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cjiz2hot2handel (It can't rain all the time.)

Member #7944 created: 2008-01-11 21:08:53Simple URL:   

Name: The Demonic Winged Vampire


My Darkness is showing

Death is a fun adventure


Shirt read :"I'm your worst nightmare"...which is true..yet i can bring you greatest pleasure

Me at school on a "normal day"

Crazy kidBondage artistRebel

Looking for
Sharing experiencesFemaleHorny Couple
SlaveSexaddictYounger than 18
18-30 years31-45 yearsMaster
MistressFat peopleSlim people
Short peopleTall Peoplebisexuals

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Sexual perversions
giving analsexdick-sucking

Body shape: a little overweight

Height: 179

Age: 30Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 3Day of birth: 21

I'm Cj...i'm a fun guy i have doing crazy normal days are very adnormal to most people. I aways up for a good party. I drink , smoke, and have a fare good amount of sexy....i'm told i;m very goo at all three so ya...woot woot!'m a white with longish black hair. I have a ok body. I'm a little over wieght but i am loseing alot of ya....i'm about six feet tall and i have Blue eyes that change to silver or green and other colors depending on my mood and my feelings...and i'm a basci freek. And You'll mostly see me were tripp pants and a icp or kotten mouth king shirt...and prob a hoodie or leather jacket..

Some cool pics

I need someone, a person to talk to
Someone who'd care to love
Could it be you
Could it be you
Situation gets rough
Then I start to panic
It's not enough
It's just a habit
Hey kid you're sick
Darling this is it
You can all just kiss off into the air
Behind my back I can see them stare
They'll hurt me bad but I won't mind
They'll hurt me bad they do it all the time
And well don't get so distressed
Did I happen to mention that I'm impressed
I take one one one 'cause you left me
And two two two for my family
And three three three for my heartache
And four four four for my headaches
And five five five for my lonely
And six six six for my sorrow
And seven seven seven for no tomorrow
And eight eight eight I forget what 8 was for
And nine nine nine for a lost god
And ten ten ten for everything everything everything

IT's time for your R.I.P.

Close your eyes,
It's time to die.
Pay for Your Sins,
Of that which lies,
from the darkness within.

You Twisted Fate,
You Changed the time.
It's all to late,
Your soul is mine.

Don't open your mouth,
try not to cry.
Cuz No matter what,
You gonna Fry.

You teared me apart,
from limb to limb.
from soul to heart,
the light turnin dim.

I'll feed you lead,
Or a poisen apple.
Dont take your luck to your head.
death is hard to tackle.

Now Close your eyes,
It time to die.
Befor the goodbye,
i'll pull the trigger,
whitout a sige


If you want to see more pics of there no nudes..<>

And if you wanna see some of my poems that i've writen at<>the best one on there is wishing a wish and dreamin a dream

oh my best friend is [Slaughterâ„¢] so if u fuck with her u fuck with me...i will hunt u down and kill u....i would do anything for this person

Gender: male

Place of living: USA-Maryland

Exact place of living: baltimore

Known languages
Sign LanguageEnglishFrench

General Interests
plain role playingsciencesmoking

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