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Congratulations to our winners!

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Fantasy Island

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Attention Nominators! You must provide a picture of the nominee.
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Nominee: [That Nik Guy]


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2009-10-06 [lyon's mane]: dont have calling on my phone, just fyi

2009-10-06 [*ANG£L*]: Congrats Logan! :D
so glad you won! xXx

2009-10-06 [lyon's mane]: *sticks my tongue out at logan* soo totally suck....

2009-10-06 [Doll]: i blame [*ANG£L*] for his win ^_^

2009-10-07 [Bunny Chan]: I only do txting I have unlimited

2009-10-08 [*ANG£L*]: blame is such a harsh word!
plus we all know you're the hottest chicka on this entire site!

2009-10-13 [Doll]: lies >.>
pfft, and blaming someone for something good is just funny :P

2009-10-15 [*ANG£L*]: it's not a lie
you have ...this sounds odd but..."fake" fame!
everyone here knows you and loves you

your like the Queen of Fake!

2009-10-15 [Doll]: *quickly grabs a crown and places it on her head* ^_^
*giggles* im not loved by everyone
and if im like the Queen, you would have to be the Duchess or Princess of Fake...
Oh! we should so make up a Fake Royalty thing :P

2009-10-17 [*ANG£L*]: thatd be so awesome! :)
i insist upon being the dutchess lol!

and chicka maybe its not EVERYONE but its still about 90% of people on here that know you, respect you, and find you super charming!

2009-10-17 [Doll]: ^_^ Queen of Fake & King of Fake ^_^
how odd, as we were talking about it, the lovely Nik made wikis about it :P

2009-10-19 [*ANG£L*]: that was pretty cool :D
thanks nik :*

2009-10-19 [That Nik Guy]: :D Yay!

2009-10-19 [Doll]: eek, he caught me advertising him >.>

2009-10-20 [That Nik Guy]: ^_^

2009-12-27 [Jormun]: Speaking of good Wikis, Abaddon is a fantastic one... and the spin off The Electric Fair is looking for good RPers...

2010-06-20 [Jormun]: The RP Initiative is an attempt to revive the dieing RP culture on Fake by increasing ease of access and giving a support structure to the community.
You can access it at: A RPers Guide to Fake

2011-11-08 [Echo]: Little updates... View the new rules: You no longer need to be a forum member to nominate and if you won this award before you may be nominated again after three months.

2012-06-23 [Loki]: im posting this on here for every one 2 read

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2018-09-01 [Shinpi-tekina senshi]: I THINK THE CITY OF SILVER MOUNTAIN SHOULD BE A FEATURED WIKI!!! and no it isnt mine

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