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The Volunteers are the members who have offered their time and expertise to assisting the Council during the times that Council members find they are in need of a bit more help. Being an active Volunteer looks very good on a crew application.

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[Majestic Nightmare of Massacre]
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Becoming a Volunteer

Being a Volunteer is extremely easy; you just say in the comment box you want to be a Volunteer and you'll be given the position. However, by doing so you are agreeing that you will be willing to assist the Council should the need arise; if it becomes obvious you've only applied for the badge, you will forfeit the badge and not be credited on retired, and additionally you will make it extremely difficult for you to become a Council member in the future. We like dependable people!

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2013-02-12 [~Nox~]: oh oh I have an idea! I think since there is a enjoys: "raping" option, there should also be a enjoys: "being raped" option for our houses for people like me! Also I want to volunteer =)

2013-02-13 [That Nik Guy]: You're one of the Volunteers, I personally feel that "Staff in Training" is inaccurate wording for the badge.

[~Nox~], I think that idea!

2013-02-13 [~Nox~]: ^^

So can I be a volunteer now lol

2013-02-16 [Sammie h]: Yeah I see your point, but in a way it does match up with the badge logo lol. :)

2013-12-22 [Stephen]: The badge wasn't updated on the page, I corrected that. :3

To answer some directed questions;

Being one of the Volunteers simply means you are looking to help out on Fake, and possibly assist should the Council require help. Nearly anyone can apply to be a Volunteer, but remember that means you're volunteering to help - if you apply for the badge and ignore the helping part, you'll lose the badge and face on site with the Council.

2013-12-22 [Master Katya Feinrose]: i would like to try to be a good volunteer.

2014-05-07 [nicholas chavez]: I volunteer As tribute

2014-05-07 [That Nik Guy]: Accepted.

2014-05-07 [The Doctor]: May the odds be ever in your favor.

2014-05-07 [nicholas chavez]: Awesome, as long as I get to ride the spinning death arena I'm fine.

2016-07-26 [nicholas chavez]: we need to bring this site back to life..but how?

2016-07-26 [Master Katya Feinrose]: been trying but noone else is helping :(

2016-07-26 [Ultiem]: too few members too few staff, too few fresh ideas

2016-07-27 [Master Katya Feinrose]: yeah

2016-08-09 [Sammie h]: Need to get more advertisement out there.

2016-08-09 [Master Katya Feinrose]: have been

2016-08-09 [nicholas chavez]: well then Ich Bin I guess there is nothing we can do or even should bother to try since you've tried, and Ultiem I am well aware of the shortage in staff and members. I need to talk to the site owner and see what resources (s)he may have. What would be worth looking into, and if a total redesign would benefit us. This is a social site but it is also a business. There has to be some options. Elfpack has been seeing a decline in activity aswell as Elftown. I think we need to update them all to a more modern site. Lets face it, this is an older site and even the user interface is outdated. We eat with our eyes especially when it comes to anything computer based, maybe a fresh look is all it needs, maybe not, maybe there are deeper issues to correct.

All I do know is I need the owner to get in touch with me so we can figure it out.

2016-08-09 [Master Katya Feinrose]: im on all 3 sites and it has been declining rapidly. Hes always so busy he barely replies even to my messages. Stephen has helped alot

2016-08-11 [nicholas chavez]: alright well then fuck it, enjoy guys, i'll just return to being a normal user and let y'all figure it out or not

2016-09-04 [Sammie h]: I really want to fix all this, i edited a new look a while ago to which Henrick turned a blind eye to.

We need to try come up
With something big to interest him to make changes

2018-12-31 [Stephen]: Huh, you're still around Sammie?

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