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Babygurl_18 (i love him so much <3)

Member #5414 created: 2006-11-08 19:01:45Simple URL:   

Name: Jessica



Crazy kidMistressBondage artist
Bondage artRebel

Looking for
Sharing experiencesFemaleMale
18-30 yearsSlim peopleMuscular people
Short peopleTall Peoplebisexuals

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Sexual perversions
bondage-makingbondage-tyinggiving spanking
having spankingdick-sucking

Body shape: thin

Height: 51

Age: 19Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 7Day of birth: 17

Hey my name is jessica or jess or whatever u want to call me i really dont give a damn!
Im 18
I have many tattoos.....well not to many i have a heart on my left hand and A smiley and an x on my wrist i'm plaing on getting more like a cherry and a star on the back of my neck(maybe)
I have many piercings to i have 8 of them
My favorite colors out of all the colors that i can think of they would have to be black, green, pink, white yellow, and orange i fucken love orange
I have one younger sister and she is anyoning as fuck
I aslo have 2 brother i have a younger and older one

My addictions would have to be my boyfriend i love him to death...and then gir from invader zim he is so cute!!!!!

My favorite music would be:

Metro Station
Green Day
My Chemical Romance
Good Charlotte
Three Days Grace
Rise Against
Fly Leaf
Panic At The Disco
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Family Force 5
Fall Out Boy
Linkin Park
Avril Lavigne
Ldy Gaga
This Is Halloween-The Nightmare Before Christmas
All u Need Is Love-Across The Universe


Some things that i like t do would be hang out with friends, listen to music, get in trouble and my most favorite one is to get could say that im the type of girl that loves the thrill of geting in trouble lol

I love horror movies i get a kick out of all the gore and blood and some of my favorite movies would be: (please note some of theses are not horror movies)and i also like other movies to

Thriteen ghosts
All of the saw movies
The nightmare before christmas
The nightmare on elm street the first and third one
The shinning
The happening the ring one and two
Edward scissorhands
Jeepers crepers 1 &2
Sweeney todd
All the pirates of the carribean movies
Little Ricky
Fear Dot Com
The Eye
Children Of The Corn
Queen Of The Damned


My favorite food would have to be raw cookie dough and whiped cream....yummy it is so good!!!!

I dont really like soda but if i'm in the mood for it i will normally drink mt.dew or a&w root beer

My favorite t.v shows would have to be:

viva la bam
jack ass
american dad
still standing
family guy
invader zim i just love gir

If you would like to know more please message me.....please do not ask me to cyber with u i am not into that shit i think it is a waste of time and really stuipd on top of it and i also have a boyfriend so please dont try  so DO NOT mesaage me and asking me to cyber with u....and if u are a asshole or a jerk then dont fucken message me i do not want to put up with your shit....please note that i am a very sweet girl and i get along with every one so please do not be scared to message me im sure that i will message you back ******thankies******


*my shining star*-[dsfksdf]

*my sweetheart*-partfinder

*my hottie*-darkmagic69

*my lover*-

*my best freiend*-the batman

*the only person i trust with my life*

*my girlfriend*-Heart Ache Emo

*my teddy bear*-white rabbit

*my garage band king*-[EmO_sKaTeR]

*my fuck buddy*-[Bo]

*MY life*-i-love-sex

*my bad ass*

*my honey*-jt_189027

*my skater*

*my wild child*

*my inperation*

*my elmo*-Bo

*my king*

*my superstar*

*My Hero*-Addi Loo

*My lil Angel*

*My lil Devil*- [DeeJay™]

*My Partner In Crime*

*My Guardian Angel*

*My Prince Charming*-* Joey_McBride *

*My Sister*

*My Brother*-deamon90002004

*My Juggalo*

*My Juggalette*

*My Gay Friend*

*My Lezbian Friend*-Lesbian,[Yokita the Slave]

*My Bisexual Frined*

*My Stright Friend*

*My Horney Bastard*

*My Dark Angel*-wiliam the bloody


Gender: female

Place of living: USA-Hawaii

Exact place of living: under ur bed ~look down~

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