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Princess Cupcake

Member #3951 created: 2006-04-26 03:34:47Simple URL:   




This means I won 3rd Place in Sexiest Girl Award in July 06! This means I won 2nd Place in Sexiest Ass Award in July 06!

AdventurerSex-monsterCrazy kid
Bondage artistBondage artRebel
Obedient servant

Sexual preference: all sexes

Sexual perversions
rapinghaving spankingdick-sucking

Body shape: big breasted

Age: 22

Index-pages in the wiki: (help)

im looking for some new very naughty toys and
i need your help to get me off ~.^
and any one who contributes i will be willing to take pictures
of myself playing with said toys maybe even a video


desiree polls
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ask me anything you want I have nothing to hide and no reason to lie
if you want to get to know me ... just ask

first and foremost i am strange weird and kinda out there it just happens but hey it makes me happy


if huggs could be e-mailed; you'd be squished



Ask me anything i have nothing to hide and no reason to lie

ok so aside what im looking for here is some blah blah blah about me
i haven't decided yet what it is i truly want to do with my life.
Im an artist i enjoy painting and drawing and recently i have been learing how to do tattoos there are still alot of things that i don't know how to do but im getting pretty good at it,
im 22 years old but i don't like to go out much i don't like crowds but i love meeting people.
i smoke and i drink if you don't like it i don't give a ****.
i am who i am and im not about to change that and who i am is a honest caring loving individual

about me
I think I might have been a harlot in a past life
"everyone loves boys who love boys who love girls who love girls"
I wear contacts and glasses. Not at the same time.
I cut my own hair.
I love Band-Aids. Get me some. batman is best
I heart Chocolate and pocky
I would love it if you told me the story behind every single one of your scars.
It is getting increasingly harder for me to fall asleep without some one next to me.
I hardly sleep
I normally don't sleep
My favorite soda is red Fanta.
I knit blankets. Do you want one?
I love it when people sing with me and know the words to my favorite songs
I love to tell sorties
I can draw about anything but it won’t be good
I love tuna fish sandwiches
I feel compelled to be nice to every one so plesez don’t take advantage of it
Sometimes I am too sarcastic
And sadistic
I am horrible at taking pictures, but I love it
Purple is my favorite color but black is what I wear
I love to read quotes I find online to people
I fall in love to easy
But for me there’s just dislike and love I don't like or hate
I act like a slut and pretend not to care but i really just want someone to love me
And to hold me with out trying to have sex with me
And don't message me just to cyber or I’ll kick your ass

i am a pocky kitty

What is a pocky kitty you might ask?
Well it is a rare breed of otaku human/cat furry its main layer is well hidden and unknown to many
Pocky kitties can be found running around cons and anywhere pocky is sold
now how do you know if you see a pocky kitty you need to look for there ears and tails these kitty can change the color of there fur so color isn’t always a way of distinction
Most of them love, bells/balls to play with and participate in catlike behavior often saying the word "meow" randomly
Pocky kitties are hard to spot you have to be diligent cat nip is not advised when trying to lure a pocky kitty to you but pocky and cosplayers to glomp are fair game if you find yourself lucky enoughf to capture a pocky kitties attention
Feeding her pocky and huggling are ways to keep her around
If you by chance receive the cell phone number of a pocky kitty remember it is polite to call within two days of receiving the number or else the kitty will lose interest
If you are lucky enough to take a pocky kitty home with you is sure to treat it nicely most pocky kitties get very defensive at aggressive behavior and will run away and you will never see it again.
Once you have lost the trust of a pocky kitty it can never be regained.
pocky kitties need love and attention constantly if you are also lucky enough to be involved in a relationship with one remember if you lose contact the pocky kitty will move on within two weeks and find a more suitable playmate most likely she will not notify you and will have forgotten of your existence by the next full moon,
Be warned that pocky kitties are wild animals and do not make suitable pets the love the taste of blood and are extremely horny on the night of the full moon

What i do for fun,

also if im not the type of girl that you would conseder attractive then please dont bother me about it ok and there is nothing you could tell me i havent heard before ^^ well almost nothing i have ben yet to be compaired to a jelly fish but i guess i might conseder that a positive comment there is a meaning to this and that is that jelly fish are cool *squish squish*
If U like me ...... leave me a message

If U love me ...... just say so

If U wanna date me ...... leave your number

If U wanna marry me ...... leave a "will you marry me?" message

If U think i'm SEXY ...... leave a comment on one of my pics

If U care about me ...... leave a caring message or comment


great sites to find art...not my art of course

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Gender: unknown

Place of living: USA-Texas

Exact place of living: spring

General Interests
pornreligionplain role playing

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