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Links to great porn-sites and pages.


Only post links to pages that are FREE PORN. It's OK if there are also pay-pages, but there should be FREE PORN. Also write a little text about what it is and how good you think it are, and feel free to add your name as the contributor.

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A great cybersex site with loads of horny people and their images and stories. (Submitted by [Virgin Slut]) Yea, great site, [Sunrose] spanks me here (Comment by [Hight]).


0 - 9 & A - E - all kinds of porn, stories, and links to other free sites [Brianna] - Huge hentai site with lots of galeries.Pics,flash and some movies too [Master Of Puppets] - I found Jimu again! [Kwee] - Great pic & vid porn search tool that gives thumbnail results to many free galleries [zoloftzantac] - Alt.Sex.Stories.Text.Repository I was orignally hesitant to put it up, because they have underage stories available, but if you don't want it, don't read it. *disclaims!* subm,itted by [Lord of the Werewolves]
[-NEW-] - [not here anymore243234] [skullhead] - [gordon] - Lots of hentai clips and regular porn to dowload ^_^ [neon_butterfly] - [hcbiguy13]
[-NEW-] - [He who walks with darkness] - pretty much a story site but with lots of them and they are chose your own path. Tis a great site. - [彼のお媛様] [Transgaelle]- not exactly a porn page... more like a contacting-service for BDSM [gordon] [Vana] [Lexie Lane] pics, vids, stories, and a chat room for the diaper lovers out there! - lots of free everything, from sample videos to stories, just make sure you scroll to the bottem on the cover screen and enter the right site
[-NEW-] - Tons of free galleries of alternative girls [Matthew Crow] - requires free registration, but has nice vids of all kinds. - [WiCkEd toNy ThE tIgEr] - this site is my personal fave. you watch the movies in the browser. no need to pay, join, or download!!! [Not On Here Anymore!!]
[-NEW-] - it has so many things you can choose from and its FREE. [Sk8er 4 Life]

F - H - my growing collection of favorite lesbian pics and videos [gracesfall] - its basicly anything u want to click on, a wide range from movies to pics [DRACE] - Doujinshi, anime, saturday morning cartoons, all free! [Kwee]
[-NEW-] - search for anyone and everyone [Ultiem] - basically anything you want, wide range of pics and videos. [Dr. Shipiro] - a great porn game site - For all the furrys out there - Tentacoo wape!! Great comedy over tentacle monsters and the girls who love 'em. [Deleted user] - *drools* I personally love this site!! Its really good, all kinds of stuff on here, for loads of fetishes! The movies are good quality and the guys are pretty hot!! - [Six.] hentai games! <-- Some of the best games ever! - considering most Hentaikey sites are down for the moment, this is the best archive of hentai on the net. Check out Prophet and The GreenSpike's work. [Heffalump] - [hcbiguy13] - [VIX] - [nicholas chavez] i think brothers are hot
Foxes Porn Links - [Fire Fox of Nine Tails] some links i got to free, short, downloadable porn vids

I - R

[-NEW-] - Big collection of uploaded porn. - Home of the famous Jab! but not Jimu.. she left now.. v__v [Kwee] - galleries of hott solo girls [Please Delete Me Fuckers] - a bunch of stories, some pictures, and a awesome chat room [Brianna] - what can you think of?? (simply not enough as what they have here!!!) [HORNY!!!]
movies - Free porn movies!
[-NEW-] - youtube of porn, exceptional quality [Kwee] - free downloads and full movies to stream[woohoo] - I think the name says it all[Master Of Puppets] - just a site that has a boatload of links to free downloads and pictures. Includes sites that have cartoon, bondage, and the like. - [skullhead] - section of a site that has hot hentei games plus links to dress up and dating sims very hot site. [liherce393] - my names pukefairy on there [gordon] - erotic stories
[-NEW-] - erotic sex stories - your number one site for hentai. Check out the forum, we're a great bunch. - [彼のお媛様]
[-NEW-] - Awesome site for lots of videos, similar to [Gone_]
Pussy Pussy Pussy - [VIX]
pornpics pornpics - A bittorrent site that only hosts adult files! -[Kwee] great website with several niches
[-NEW-] -it got wat u want with the top pics showins a few pic and small videos [i yell at my monkey]
[-NEW-] on here you canm rate any pussy you see - one of my favorites

S - Z
[-NEW-] - free porn galleries;) [oralme]

[-NEW-] - Register free and wank yourself silly
[-NEW-] - free boy galleries and video clips ;) [james91]
[-NEW-] - free Girl Cams ;) [booyaa]
[-NEW-] - seemed like a decent indexer [Kwee] - The coolest porn index ever [skullhead] bow down to me bitches.. free 24/7 porn website that plays streaming movies [gone739] - its a great site for all kinds of porn, make sure you check out the forums...thats where the good stuff is [Please Delete Me Fuckers] - if u like to see shit loads of porn and a bunch or random shit try this ^_^ [This-is-my-name !] - index of free pics, vids and cams [not here anymore243234][man overboard] - Free full-length videos to dowload or view [neon_butterfly] - Nice free porn, like or - just check it out, you will like it [Please Delete Me Fuckers] - A website that updates with hacked passwords for PAY sites [Kwee] - Wacky World Of Erotic Cartoons has some of the best hentai artists arround [Master Of Puppets] - free porn videos - eh... stories, pics & movies [DRACE] - very much like, but with an obvious twist. [ouija] - awesome movies!! [breakdeath] - [DRACE] hope ya'll like this one, pics and other links to free sites
[-NEW-] for you furries out there, chat, pics, stories and MUCH more... [Lexie Lane] - My current fav :D [zoloftzantac] - better than redtube

Once upon a midnight dreary,
while i pron surfed, weak and weary,
over many a strange and spurious site of ' hot xxx galore'.

While i clicked my fav'rite bookmark, suddenly there came a warning,
and my heart was filled with mourning,
mourning for my dear amour,
"'Tis not possible!", i muttered,
"give me back my free hardcore!"
..... quoth the server, 404

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2008-01-22 [Kwee]: I haven't tested the files mind you, there aren't any viruses in them, but I haven't actually set the time to watch em, and if you don't have the codec to understand .ogm container it might not render, but it should.

2008-01-23 [Master Of Puppets]: I´l get that codec no problem

2008-02-22 [Virgin Slut]: Vegetables to the people:

2008-04-15 [Renard™]: - is a really good one - u can search for free porn n theress no directing sites

2008-07-22 [.:Scarlett:.]: can i ask .. is there anywhere id find girl on girl?

2008-07-22 [Kwee]: Do you mean as far as in places other than "the usual ones" ?

For a start, at least.

2008-07-23 [.:Scarlett:.]: thanks much. x

2008-10-29 [Marcie.]:

2008-10-29 [Kwee]: If you see the links above, you'll note that it's already been added. But thanks for the help! =D

2008-11-07 [ezz]: Yea, great tube site

2008-11-11 [Six.]: (Edit) - Nevermind, I managed to do it :]

2008-12-17 [Lexie Lane]: yay

2008-12-20 [.:Scarlett:.]: sweeet.

2009-03-14 [xkittyx]: .... thats my cam... I broadcast a few times a week. hit me up to see when i have my next show.

2010-02-15 [Master Of Puppets]: Ok so anyone here know were i can get the 3 episodes of Angel blade Returns?

2010-02-15 [Kwee]: it might be a long shot but try here:

2010-02-16 [Master Of Puppets]: that site only has Angel Blade and angel Blade Punish and ialready got those...i need angel blade Returns

2010-07-21 [the wuzzler 13]: This one has awesome Goth/Emo stuff and everything else

2011-09-08 [Sandra]: <img:stuff/aj/11045/sff18.3.jpg>

2018-11-08 [Snakebyte Forktounge]: Please so many of these links are dead. Can we give them a decent funeral here

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