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Rushuna (Its been too long!!! What's up fake??)

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Name: Kristen

I got married bitches!! <3<3<3

Beautiful me <3<3<3


This means that I was featured on the Daily Sex Story twice!
I was also featured as Slut of the Week!

Crazy kidRebel

Looking for
Male18-30 years

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: plump

Height: 160

Age: 35Year of birth: 1985Month of birth: 12Day of birth: 18



I know that I'm forever saying that I don't care what people think of me. Because I don't. I don't care if you think I'm fat, ugly or stupid, I'm not trying to impress you at all, I'm not living my life for you at all, I'm living it for me..
But even with all that talk, the words still sting a little bit..
So I decided to be brave and post this picture.
Basically I just wanted to say with this picture, that no matter who you are or what you look like, (tall, skinny, fat, short, black, blue, blonde, auburn, white, boy, girl) you're beautiful. Simply put.


I WILL NOT cyber if I don't know you!! So please DO NOT randomly send me cyber spam!! Thanks!


I'm a way to nice of a person in a way to harsh of a world. I've been used and abused way to many times. I smile way to much, and I laugh and talk way to loud. I take way to many pictures, and I like to have way to much fun. I get attached to people way to easily and I've had my heart broken way to many times to count because of it. I forgive way to easily, and I'm sorry way to often. I am who I am and that's the way it is. And if I could say "way" one more time that would be fantastic, lol^^ I wear my emotions on my sleeve, so to speak, so if you want to know how I'm feeling, just look at me. You'll be able to tell. I'm also VERY random, so much so that its nuts!! But I have fun with it and so do my friends^^ I'm not a fake person, I'm as real as real can get.Even being a member of this site. If you're down, I'll try to help whether it be by giving advice, trying to make you laugh, or just being there to give you a hug. If you don't believe me then don't; Because I can't make you do anything you don't want to do. But I can tell you that's just the type of person I am. I'll care about you, I'll love you, and I'll pray for you. I'll also worry about you and wish that you're happy, because in my book, you deserve every happiness. I'm 23 years old and I'm just now learning what confidence is and that I have it. Because every day of my life I heard that I was fat, ugly or stupid, and in my senior year of high school I was told that I was a mistake. That hurt more than you could know. But, thankfully, God has put some amazing people in my life to help me through it; And he's still helping me. Ok well I think that's about it, if you have any thing you wanna ask, message me^^

Make a wish....


I am a C...
And no.. I'm NOT talking about my breasts.. lol^^


SARCASM is my super power! What's yours?

P.S. Check out RPWhores its really fun!!

also check out my room at Rushuna's Room if you want too.. I promise you'll be treated real nice like *grins*


the many faces of me
Pictures... Not too painfully obvious from the title or anything :P

More pictures^^
Look I'm pretty^^...

Humm.. do you dare?
More Of Me..

Love from ME
Not only do you get your own personal shout out on my main page, but here you get to see a picture of me with your name written somewhere on my body... enjoy!


My Random-ness
Stories and such.. 
[WARNING!!]: My stories have been known to cause hard-on's and horney-ness!! So read them if you dare..


Oh yes, I watch porn ;}

Wiki's That I'm Apart Of<3



You will...

I own [DeeJay™]^^ hehe!
And [MikeyD07]Haha!



I am [115, Snow Owl]'s loyal pet and obedient servent. I only obey him and noone else.



forget me ;]


Ok ya'll these are my bestest friends ever! Mess with them and I'll have to hurt yah!!

[Miss Mara] She's number one, because she's my number one^^ sorry to everyone else, but I went to school with her and we've been through a lot, I loves's her, She's like my other half^^ [She's Back!!]

[DeeJay™] He's my best guy friend and on top of that, I own him^^ *grins and points to sign above*
I miss this guy... *pouts*

[Sorjei Kor] He's just absolutely wonderfulllll.. with many, many 'l's' :P

[DRACE] He's a real sweetheart!! *huggles*

[Nevs Nosneklew] Also a really sweet guy^^ He's got a SMEXY penis picture too :P
And I LOVE his tongue ring^^
[He also seems to have disappeared! what the deuce?!]

[Shadowhunter] He's my smexy friend!! He was the first to befriend me on here, and he's just a really sweet guy^^ I also wish I was closer to him. *blushes* I think it'd be really neat to hang out

[Samurai Ronin] super sexy very fun *smirks* and also very humpable :D *humps* also known as [bootcampsfeet]

[Captainmayhem] This right here is my buddy.. always making me laugh^^ Don't mess with him or I'll hurt yah! *points finger and scowles* Got it?

[☆Shαwtÿ] She's some kind of wonderful, amazingly beautiful woman.. and I'm just her groupie :D I love it! <3 I'm also her slave, currently chained to her closet *grins* <3

[♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀] She's awesome!! She's protecting me from all the meanies out there! Really! She's currently looking through a phone book for the numbers to call their mommies and tattle :D I <3 her!!

[Shinta] Absolutely [}<3LOVE<3{] him! I've known him forever^^ a real sweetheart<3

Same goes for any of the above, I love's them all, so hurt them and be hurt in return!!

Ok I'm done with that.. back to my happy place^^ *grins*


You HAVE to read this!!! 
I love to have you



*taps your shoulder and whispers*
Go write on my fridge at:
Or check out my elfpack house at:

The Salmon of Doubt


WooT! [Nevermore] is adoptable^^


*tear* I misses him *pouts*


The end is near...

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