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2019-05-12 [C is for Clandestine]: This is a wonderful conversation starter! ;)

2019-05-13 [Trespasser]: if thats just a conversation starter, you must be gay lol

2019-05-14 [thatguythere]: wow

2019-05-15 [C is for Clandestine]: [Trespasser] so witty... and a douchebag judging by your description...

2019-05-17 [The Iron Warrior]: <img:stuff/aj/9841/1558115589.jpg>

2019-07-05 [Sir Lancelot]: Happydaye!

2020-04-17 [Ulfhedinn]: I would worship your beautiful legs and ass.

2020-06-09 [Klavier Gavin]: Goddamn, that looks delicious

2020-06-15 [Sir Lancelot]: That is just about the best thing I've ever seen.

2020-09-25 [speedbump]: That's even better, I could put a 40 ounce on top of that, LOL

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