unexpected, has an uplifting effect on the emotions and countenance. I enjoy being touched, and I enjoy touching."

2016-01-31 [Pretty Little Slut]: She nods understanding, brushing her palm along his side in companionable quiet.

2016-01-31 [Lord Arthin]: He smiles and moves ever so slightly into the toich, much as a cat might when one is petting a spot it enjoys.

2016-01-31 [Pretty Little Slut]: Rolls her hand more firmly over the space, smoothing out the bunched muscles under his skin with quiet focus.

2016-01-31 [Lord Arthin]: A soft sound escapes his lips and he kisses her jawline gently. "Careful there or I may think you intend to give me a full massage...." traces of humor in his voice and a light tone, but there is a hint of a question there.

2016-01-31 [Pretty Little Slut]: "I am not Balm House, but if it gives me reason to touch you, I can certainly do so." She grins quietly, looking at him from behind dark lashes as she works her thumb against his spine carefully.

2016-01-31 [Lord Arthin]: He smiles and kisses the corner of her mouth. "I am well aware that all Namaah's servants are trained in all her arts, no matter to which house they belong, so try pulling the other one" He chuckles warmly and moves again into her touch. "You need neither reason nor excuse to touch me beyond desire to do so"

2016-01-31 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her nose wrinkle slightly in amusement. "Well, to be fair, Valerian doesn't much focus on cross training. I didn't start picking up other skills until after I became an Adept." She taps him slightly, shifting out from under him only enough to slide over to straddle his hips and lower back. Careful to keep the ressure light as she settles her hands against him. "Besides, I enjoy touching you. Freedom to do so without asking is somewhat of a large pleasure."

2016-01-31 [Lord Arthin]: "Then I am glad to bring you multiple levels of pleasure" He smiles as he stretches out beneath her, pillowing his head on his arms.

2016-01-31 [Pretty Little Slut]: Warmth of her skin brushes him as she reaches up his back, settling into gently tracing fingettips over his skin. "You do indeed, do that."

2016-01-31 [Lord Arthin]: He shivers and his skin prickles at the light touch of her fingers on his back.

2016-02-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: Reaching slightly, she draws a small bottle from a drawer nearby, freeing the cork to loose a light scent of the oil within on the air. "Bergamot and issues, I hope?" Her voice is soft, trailing smooth palms up his spine.

2016-02-01 [Lord Arthin]: He smiles and shivers lightly at the smooth caress of her palms. "Not in the least."

2016-02-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: "Good then." She says, pouring a small puddle of the sweet fluid into her palm, letting it warm and drip off and onto his back and shoulders.

2016-02-01 [Lord Arthin]: Each drip sends a shiver along his skin "now that's a new one... I like it though. The dripping adds a dimension"

2016-02-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: "mmm...You aught to try wax at some point. It's very pleasant." Setting the bottle down beside them on the stand, she settles to gentle work hands over his oiled skin.

2016-02-01 [Lord Arthin]: "Perhaps we shall, at one point."  He sighs and closes his eyes, surrendering to the pleasure of her hands

2016-02-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: "Well, I for one would enjoy that, on either end of the wax." She murmurs, pressing thumbs deeply to release the muscles around his spine in a long line.

2016-02-01 [Lord Arthin]: He let's out a soft groan as the muscles of his back at stroked, making no other reply than that, though definitely interested in playing with wax and her more.

2016-02-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: Shifts back slightly, settling her straddled body lower along him as she forces his back and shoulders to relax with deep strokes, her palms gliding along the oil. 

2016-02-01 [Lord Arthin]: He moans softly, feeling not only the warmth of her hands but her thighs gripping him and the warmth between her legs

2016-02-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: Bringing her hands down to his hips, she leans forward as the change in position brushes her heat against his skin. Teasing finger tips along his sides with a gentle tease.

2016-02-01 [Lord Arthin]: He shivers lightly and smiles. "Mmm.... but warmer there for a second" He teases lightly.

2016-02-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: Behind him, a soft blush coats her cheeks and neck, writhing her hips along with her shifting hands. as she plays her warmth along his body eagerly.

2016-02-01 [Lord Arthin]: "I think perhaps that would be more effective were I to roll over"

2016-02-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: "Aye', but less likely to work your back out." She grins, leaning forward to gently tease the muscles down his arms loose, the hard points of her studs brushing along his back with heat.

2016-02-01 [Lord Arthin]: He groans softly and let's his arms drift to his sides the cool metal of her studs a stark contrast to the heat of her body

2016-02-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: Chuckles softly, a dark ripple of amusement as she leans to lay her lips against the flat of his neck, kissing the top of his spine. "You alright, lover?"

2016-02-01 [Lord Arthin]: He shudders softly at her kiss and his hands rub gently her calves. "Wonderful."

2016-02-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: "Mhm." She murmurs against his skin, trailing warm lips along his oil sweet skin with pleasure.

2016-02-01 [Lord Arthin]: "Shall I roll over so you can do the other side as well?"

2016-02-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: She nods briefly, shifting her body off his only enough to let him move, keeping the heat of skin close to his.

2016-02-01 [Lord Arthin]: He rolls over underneath her, grabbing the bottle of oil and drizzling some into his hands. After warming it he let's it fall down her spine slowly

2016-02-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: She shudders sensually, the oil darkening the dark ink patterning her back, a quiet moan slipping her lips as her gaze hazes out.

2016-02-02 [Lord Arthin]: His fingers trail the path of the oil from top to base, them his palms contact her skin and he begins spreading the liquid slowly, teasingly over her skin.

2016-02-02 [Pretty Little Slut]: She humms quietly, indolent pleasure running through her limbs as she rolls with his touch .

2016-02-02 [Lord Arthin]: He smiles and keeps spreading the oil, making sure to cover every last inch of skin.

2016-02-02 [Pretty Little Slut]: Sighs, relaxing against the gliding touch.

2016-02-02 [Lord Arthin]: His hands glide along her body, covering her in the oil, teasing at the sensitive places he has learned over that last few hours

2016-02-02 [Pretty Little Slut]: Skin shimmering in the low light, she struggles to hold still under his touch with a pleasant groan, grinding ehr hips against the bed as his fingers bring her warmth flaring.

2016-02-02 [Lord Arthin]: He smiles and dips his oil coated fingers between her legs, teasing her slit, her perineum and her rear entrance.

2016-02-02 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her legs shift slightly, tilting her core up towards his light fingered touch with a quiet moan.

2016-02-02 [Lord Arthin]: He teases her again, fingers pressing against her flesh and moving in small circles as his mouth lowers to take one nipple in.

2016-02-02 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her breathe draws shallow under the blended sensations, her breasts hardening to the touch of his lips against skin.

2016-02-02 [Lord Arthin]: He sucks on her nipple, teeth teasing the bar through it as his fingers press against her tight ring. He adds more oil to his hand and rolls his eyes to look up at her.

2016-02-02 [Pretty Little Slut]: Sharp pants of pleasure slip from her lips as her hips press back. Well oiled skin sliding easily around the slight pressure of his touch, relaxed muscles plaint.

2016-02-02 [Lord Arthin]: He nips her nipple, his thumb in her pearl as his finger slips inside that ring, slowly working around in a circle to loosen and stretch the muscles.

2016-02-02 [Pretty Little Slut]: A groan, breathy with pleasure is caught in her throat as she jerks, briefly tensing her body around his as the trio of sensations melts her open under him.

2016-02-02 [Lord Arthin]: He adds a second finger, stretching her further, opening her up fingers slide into her soaking wet slit, thumb on her pearl as his tongue lathes her nipple, swirling and flicking

2016-02-02 [Pretty Little Slut]: Brows drawn tight with her focus, she balances between relaxing her body to his questing fingers and the building pleasure as her teases and plays along her core, hands carressing his head and shoulders.

2016-02-02 [Lord Arthin]: With one last bite he moves up her body, his hand stroking his shaft, oiling it before placing the tip at her hole and pressing slowly and firmly.

2016-02-02 [Pretty Little Slut]: She bares her teeth in a taunt grin as her legs part slightly to his pressing length, muscles slowly giving way before him. She shifts uo on her elbows behind her, the position holding her body relaxed and oen.

2016-02-02 [Lord Arthin]: He kisses her lips as he pushes himself into her, his hands on either side of her, holding his weight until he hilts himself in her.

2016-02-02 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her moan of pleasure muffles in his kiss as she tilts her head to meet him. A deep shiver convulses her around his hitled lengt, reacting to the deep pressure.

2016-02-02 [Lord Arthin]: Slowly he pulls out just the the rung in him then pushes back into her. "So very tighht..." He whispers against her lips , balancing his weight on one hand so the other can stroke her nethers

2016-02-02 [Pretty Little Slut]: She hisses in need, twisting her hips around his hilting length eagerly. Moving carefully, she tucks her legs under her, spreading her body open to his evan as the position bends and lifts her chest agaisnt him.

2016-02-03 [Lord Arthin]: Slowly he begins to slide himself in and out of her, the bars through his shaft catching ever so slightly on that tight ring of muscles as he takes her anally, his chest pressing against hers.

2016-02-04 [Pretty Little Slut]: Soft groans of pleasure sound the room, punctuated by sharper points at the tug of metal thrusting within her.

2016-02-05 [Lord Arthin]: He lowersmiles his mouth, biting her hard on the neck before pulling out of her suddenly. "Turn over." The note of command in his voice makes it quite clear this is not a request.

2016-02-09 [Pretty Little Slut]: Gasping sharply at the bite a she flinches under him, she flips over once he pulls from her. Tucking her knees slightly under her so she can press her back and ass up against his body in a blatant tease.

2016-02-10 [Lord Arthin]: He groans slightly at the tease and grinds against her. Leaning forward his hand tangled in her hair, gripping tightly and pulling her head back. Playfully, he growls in her ear "you're going to pay for that". Hips away from hers, lining up, and he slams forward into her ass, skin slapping against skin, the new position giving him the leverage to go deeper and harder than before

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