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Slash! Horror! Slut! (holiday was amazing :))

Member #10111 created: 2009-12-22 20:55:04Simple URL:   

Name: Lilley Blake



this is ooold!


this is neww!

im getting a fatty teeheee, and have horrible dress sense xD

Bondage artistRebel

Looking for
MaleSexaddict18-30 years
MasterMuscular people

Civil status: for sale

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Sexual perversions
having spankingdick-sucking

Body shape: thin

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I'm sorry my lovelies, but no picture = no reply from Lilleybaby!!

lalalalaLIIILLEEEYYY :))
trying super hard to get on this site more now!
soo I've recently moved back to London after being a silly Lilleybaby
and moving to Texas for a guy who was a complete douchebaaag! !
I'm 21 and a pole dancer in a bar in London! dancing is my life and I also
work behind the bar so I pretty much live there.
I love panda bears!! I read too much. and I travel lots. I've been lucky enough to see so much of the world.
im crazy about drinking, dancing, singing, reading, swimming, zombies, horror films and video games!!
oh if you talk to me you'll realise my mind is all over the place and I'm pretty much nuuuts!!
I digress and totally get off subject and I'm distracted mega easy.
but that's okay. I'm super duper shit loads of fun bags!!
i smookee I drink I dance and im not much of a lady, but baaaby i can be whatever you want me to be ;)
send me a message biitchess!!

oof and most the time I only go on your house to look at your pictures!!

Gender: female

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