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Tried to try a new look lemme know what you think
/ [Pumpkin]

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2012-05-27 [Toravisu]: Looks perfectly fine.

2012-05-27 [Pumpkin]: thanks

2012-05-27 [Fletcher]: U are as beautiful as ever love

2012-05-27 [Toravisu]: Your welcome hun.

2012-05-29 [dave]: gorgeous i believe are the words im looking for

2012-05-29 [Pumpkin]: nope

2012-05-29 [dave]: lol ;p yup

2012-05-30 [Pumpkin]: No

2012-05-30 [Fletcher]: <3 u

2012-05-30 [Pumpkin]: Oh fuck off fletcher

2012-06-02 [Toravisu]: I was about to say the same thing, lol.

2012-06-02 [Pumpkin]: huh

2012-06-02 [Toravisu]: To fletcher. He was harassing one of my friends couple weeks ago that I know in person >.<;

2012-06-02 [Pumpkin]: Oh shit I can't fucking stand him he fucking scares the shit out of me

2012-06-03 [adio]: beautiful =) just beautiful =)

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