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2011-02-15 23:37:08
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this is neww!


this is neww!

im getting a fatty teeheee, and have horrible dress sense xD
/ [Slash! Horror! Slut!]

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2011-02-15 [The Ghost of Soviet Russia]: oooh my! major nomm! :) love this pic and the top too! hehe :)
<3 xxx

2011-02-15 [Slash! Horror! Slut!]: tehee one of my faveee tops :P

2011-02-15 [The Ghost of Soviet Russia]: =D. You've just earned major brownie points now! tehee :)

2011-02-15 [Slash! Horror! Slut!]: hahaaa you likee themm? :P

2011-02-15 [The Ghost of Soviet Russia]: hehe yup! very much so! :)

2011-02-15 [Slash! Horror! Slut!]: woohoo!!! <3 <3

2011-03-02 [Quid]: Maiden Rules and so do you :D

2012-05-19 [The Iron Warrior]: miss ypou hon

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