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Well this is a page where i'll be putting stories or poems i come up with in any mood i have so please be nice when you coment cuase i don't want to ban people from my wiki!!

  A person can feel lost and all alone in a room full of poeple. A little girl the tender age of 10 is left alone at home her mother always leaves her alone the girl had a stuffed dragon named lisa after her older sister who died when she was nothing more then an infent. when the little girl asked her mother at age 3 where her sissy lisa was the mother yelled at her telling her never to talk about her or speak her name. When the girl turned seven her father came to visit her she asked him "Where is sissy lisa daddy?" he replied "she's in heaven hunny" when the girl asked her mother where heaven was she got yelled at by her mother the next morning she went to school the teacher noticed she had a bruise and asked her how it happened the girl replied "i was playing ball and it bouced and hit my face" the teacher beleaved her when she got home her mother was at the door with a strange man the girl asked "mommy who is this" the mother replied "this is ur brother he's going to stay with us awhile" after the girls "brother" went to bed the mother asked te girl to come into the kitchen the little girl held her dragon close to her scared that her mommy would yell at her agian insted the mother grabed the girls hand and slapped it she told the girl to stop asking about her sister the girl ran to her room in tears she asked lisa her dragon what she did to be alone in her own home. the next day the her brother came into her room and asked why she was crying lastnight she said she fell and bumped her head he didn't beleave her he went and asked the mother where lisa was the mother said she didn't live there any more. On the little gurls tenth birth day she asked her brothe where their sister was cuz daddy said she was in heaven the brother didn't know what to say so she asked her mother forgeting she was told not to ask that night the girl was in the hospital with a broken arm cuz she triped on her skirt on the stairs when she went to sleep she saw her sister lisa and asked why she didn't live with her and her mother she replied "Becuase baby I'm not alive any more i died from cancer when u were small" the girl cried holding her stuffed dragon asking god why he took her sister and not her the next morning when she left the hospital asked her mother what type of cancer her sister died of the mother replieds "Leukemia hunny" the mother held her youngest duaghter close as they both creid for Lisa a beloved Duaghter and sister.

I wrote this in Honor and the loveing Memory of My Older sister Lisa who passed away at seven Year old Of leukemia when i was one years old i love her and miss i wished i could have know her please message me if i have touched you or you have lost a loved one to any form of cancer

Cold she lays dieing alone in a room of pure darkness and pain she doesn't know if she will live to see the next day all she knows is her end is close she wishes for the one that hurts her day and night to end it now she can't feel her body at all she hopes that the darkness will fall on her soon prying her soul will be released from the pan her heart feels when she is alone or with someone bitter to all her life has been nohing but darkness and hate she hears the laughter of her friends and family but its not the happy laughter she wants to hear its a harsh luaghter she hears her father saying she wasn;t loved by anyopne in her family her freinds saying she was nothing but a bore with what ever she wore the night the darkness clamed her soul she herd tears of sorrow from a complete stanger in her eyes but in her heart she knew this was the only one person she would knw to miss her when she's gone the poor angel closes her eyes for the last time when her capture grabs a gun and pulls the trigger the police find her in a park in a white as snow dress a note saying "An angel lost to all her loved ones wasn't missed by all those she loved but a single stanger loved her for who she was and the night her life was stoleing that stranger cried for it was an Angel that was taken from this world by a moster know as her father" the nest morning the police arrested her father for murder and convicted for he left all the tools he used in his car the mother screamed out "why did u take her from me!" and fell to the floor weeping hard the next morning the Daughter visited her mother when she woke up in her room to tell her "I will always love You"

A young child cries in a coner. A young mother is alone in her room woundering why she can't see her child. Both don't know what is keeping them seperate but they both feel eachothers pain the mother wanting to stop her child's tears and protect her from her fears but she knows she can't no matter how hard she tries all she wants is to sing her duaghter her favorite lullaby. One morning the girl finds her mother in a room and runs t er the mother picks her duaghter up as they both cry the mother whispers in her duagters ear "I love you my Angel" the girl replies "I love you too mommy" that night the mother and duaghter were found in a park throats slashed and a note saying "She didn't deserve to be a mother i did" then 3 weeks later another woman was fund a single gun shot to the head a note apoligizing for her sins and giveing up her only child to another woman to raise.

Ok so this poem is a little different from the rest cuz well its my true feelings atm so if your gonna bash it GO TO HELL! thanx and have a lovely day

A young woman stands lost in her own mind unsure of what she needs to do to heal her torn soul and heart. She cries herself to sleep everynight know she has hurt her loved one once agian an endless cycle of pain and sorrow cunsumes her heart no matter what she does. She always begs for help from the heavens to help her chose what is best but her cries go unanswered every day and night no matter how much she tries she know her love for one man waines thin and it grows for another how can she allow her heart to betray her fisrt love and go to another how she wishes her torment would end but the only way for it to end is for her to chose new love or old love? a chioce she can't make at the cost of her own heart

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2009-09-30 [foxyvixen17]: well i wasn't very happy when i wrote it but once i find it i'll post it

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2010-03-13 [Rushuna]: Aw, these are all really good :D

2010-03-13 [foxyvixen17]: thanx i haven't had time to come up with new ones always busy

2011-10-13 [The Iron Warrior]: anita hese are really wonderful

2011-10-13 [foxyvixen17]: to think i couldnt write an essay for english class!

2011-10-13 [The Iron Warrior]: hey sa lol

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