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2006-05-15 22:25:47
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Please vote on the main page!

The images selected for the final are:
[tenaka_khan187]'s <img100*0:stuff/TKFakeFront3.jpg>
[Za'leia]'s <img100*0:img/photo/2543_1140204372.jpg>
[biting_beauty]'s <img100*0:img/image/2056_1143331428.jpg>
[Caramela]'s <img100*0:stuff/fake6.png>
[Karess]'s <img100*0:stuff/kay_masks.jpg>
(The old image) [Echo]'s <img100*0:stuff/fakeposter.jpg>

The idea is to use all the images randomly, but let their popularity decide how often they will be shown.

A great thank to you others that have competed!
/ [Virgin Slut]


Getting bored of the same front page image day after day, week after week? Well this competition is to find a new image that will alternate with the old image, giving the FAKE front page a little more flavor and life! The image ((obviously)) has to do with FAKE and/or the FAKE atmosphere, and must be no bigger than 800 pixels wide/tall. The image entered must be submitted by the original creator! You may not use any image without the original creator’s permission! And remember, add your user name above your entry so we can give you credit for your amazing work!

This competition will end: May 13 2006

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1. [tenaka_khan187] Hey saw this and started experimenting, people let me know what you think and I can alter it but all in all I think it turned out well... And if anyone is wondering the girl I used for a this is my gf [Miss Psycho Sexy].

These 3 are all 800x800 Pixels







[Za'leia] (Can upload a 700pixel wide too if/when I get wiki privs :)


This was made by me...[biting_beauty] Oh, and it's me too... *thumbs up*

Made by your's truely, [Lady Di]. Simple...yet effective...



3)and the pg version...

I love the woman with the whip heeehee just something from
my imagination ;)(can be resized if need be)

[Za'leia] - second entry
Okay..I was bored again..

Eh, why not give it a shot =P





[This contest is OVER!]

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2006-04-23 [Lady Di]: O.O

2006-04-23 [Caramela]: YAYYYYY!!!! Thank you [RitoriMisu] Im in teh thinking tank! w00t *boogies and strips*

2006-04-23 [Caramela]: =O oohh thats a sexy image =p

2006-04-23 [RitoriMisu]: XD

2006-04-23 [Lady Di]: boogie!!! i loooove that word! and no one around here uses it!!!

2006-04-23 [Caramela]: LMAO i do!!!! *whimpers and gnaws on tooth* my wisdom teeth are such a f*cking pain

2006-04-24 [Lady Di]: awww just got them out?

2006-04-24 [Caramela]: nopers their still in first it was the right side now its the left ><

2006-04-24 [Lady Di]: hmmm then methinks it's time for you to get them out!

2006-04-24 [Caramela]: *whimpers and pulls*

2006-04-24 [Rune Takashi]: ::yawns::

2006-04-24 [Lady Di]: *calls a dentist*

2006-04-24 [Caramela]: w00t! the pain has lessened *pounces on [Rune Takashi]*

2006-05-01 [Lady Di]: yay! *claps* very good very good

2006-05-01 [Caramela]: i would make another one but but but =( my photoshop is acting screwy

2006-05-01 [Lady Di]: and i suck at computer art so i'm laying offa it for a little while

2006-05-07 [Karess]: how do i upload something that's bigger than 500 without it shrinking? :(

2006-05-07 [RitoriMisu]: You'll need wiki uploading priviledges... I can give those to you now ^^

2006-05-07 [Karess]: thankyou, i appreciate it.

2006-05-08 [RitoriMisu]: Youve got em!

2006-05-08 [Karess]: yeah, i know. but my image isn't quite finished yet, still workin on it. lol

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