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The Skelebabe ([Bluuuuuuuuuuh])

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This means I was featured as Slut of the Week.

Looking for
Tall People

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: a little overweight

Age: 26Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 10Day of birth: 24

Index-pages in the wiki: (help)

Name : Kayla
B-Day : 10.24.91
Age : 21
Eye Color : Brown, though they change to black when I'm pissed off.
Hair Color : Naturally brown, however I dyed it blonde pretty recently.
Height : 5'8
Best Feature : Eyes
Addictions : Music, Nicotine, Tattoos.
Pets : My chihuahuas, Winston and Mila.
Piercings : Ears and nose. 10G in lower holes, then 8G, then 4G.
Tattoos : Three. Flower and heart on my inner left forearm, butterfly on my spine and my wolferfly on my right calf.
Nickname : Kay, Jaz, Jazzy, Jazlyn, Chocolate Blue Raspberry [No. you can't call me that.], and Pudding [Only for a certain someone.]
Car: 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix.
Parents still together : Yes.
Siblings : Two older sisters and one older brother.
Live with Parents? : Not for almost a year.

[Favorite/Most Important]
Feature of the opposite sex : I love eyes. Also, ass. :3
Spot to be touched : My ears, neck and thighs.
Sports Team : Dallas Cowboys.
Holiday : Halloween.
Alcoholic Drink : Southern Comfort, Jack Daniels, Captain Morgan's Pineapple rum, Jell-O shots, and more!
Non-Alcoholic Drink : AriZona Fruit Punch Tea. Other than that, Dr. Pepper.
Quote : "I'm the Doctor."
Lesson Learned : Keep your friends close and your enemies within arms reach.
Thing a friend has done for you : Listened to me complain about my relationships. [Galeocerdo Cuvier] is one of them. As well as [Reaper89], [Peace.], and more.
Thing you have done for a friend : Tried to hook her up with a friend so that she wouldn't be lonely. :)
Baby names (girl) : Jazlyn Silver, Risika Gold.
Baby names (boy) : Matthew Scott.
Ben & Jerry's Flavor : Willie Nelson's Southern Peach Cobbler. Or Half-Baked. I'll still love ya~
Starbucks Drink : Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade. Sweet. Passion. Venti. The most amazing drink in the world!
Season : Winter. I love the snow.

[Have You Ever]
Wished on a star : Yes.
Been in love : Yes. I'm in love with my best friend right now.
Been out of the country : Not yet.
Talked on the phone all night : Yep.
Bungee jumped : Hell. No.
Driven cross-country : Does from Missouri to Colorado count?
Had surgery : No.
Been told you might die : Sarcastically while doubled over in laughter? Definitly. Like, actually dying? No.
Told someone you love them : Yes.
Wished you HAD told someone you loved them : Absolutely.
Asked someone out : Yes.
Kissed someone (made the first move) : Yes.
As a child, had a skip-it : I was too unbalanced to have one.
What about a sock-em-bop-it : Hell. NO!
Kissed the same sex : Yes.
Gone out in public with your PJ's on : All the time. I love the look of PJs! Plus, they make my butt look good.
Laughed so hard that a liquid came out of your nose : Yes. Milk, Dr. Pepper, soup, you name it! It came out at some point.
Had sex in a car : Yes. It's not fun.

[Past Relationships]
Well, considering that I'm still in love with the man I jacked this from, I'd say that my past relationship went well. :)

[Current Relationship]
Donno how this is relevant...

Public/Private : High school.
Best Friend : Amanda.
Boy/Girlfriend : Joey.
Job : Currently don't have one, nor had I had one in school.
Prom Date : Psh. Prom? Ran out crying.
Best Memory : Skipping classes with my friends.
Worst Memory : Losing my best friend, Matthew.
Graduate(?) : Yep.
Leave a virgin : Nope.

[This or That]
Strawberries/Blueberries : Strawberries.
Meat/Veggie : Flat out, no bullshit. I'm a meat and potatoes kinda guy.
TV/Movie : Movies. Unless the commercials are slightly humorous.
Hugs/Kisses : Both ^^'
Guitar/Drums : Guitar.
Chinese/Mexican : Chinese.
Day/Night : Night. I'm a night owl.
Cheerios/Corn Flakes : Cheerios :D
Snickers/MilkyWay : Snickers.
Gold/Silver : Silver.
Black/Brown : Black.
Elvis/Beatles : The Beatles.
Sprinkles/Icing : Cream Cheese icing is fucking amazing.
Cookie/Donut : Cookie.
Cake/Pie : Peach Pie. :D
Coke/Pepsi : Coke.

am : a loving and caring kind of woman.
thought : I was going to give up halfway through this list.
need : a new life.
want : to be happy.
love : [Galeocerdo Cuvier].
hate : where I'm living.
wish I were : sleeping.
will always : be who I am. And there's can do about it!

Application For A Date.

Hair color:
Eye color:
Are you still a virgin:
Tattoos or piercings:
Favorite Animal:
Make the first moves:
Opinion on Cuddling:
Favorite Band/music:
Favorite Food/Beverages:
Fav. Colors:
Fav. Sounds:
Fav. smells:
Fav. Movies:
Fav. TV Shows:
FAv. Places to hang out/or just be:
Special Talents:
Describe your perfect date:
One special/unique thing about you:
What would you do to get my attention:
Would you tell me the truth no matter what:
4 words to describe you:
Highest education:
What do you see in your future:
Favorite physical feature/quality:
What’s the longest relationship you’ve had:
Why have you applied to be my girlfriend:
What’s your ultimate weakness:
Who has been the most influential person in your life and why:
Are you a vegetarian:
what turns you on the most:
What kind of a man do you respect:
Have you ever regretted a hookup:
How many sexual partners have you had:
What first attracts you to me:
What’s the most valuable thing you could recieve from another human being:
What’s one thing most people like about you:
If you could have one thing in this whole universe- what would it be:
What’s one part about your body that you would like to change:
What's one bad habit would you like to change:
If you could commit one crime and get away with it completely- what would that crime be:
Who is your favorite comedian:
Why should I pick you:
Any Questions for me:
Also bring with application a Photo, and 3 letters of recommendation at least one from an ex.

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Gender: female

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Exact place of living: Springfield

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