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the above picture is of Shades Corner during the Winter Time


Shade would like to welcome you to his home, this is a place where you all who are relations of Shade can come and Play, Discuss, Chat and Fornicate.

Shade is my Anthro Character, he is a Blue Wolf/Black Panther Hybrid, his father was a Blue Wolf from Siberia, his Mother was a Black Panther from Abyssinia, His name was Sirus, her name was Selina, they were in love from the first time they set eyes on each other, they lived together in the Himalayan mountains, after 3 years of their loving relationship they produced a beautiful hybrid that you all know as Shade, Shade Lived with his parents for 5 years Until he was old enough to fend for himself, when he left he headed across the mountains into Tibet and then further afield, after 6 months of traveling to find a mate and new home he heard from a dear friend from his old home that his parents had been slaughtered by the humans who lived on the land below their home, this made Shade feel Depressed as he loved his Parents Dearly, it caused him to Lash out Against the World, Shade Feels that the Humans who Murdered his Parents Should be Brought To Justice, however he cannot find them.

Ten years Pass, when Shade hears from lawyer in North America, the lawyer tells shade that he had a distant relative, an Uncle who had just passed away, this Uncle left with no other relation than Him, the Lawyer told Shade that he had Inherited a 12 Bedroom Mansion, with this Shade Soon Headed to North America to his New Home, As this Mansion is on the corner of a wood he Called it Shades Corner, Shade has Now Recently Got some new friends, they have all been invited to live with him in is new home, they all get a Bedroom each, Each room has an en-suite Bathroom/Shower room, Sauna Room and Wet room, Rooms 1-2 and 3 are linked via a Door between them.

shades room #1 belongs to Nuada [Majestic Nightmare of Massacre] - [passworded at the Request of Nuada]
shades room #2 Is Shades Room [VIX] - will also house [Lady of the Dusk]
shades room #2A is Shadow, Ghost, Spirit and Yuki's room [Nanimonai] - this room is passworded
shades room #3 belongs to Onyx [Death's Hellhound]
shades room #4 this room belongs to [Deleted user]
shades room #5 Belongs to Paikea(pronounced Pie Key uh)[Sinful Raine666]
shades room #6 will belong to Saphire [foxyvixen17]
shades room #7 will be [Hentai Sex Kitten]'s Room
shades room #8 belongs to Mika [Mikame Sayomi]
shades room #9 belongs to Shia [Bunny Chan]
shades room #10 - is a [♥Slutty McSlutSlut♥] room
shades room #11 this room happens to be the bedroom of 12 wonderful kittens, the kittens parents are Shade, Ghost and Shadow, please try to keep the noise down when going past this room as the kittens will probably be sleeping, and please, if you suspect the kittens to be awake and in need of attention and neither Shade, Ghost or Shadow are around, can you please see to them, they have bottles in the Fridge and extra Diapers in the hamper at the far end of the room - Thanx all
shades room #12 - This is Tods Room [Nekko Fox]
mystik-s rooms

Beyond this there are many rooms Down Stairs which include the following

shades library
shades kitchen
shades bar
Shades Family Room
shades games room
shades garden
shades poolhouse

Mika has a Cafe if you would like to go for a drink or two here is the address Loli Cafe&Shop

This is the Link to Anas Home, this is a place where you can mingle and have fun, just like our little paradise here anas home

Shade's Rules

Rule 1 - No Fighting unless in a Muddy Puddle
Rule 2 - Please Refrain from Swearing in the main house
Rule 3 - What happens in the grounds stays in the grounds
Rule 4 - If a Room is Passworded Ask the owner if the Room if you can Enter
Rule 5 - if anyone has a beef with Shade please tell him, but only in his Room
Rule 6 - if anyone wants to participate in sexual activities please do so in your rooms, that is what they are there for, the only exception to this is if there is a multi-partner activity taking place, and then only in Shades Family Room
Rule 7 - is the last rule, all members of the house can play with any other members of the house

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2015-07-12 [Majestic Nightmare of Massacre]: -pounces everyone-

2015-07-12 [VIX]: giggles and smiles.... hey baby welcome home

2015-07-12 [Majestic Nightmare of Massacre]: Thanks. -sets my bag in a chair- has been far to long.

2015-07-12 [VIX]: indeed it has baby indeed it has... all we need to do now is get everyone else back home hehe

2015-07-12 [Majestic Nightmare of Massacre]: That we do. -rushes over and gives you a big hug- so good to be home.

2015-07-12 [VIX]: hugs you back tightly holding you close

2015-07-12 [Majestic Nightmare of Massacre]: -embraces you for a long time- i have missed you greatly

2015-07-12 [VIX]: i have missed you too my love

2015-07-12 [Majestic Nightmare of Massacre]: -smiles softly, finally letting go- i need a bath.

2015-07-12 [VIX]: smiles... well we can head to the bathroom in your bedroom baby

2015-07-12 [Majestic Nightmare of Massacre]: Sounds wonderful. - walks over and picks up my bag then heads to my room-

2015-07-12 [VIX]: smiles

2015-07-26 [Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: Hello Vix! Long time no see!!!I'm engaged now.Shes really great!!!

2018-11-05 [Snakebyte Forktounge]: Vix We want you back ok

2021-04-15 [VIX]: hi all who still frequent these parts

2021-04-28 [Sinful Raine666]: I miss you my dear friend

2021-05-01 [VIX]: *nuzzles up to paikei* ive missed you too

2021-05-02 [Sinful Raine666]: -softly nuzzles back.- been wondering where you were

2021-05-03 [VIX]: *licks cheek* wondering the great plains, finding my place in the world

2021-05-04 [Sinful Raine666]: -nuzzles softly. - I missed you

2021-05-04 [VIX]: *nuzzles back* missed you too sweetie

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