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Slave Auction -- Female Slaves

This is the room where female slaves will post their name, and a short 1-2 sentence description about themselves, talents, and manners. All prospective buyers will then pick a slave, send a message. As long as the slave agrees, then come back to this page and write SOLD next to their name, and the name of the buyer. At any time, however the slave has to right to leave for owner, and go back up for sale.

Cost of a Slave is One Sexy Point to Slave Purchased


READ slave auction -- Rules!!! BEFORE PURCHASING A SLAVE!!!!


Slaves For Sale

[RyGirl] - 5'5', black hair, i am easily trained and listen very well, I want someone to treat me like a princess and in return i will do ANYTHING you ask
[Bunny Chan] - 5'3", brown hair and Gorgeous brown eyes, Bisexual looking for someone who can handle me

[Bethy] - 6', brown hair, slight tan. very fun to be with. Bisexual. Loves sex, BUY ME!!!!

[**Rebeckah**] 5'6, brown hair, blue eyes,;edit=yes36DD, big ass, great body! I'm up for anything and will do whatever whoever buys me commands..! **smiles shyly** you know you want to!!

[We're All Addicted To .// Something \\.] 5' 6", black & red hair, brown eyes, great ass. I'm a Bi-sexual Emo and I'm LOVING that. If you want to know anything else, ask or check out my page. ^_^

[.:Scarlett:.] 5ft 6, black short hair, dark brown eyes and a firey temper. I'm a tomboy who loves to be seriously dominated, give me a girl n we'll make out till we drop, guy's...give me 3 way and im yours... or if you really want romantic....

[pocahantis] 5ft. 4, blondish brownish hair, blue green eyes, looking for someone who can keep my attention and love me, as a master of course

[Dragon princess] 5ft9 small lookin and big brests hehe...

[miss.MONOXXXIDE] 5ft3, 36-GG, curvy waist and hips, dark hair, big green eyes, filthy minded and ready to play....with males or females :P

[Dangerous Furry] returned because of problems in handling



Sold to- [super_chef]-[Wiccan 2006]-[Wiccan 2006]-5 feet,brown hair,blue eyes.I'm bisexual.I play sports and have a great boobs and pussy.I behave well too.I can get really down and dirty.So lets come play?

SOLD TO - [deamon90002004]- [lakergirl]-redish/brownish hair,brown eyes, 128 lbs and thin.will do anything u want.

SOLD TO - [shadow of darkness] -[sex kitty] - 5'4, blond, black and red hair, blue eyes, pale skin, big tits, perky ass. Own me. Make me your slave. I may need some training but I'll make it worth your wile.

SOLD TO - [SeX-o-RaMa] - [miracle] -5"9 Brown hair,Brown eyes,big tits,tanned skin Looking for fun

SOLD TO - [Shy Lesbian] & [The Private] - [lrigdren]- 5'4" Brunette/red hair, 38C Breasts, Fair Skin, Bisexual, Submissive and waiting for someone to become my Master!

SOLD TO - [VIX] - [Zombiie Natiion]- 5"7-ish blonde with green eyes, is only interested in a twisted master whole will use and abuse her and occasionally, show unconditional love towards her.. theres more info about this and pics of her on her house. Very obidient, will do anything atall if instructed.

SOLD TO - [Music/Melody] - [Twilight of Your Life]- 5'3, brown hair that reaches my shoulders, brown eyes, olive complextion. Want to see just look at my page. Thought people would like girls with a little junk in there truck. I've got a big booty and big tit's too 38D's to be exact. I'll be very very obidient.

SOLD TO - [flying dutchman] - [Dirty_chick] - 5'1 , Brown hair , Slight tan , D cup tits , I want to be dominated and as a slave i will do anything the master or mistress demands.

SOLD TO - [buckforester] - [*Sexy_SLut*]- 5'5" tall, brunette, brown hair and will do anything anybody wants

SOLD TO - [moring star] - [Big N Sexy]im about 5'5 brown hair, once your with me you wanna come back, im hoping for a mistress

SOLD TO - [moring star] - [playboybunnie] i'm about 5'8" and brown hair and BIG ass!!...i'm bi and i love to me you won't be sorry!

SOLD TO - [playboybunnie] [kzone] - 5ft 11, dark brown, long hair, very flexible and will accept most ''things''

SOLD TO - [psyonide tha wicked] - [gothic_beauty6] - im about 5"5 reddish brown hair when your with me you always want more im willing to do anything to make you happy and i love sex so if your wanting to be satisfied in everyway then im the one for you!!!!

SOLD TO - [buckforester] - [kinky goth bitch] 5'4, blond hair, hazel eyes,40DD breast and a big butt. I will do what is asked of me by my master or misstress, so plz buy me

SOLD TO - [Tiger King] -[chiyo] 5'4, pink hair, brown eyes, pale, Im Bi and love hardcore sex, and box sex, I also use my imagination when it comes to sex, and I liked to get raped.

SOLD TO - [moring star] - [ani] - 1.70 meters, reddish brown hair, and open to anyone: young and old, thick and thin, women and men... I am very obedient

SOLD TO - [buckforester] - [Naughty Librarian] 5'3", dark brown hair, blue/green eyes, 38C cup. I'm into girls, boys, three-ways, ect. I'm also quite fond of bondage. Obediant, and I can be dominant when needed. ;)

SOLD TO - [race_high]
- [cassius] 5'8, brown hair, blue eyes, cup size 38 DD, loves men and women of all ages, verry kinky, there is nothing i wont do to please my master.

SOLD TO - [watts] - [Taboo_Girl]long dyed red hair down to hips, (fun size)4'11, 36DD, im a rebel, bixesual - im up for many things.

SOLD TO - [shadowknight] - [~Sweet Beautiful Imperfection~]5'8 long black curly hair,i got 40DD boobs, im not skinny im pleastly plump. Im playfull, crazy and up to try and anything and everything.I am bisexual, if i get a male master great, female mistress would be fantastic too......plz buy me

SOLD TO - [shadowknight] - [pandora rave] i am 5'6 bi u want to see my pic its on my house i am crazzy does as i am told most of the time loves pain and up for whatever u want o yes big tits u want to know size ask me ur self i await a master to give me an order so buy me please

SOLD TO - [bootcampsfeet] -[Stripped God] - 5'6" 147lbs black hair brown eyes. Can only be purchased by a male and enjoys being playful

SOLD TO - [ender wiggin] - [foxyvixen17]

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2010-09-12 [Lolita]: *continues to nom on Tora* yum yum

2010-09-12 [Stripped God]: *giggles* hey that tickles!

2010-09-13 [Lolita]: *slips and falls onto Tora's lap she begins to nom on tora's tummy*

2010-09-13 [Stripped God]: *yelps and stabs with a fork* not mah tumtum*

2010-09-13 [Lolita]: *hisses at the fork and backs off Tora's tumtum* lol

2010-09-13 [Stripped God]: *smiles calmly*

2010-09-13 [Lolita]: *eyes tora's juicy arm* to nom or not to nom that is the question!

2010-09-13 [Stripped God]: *tackles and noms Lolita's arm HARD*

2010-09-13 [Stripped God]: *grins and licks*

2010-09-13 [Stripped God]: *moans softly with pleasure* hey now!

2010-09-13 [Stripped God]: *yelps trying to wiggle away fruitlessly*

2010-09-13 [Stripped God]: *yelps in slight pain* HEY YOU QUIT!

2010-09-13 [Stripped God]: So gonna nom your face off

2010-09-13 [Lolita]: oooh do it! *sticks her tounge out at you*

2010-09-13 [Stripped God]: *growls pouncing pinning her to the ground and nomming her face*

2010-09-13 [Stripped God]: *grins continuing to nom*

2010-09-13 [Stripped God]: *hisses nomming Loli's face harder*

2010-09-13 [Stripped God]: *hisses*

2010-09-15 [DRACE]: *twitchs, trying his best to ignore the nom fest, as he amuses himself with a plushie of Snap* XD

2012-01-15 [Jack LeHunter]: Wow, this place became a ghost town quickly.

2012-02-04 [Stripped God]: tell me about it. I feel like a bad owner

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