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2010-12-25 21:59:07
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Merry Xmas 2010 ;P


/ [.:Miu~Misha:.]

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2011-01-12 [ShaKaiMonea]: Smh..its a shame people seem to want to fuck with people self esteem and shit...I'll simply say this...if you didn't like the pic wiki or the person why the fuck are you here, who in the hell ask you to open ya mouth? Didn't ya folks teach you if you don't have something nice to say don't say it at all?....

2011-01-12 [.:Miu~Misha:.]: its because Ive blocked him. He kept harassing me, so this is his only way of "contacting" me

2011-01-12 [André-Philippe]: Oh I get it. It's bitter because you're way hotter than it is, and it's an asshole so it feels like it has to insult you to "get back" at you lol. Pathetic.

2011-01-12 [.:Miu~Misha:.]: yeah, if you had noticed before, he had tried posting compliments and tried talking to me through here, but I kept deleting his comments so now hes trying to "Get back at me". So childish.

2011-01-12 [ShaKaiMonea]: Wow very sad and very childish....excuse my foul language

2011-01-12 [.:Miu~Misha:.]: Youre excused. Such is the occasion to use such words lol

2011-01-12 [ShaKaiMonea]: Lol ok then....

2011-01-12 [CAN YOU SEE ME NOW!!!!]: you know hedda is working on a way to block a person from going on your wikis tooo

2011-01-12 [.:Miu~Misha:.]: that's good

2011-02-04 [Artist Formerly Known As]: Let it not be the last wiki the public demands it.

2011-02-04 [.:Miu~Misha:.]: lmao More will come. :P

2011-02-05 [Punk Kid]: i hope so ;]

2011-03-17 [Wicked_Clownz420]: Holy Merry X-mas i love it!

2011-04-18 [thatguythere]: wow

2011-04-18 [.:Miu~Misha:.]: is that wow good?

2011-06-04 [TidusBMatthews]: oh! oh! oh! ho! ho! ho! Id love to see more of you for christmas! Yowza! awwwwwoga! hubbahubba! BOING!

2011-12-08 [Toravisu]: Totally would tap that. :P btw Christmas is just around the present. Can I unwrap you :P (Btw, its a joke. Present, gift, christmas. Time, being present, just around the the future. Yeah)

2012-07-03 [Whimsical Acquiescence]: Gorgeous!!!!!

2014-06-09 [Deej]: hi ;3

2018-12-24 [The Obsidian Knight]: merry x-mas 2018

2020-06-04 [Ulfhedinn]: Truly gorgeous

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