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dame d'obscurité (tired)

Member #11663 created: 2013-06-02 21:50:23Simple URL:   

Name: Lady of darkness



In the Shadows I wait

Obedient servant

Looking for
18-30 yearsSlim peoplebisexuals

Civil status: alone

Sexual preference: same sex

Sexual perversions
bondage-tyingrapinggiving spanking
having spankinggetting analsexgiving analsex

Body shape: normal

Height: 65

Age: 22

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I enjoy having a good time! I am a music junkie and spend lots of my time going to live concerts and music festivals! I am fun, outgoing, nerdy, happy, spunky, and overall, I'd say I'm a pretty enjoyable person. :) I am also a photographer and love to snap photos of everything I can! I spend most of my days writing, drawing, reading, and going out with friends. I would love girls that are drama free, artsy, are good thinkers/speakers, and are as spontaneous as I am. And Let me repeat. I like women not men. I am done with men and want to explore this new found path I have decided upon :) But that doesn't mean that if your a man I wont talk to you. I still have male friends.well that's all I have for now I think. sorry no personal pictures. maybe you'll get one if I really like you and your special :) but dont ask. If I decide to show my face that's my decision and you asking will only make it sure that you will never receive a picture from me.


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dame d'obscuritédame d'obscurité private

Gender: female

Place of living: Travelling around

Exact place of living: in the shadows

Known languages

General Interests
religionplain role playingsmoking

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