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Y_Fronts_Hunk (I liek weirdos cos normal peple throw rocks at me )

Member #9403 created: 2009-03-01 04:38:57Simple URL:   

Name: Walter Pratt







HAPPY WANKING heh heh heh


oops you can sees me manhood lol :P

WhinerAdventurerCrazy kid

Looking for
Sharing experiencesMaleSlave
18-30 yearsMasterFat people
Slim peopleShort peopleTall People

Civil status: strange

Sexual preference: same sex

Sexual perversions
giving spankinggetting analsexgiving analsex
dick-suckingwatching squirts

Body shape: fit

Age: 42Year of birth: 1970Month of birth: 4Day of birth: 1

Index-pages in the wiki: (help)

Description: or

OR skype:- gayfronts

Me frends call me DORK but I dunno why :S
I is a spontaneously random guy who is a SCRRRRRREEAM to be around,
Yup its true !!!
add me if ya ever gets fed up or bored, cos maybe I cud cheer ya up dude
Yayyy checkout me pic gallery dudes .. just click on "Gallery 9403 or the other one" (above)
I hav added sum sexy photos of me in my EPIC DESIGNER Y FRONTS heh heh heh
but wotevr ya do PLESE PLESE PLESE try not to fall in love wiv me becos I am rather picky abowt who gets to climb inside of my
epic desinger sexy white MARKS N SPENCER Y FRONTS to fondle my man-garden,
dus ya get me dawg >_<
Plese do plese hav a look at my EPIC pix & leave a comment & Tell me wot ya think mmm
but try not to cream yaself or get a BIG BONER mmm heh heh heh

I is open minded and I guess that I am kinda game for anyfing, so give us a holla or scribble me sum verbs if ya wanna cos I no mind.
hey dus ya fancy playin a "Game of Pool for a dare" mmm,
but if I wins then I get to do wotever I lieks with you and there wud be nuffin that you cud do about it.
But dont play me wen I am drunk bcos I am not a very good shot & I tend to miss a lot, lol

Dont forget to checkout my EPIC DESIGNER AERTEX Y FRONTS photos cos me frends say that
I am ONE IN A MILLION & they says that I shud becum an UNDERWEAR MODEL too..

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Gender: male

Place of living: United Kingdom-England-London

Exact place of living: Candy Mountain

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