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2006-12-20 05:21:53
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There are alternating images on the entrance-page. The first number shows how often they are shown:

3 [biting_beauty]'s <img100*0:img/image/2056_1143331428.jpg>
3 [Za'leia]'s <img100*0:img/photo/2543_1140204372.jpg>
2 [Caramela]'s <img100*0:stuff/fake6.png>
2 [Echo]'s <img100*0:fakeposter.jpg> Rowen in the image.
1 [tenaka_khan187]'s <img100*0:stuff/TKFakeFront3.jpg>
1 [Echo]'s <img100*0:stuff/fakfrontbnm.jpg>

New frontpages have been selected from the FAKE Front Page Image Contest and from other ways.

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2006-05-23 [Razor Cuts *//meet\\* Raping Lust!]: I still like this pic!

2007-11-17 [Your Brompton Cocktail]: yes so i was talking to my mother who is still! a graphics designer and she is going to design an new banner weeeee!!!!!

2015-11-03 [The Iron Warrior]: <img:stuff/aj/9841/1446550296.jpg> go peaceful into the night wiki

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