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Best Slave Award


Congratulations to our winners!

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[Queen of Dreams]


Attention Nominators! You must provide a picture of the nominee.
Please upload all nominee photos to FAKE!
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Example Nomination:
Nominator: [Tr!X*]
Nominee: [That Nik Guy]


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2009-11-03 [Bunny Chan]: Okay

2009-11-07 [DroopySleepy]: Why didn't he get an award added to his profile?

2009-11-10 [Doll]: if you won an award but have yet to be awarded the badge, please personally message [Ultiem] and kindly remind him that you have been forgotten ^_^

2009-11-14 [Queen of Dreams]: I thought only first place got a badge

2009-11-15 [Doll]: nope if there are winners for 2nd and first place they get badges too :)

2009-11-17 [Queen of Dreams]: so pretty much everyone that ran gets one if they placed

2009-11-17 [Doll]: yep, just uh, [Ultiem] is the person who gives out the badges, and he hasnt really been on :/

2009-11-17 [Queen of Dreams]: well you learn something new everyday then

2009-11-17 [Doll]: yep yep ^_^

2009-11-17 [Queen of Dreams]: ok so how do you find out when voting starts on all the awards and when you can no longer send in nominations

2009-11-17 [Doll]: nominations can be entered at any time before a poll is up
polls are posted on the first of a month if there is more than 1 person nominated
and polls are suppose to end at the end of the month >.>
but the start and stop of polls is a little wacky with the moderator not logging on to do their durites :/

2009-11-17 [Queen of Dreams]: so basically its guess and hope you get the pic for the person your nominating in time

2009-11-17 [Doll]: well kind of XP
though if he isnt on much this month, i'll just take over the moderating and ask one of the gaurds to do the badging so that the awards can still be on time
so uh, yeah, just nominate before the first of the month :)

2009-11-17 [Queen of Dreams]: will do thanks

2009-11-17 [Doll]: no problem, happy nominating ^_^

2009-11-17 [Toddy]: meow:) happiness again

2010-06-19 [DRACE]: *listens to the sounds of crickets and a far off bird, carring in the background*

2011-11-08 [Echo]: Little updates... View the new rules: You no longer need to be a forum member to nominate and if you won this award before you may be nominated again after three months.

2012-06-23 [Loki]: im posting this on here for every one 2 read

2014-04-22 [Doll]: I'm all for awards running, and this clearly needs more noms. But there seems to be a hiccup with someone nomming them self.

2014-04-22 [Deej]: Dooooollll? have you been nomming yourself again? you know other people would be happy to nom you if you just asked nicely!

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