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imitation please visit there  [anas home is located in the thriving] City of Silver Mountain [Silver City is a thriving metropolis of all types of beings Down the street is a a small eatery called] Bob's DinerAnd beside Lady Ana lives the Vampyre

[As you slowly stroll down the long stone walkway to the front of the home you first notice the exotic plants and woodland that surrounds you].<img200*0:stuff/aj/11024/1422445007.png>[You see beautiful japanese gateways.These are gates of travel.Each takes you to a different place and time!] 1)Secret pack 2)the rave 3)Temple of the wolf goddess 4)The Blood Bar 5)serraangelworshiproom 6)shades cornerRPWHORES


[As you get closer you Begin to realize just how massive and imposing the stone facade of the home truly is. With it's large windows and large porch it seems intimidating, yet welcoming].


[A voice in your mind welcomes you and beckons you forward. You carefully look around as you make your way up the red brick steps. Then the door slowly creeks open of it's own accord. You cross the threshold and enter the home of] [Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose][ THE ROOM YOU HAVE ENTERED IS FULL OF LIGHT. AND COMFORTABLE FURNITURE IS ALL OVER THE ROOM.THIS IS THE MAIN ROOM OF THE HOUSE WHERE THE RESIDENTS GATHER TO TALK AND OTHER THINGS. THE LIVING SPACE ROOM IS ANOTHER LARGE ROM THAT IS USED FOR GATHERINGS OR JUST LAZING AROUND]




em-s room
ru-s room
jennifers room
briar's room
whistlers room

raines room



Announcement!!! (Pretty Little Slut) is the Mistress of Anas Home.And Foxys and Winterraine666 are the security if they want to be!And Vix is groundskeeper.

       [THANK YOU]
  I, Ana Jade give full authority of running my home to Lupa Briar Rose

      HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS !!!!<img:stuff/aj/9841/1440932523.gif>
Aloha my loves and take care of each other always.You are family here!!!!

!<img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1456638732.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1456638792.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1456638945.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1456639024.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1456639051.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1456639092.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1456639232.jpg><h3></center>[THIS BANNER IS FROM ANAS HEART. TO HER BELOVED BRIAR ROSE!!]


DEAR BRIAR THAT COMES FROM MY HEART. I TRULY LOVE YOU MY DEAR AND REALLY MISS ALL OF YOU <img200*0:stuff/aj/11024/1470105403.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/11024/1470152296.jpg>
castle knight and valentine.MANY OF OUR FAMILY IS HERE BUT MANY HAVE MOVED I HAVE A NEW DAUGHTER HER NAME IS [ACONTIUM QUEEN OF POISONS] she was also hurt badly by a person so i took her in to my heart also. my sweet daughters i love you all very much
Missing: </center>

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[silverraven66699]: Flattered, but no thanks. And yes, Ana, Mystik was one them. And when I turn into a 80 something pound anorexic bitch with no brain?

[Snakebyte Forktounge]: Ru you know you want to gulp me down

[silverraven66699]: No, I don't actually because I just recently entered a relationship with someone. And I would like it if you changed the area on your page the asks for your "name"...

[Lord Arthin]: -slips in and sits down-

[Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: -sits down across from you- Arthin tell us what you have been doing!And leave no gory scenes out-laughs

[Lord Arthin]: -chuckles and shrugs- I have been wandering, seducing my way through the planes.

[Snakebyte Forktounge]: Lord Arthin you grace us with your presense !!How have you been Sir?

[Lord Arthin]: I have been well, Bartuc. How have you all fared in my absence?

[Snakebyte Forktounge]: Wars and more wars you know how it is!!

[Lord Arthin]: I do know how it is. and I prefer seducing my way across the planes to warring my way across them

[Snakebyte Forktounge]: The chaos wars was the worse!! especially for the nuetrals.they got it from both sides.

[Lady of the Dusk]: *climbs on to arthins back like a monkey and hangs out*

[Lord Arthin]: -reaches up and scritches her head- hey there

[Lady of the Dusk]: *giggles and nuzzles arthins neck* hi

[Lord Arthin]: -shivers a little bit and smiles- where have you been?

[Lady of the Dusk]: *nibbled where I nuzzled* around.

[Lord Arthin]: -shudders a little harder and glances up- I feel like you're trying to start something

[Lady of the Dusk]: *blushes and giggles* I have no idea what you're talking about

[Lord Arthin]: -chuckles and reaches behind me, grabbing her and pulling her into my lap-

[Lady of the Dusk]: *grins and snuggles against your chest*

[Lord Arthin]: -smiles and strokes her hair-

[Lady of the Dusk]: *purrs softly*

[Lord Arthin]: Do you have a room here?

[Lady of the Dusk]: *nods* somewhere. I can never find it

[Lord Arthin]: I should give you some incentive then?

[Lady of the Dusk]: It would have to be amazing incentive

[Lord Arthin]: I think you know what I'm capable of, dear.

[Lady of the Dusk]: *whimpers*

[Lord Arthin]: I see you remember quite well.

[Lady of the Dusk]: *nods and blushes*

[Lord Arthin]: Such a cute blush

[Lady of the Dusk]: *blushes brighter*

[Lord Arthin]: How far down does it go...

[Lady of the Dusk]: *looks down shyly to hide a deeper blushes*

[Lord Arthin]: Find us somewhere more private.

[Lady of the Dusk]: Make me

[Lord Arthin]: -his eyes flash and his hand, which had been stroking her hair tightened and tugged it hard, tilting her chin up to expose her whole throat-

[Lady of the Dusk]: *gasps and whimpers softly*

[Lord Arthin]: -drags a talon down her throat- are you ready to obey yet?

[Lady of the Dusk]: *pants softly and swallows* y...yes sir

[Lord Arthin]: Then find us somewhere more private.

[Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: em-s room This is room is ems room you two and its private lol

[Lord Arthin]: -chuckles and nods to Ana- thank you, my lady

[Lady of the Dusk]: *blushes and giggles*

[Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: Now both you scoot and enjoy

[Magara-Lady of the Ravens]: Aunt ana!This is the beautiful Lady of the Dusk.That The city speaks of!!!

[The Obsidian Knight]: Yes Roweena .That is our lovely gentle Em.!!!

[Magara-Lady of the Ravens]: My god The Lady of the Dusk!! Aunt Ana she is really beautiful.-saying this looks at em and smiles-

[Snakebyte Forktounge]: Yes The Lady is!!

[Lady of the Dusk]: *blushes and waves shyly, whispering softly* hi

[Lord Arthin]: *walks in*

[Lady of the Dusk]: *peaks up from my corner*

[Lord Arthin]: -nods to her and sits on a couch*

[Lady of the Dusk]: *curls up in a black bean bag in the corner*

[Lord Arthin]: Not going to come greet me?

[Lady of the Dusk]: *opens one eye* I'm napping, your welcome to join

[Lord Arthin]: -walks over and joins you in the bean bag chair-

[Lady of the Dusk]: *curls up against his chest and closes my eyes again*

[Lord Arthin]: -wraps an arm around her and cuddles her-

[Lady of the Dusk]: *smiles*

[Lord Arthin]: -he nuzzles her hair lightly-

[Lady of the Dusk]: *purrs softly*

[Lord Arthin]: -he smiles at her purring and closes his eyes-

[Lady of the Dusk]: *cuddles closer*

[Magara-Lady of the Ravens]: -Smiles- The lovely lady gifts you lord Arthin!!

[Lord Arthin]: -looks at Wyldthyngs- indeed...

[Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: -walks in to room-Roweena leave them alone!!

[Lord Arthin]: She is welcome to join us.

[Snakebyte Forktounge]: Lord Arthin! Em is my lady how could you stoop to this!!!

[Lord Arthin]: Stoop? If you will notice, I was invited to join her.

[Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: Bartuc Em is a grown woman and is not betrothed to you .So back up now!!

[Snakebyte Forktounge]: -Looks at Arthin with red glowing eyes-You sirrah are lucky Ana is here to protect you!!-turns and heads to room-

[Lady of the Dusk]: *glares from over arthins shoulder* you have no claim to me and I would appreciate it if you did not tell others you did.

[Snakebyte Forktounge]: -Em but i thought we

[Crimsonwolf of the Obsidian Rose Clan]: *Opens the front door and walks in* Just give it up Bartuc. None of the ladies want or like you in that way.

[Snakebyte Forktounge]: -looks at crimson talks in soft voice- I hunt wolves

[Lady of the Dusk]: *glares* wolves hunt better

[Lord Arthin]: For me, that would be a fate worse than death

[foxyvixen17]: Shouldn't you be in the ground.

[Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: Foxey would never do that!!!

[foxyvixen17]: Me harm my sister? Wtf you smoking crack?

[Snakebyte Forktounge]: Did I say you did. No I said we heard you did!!The skuttlebut was you gave her to an elder god to boost his grip in this plane !!!

[Sinful Raine666]: - she appears after a long long absence her eyes ice blue and her long black hair in two thick braids hanging down her back-

[Magara-Lady of the Ravens]: OMG it's Winter raine!!!

[Sinful Raine666]: She's my sister why would she kill me

[Magara-Lady of the Ravens]: oh shut up bartuc!!

[Sinful Raine666]: Bartuc I regret to inform you the blood bar is alive and well at an undisclosed location

[Lord Arthin]: Hello, raine

[The Obsidian Knight]: well raine its bloody damn time!!

[Sinful Raine666]: I know I know and hello to you both

[The Obsidian Knight]: Yea i know you know we know lol

[Lord Arthin]: -walks over and hugs raine-

[Sinful Raine666]: -hugs Arthin back- relax krev

[Lord Arthin]: Of course I have no shame. I don't care who you think she belongs to because the truth is she is her own woman and belongs to no man.

[Sinful Raine666]: I gave my collar up long ago

[Lord Arthin]: I know you did. I still keep it as a memento.

[Snakebyte Forktounge]: i know this lol

[Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: Once again my house is silent.They come and go so quickly.So Iwonder who will back next-sighes,walks upsteps to my rooms-

[The Obsidian Knight]: -Sees Ana going upstairs.heads for my room-Yea ana who will come home next.

[Crimsonwolf of the Obsidian Rose Clan]: -ear twitches as i briefly glance over the top of my laptop screen, then go back to researching lost wolf clans-

[Snakebyte Forktounge]: -trips spilling wine on yashas laptop!-

[Crimsonwolf of the Obsidian Rose Clan]: -Sighs as i watch the screen flicker and go out- Well this isn't the first time that this has happened and it probably won't be the last -i say as i start pulling out parts to fix the laptop- Luckily i managed to learn a thing or to about computer repair on my travels

[Snakebyte Forktounge]: -snaps fingers laptop is magicaly fixed!- Sorry yasha

[Crimsonwolf of the Obsidian Rose Clan]: don't worry about it

[Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: <img500*0:stuff/aj/11024/1475614553.jpg>-sees yasha standing-[yes yasha this is you !!Badass huh]

[Magara-Lady of the Ravens]: Ana i'm sorry I haven't stopped in. I've been battling [demondragons ]undead zombie minions. Isee lord Arthin hasn't stopped in.He must be real busy I guess!!Well I'll be in my room Auntie Ana !!

[Magara-Lady of the Ravens]: Ana i'm sorry I haven't stopped in. I've been battling [IceDragonKing]sundead zombie minions. Isee lord Arthin hasn't stopped in.He must be real busy I guess!!Well I'll be in my room Auntie Ana !!

[Lord Arthin]: -wanders in- I heard my name taken in vain

[The Obsidian Knight]: No not realy. we figure your castle has been under seige arthin

[Lord Arthin]: I see. No, my attention has been taken instead by some large projects

[Snakebyte Forktounge]: Such as Ana's breasts?

[Crimsonwolf of the Obsidian Rose Clan]: *pokes my head in through the door while casting fire spells at a hord of undead soldiers* "just stopping by to say hi. got to take care of these zombies since someone didn't learn the last time a zombie apocalypse." * leaves the door way and calmly walks out into the middle of the zombie horde while red jewel on my neclace glows a deep, deep red signaling the charging and over powering of my strongest fire based spell*

[The Obsidian Knight]: might wanna rethink that.those are kaboom zombies. they explode and set of the others lol

[Crimsonwolf of the Obsidian Rose Clan]: *looks back with a slight smirk* Kaboom zombies you say. * i reach out and flick the nearest one in the head and watches as it explodes and takes several others with it*

[The Obsidian Knight]: they are made by the [IceDragonKing].he doesn't create well lol

[Crimsonwolf of the Obsidian Rose Clan]: I can tell *I say in a deadpan voice as I go back to chucking fireballs at the poorly constructed Kaboom zombies*

[Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: -walks down the steps .watches the fight- yasha!!!you will clean this mess up when you are finished.I like kaboom zombies -laughes- I lure them to the garden then explode them.Very good fertilizer!Now yasha be glad my home is magicked against fire!!I turned off the magic wards so I could get the zombies in here.Now you have destroyed over hal!!.Get them to the garden if you are going to blow the up!! now scoot!!And you Sir jake you help him you lazy thing.watching him make a mess.

[The Obsidian Knight]: Ana all you do is nag nag nag,come on yasha lets do the garden with the zombies

[Pretty Little Slut]: *shakes her head slightly, the tall Wolf near invisible in the shadows near the bartop as she sips her whiskey.* "This place used to be so....pleasant. Now it seems that most of my companions have left the grounds to the apparent hands of unruly petulant children...."

[silverraven66699]: *pops up from behind the bar finishing my sixth giant bottle of Fireball whiskey* You said, Little Lady.

[Crimsonwolf of the Obsidian Rose Clan]: *a muffled boom was heard from the garden along with a faint whistling sound as i land in a smoking heap in the front yard* That last one pack a punch, although i probably shouldn't have supercharged it first. * i say as i cough up some smoke*

[Pretty Little Slut]: "It's sort of sad, actually. I loved it here at the House." She Huffs quietly, ears ticking at the faint whump of air before ignoring the commotion in the yard.

[The Obsidian Knight]: hello dear goddess. no im not a child just teasing ana lol. how have you all been?

[Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: to all my family love you all!!!you especialyy sweet daughter. and you ru~~ and you yasha!!


[Snakebyte Forktounge]: Ah Lady Briar and ru, as sweet as ever

[silverraven66699]: *punches the brick wall to my right causing it to crumble* Bartuc, mind your manners and your mouth.

[The Obsidian Knight]: now ru play nice he didnt say anything bad yet!!

[Pretty Little Slut]: The Wolf ips her head toward Baratuc and Ru. "Care to join me? If nothing else, the bar still holds good drinks..." She waves idly at the empty seats beside her.

[The Obsidian Knight]: well lady briar i see your temple has flourished great .your coffers are overflowing.i see you have built pilgram houses,and small homes for more perment guest this is good

[Magara-Lady of the Ravens]: The goddess helps many with alms food and clothing and healing sir jack.They flock toher temple just in droves. many are wolflings and lycans

[silverraven66699]: *sneezes multiple times and groans* Blasted weather.

[The Obsidian Knight]: here ru try this magical herb called knightqyill

[Crimsonwolf of the Obsidian Rose Clan]: *Looks up from polishing my blades and chuckles lightly before going back to what i was doing*

[Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: (walks in eyes all red from crying)My family .we have lost one of ours!Bartuc the axe is dead.He was killed in an accident last month.He shall be missed and never forgotten.Yasha a round of drinks for a toast please.

[dudeman]: Evening all. Anyone mind if I come in?

[Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: enter and explore please i have to go some where but you are most welcome

[Snakebyte Forktounge]: Whats a dudecat?

[Snakebyte Forktounge]: Ana I'm not fucking dead

[Sinful Raine666]: "A toast to our friends return is more in order."

[The Iron Warrior]: raises glass yes my dear a toast to those who are here ,those who have returned and those who are away

[Sinful Raine666]: "As it should be to good friends and family."

[The Iron Warrior]: And to my beautiful Raine

[Sinful Raine666]: "Why to me?"

[The Iron Warrior]: because you are back home with us!!!

[Sinful Raine666]: "I am indeed back."

[The Iron Warrior]: well you are staying in my rooms now ok -smiles-

[Sinful Raine666]: "Okay" she says smiling softly

[Magara-Lady of the Ravens]: Raine you didnt stay long!!!

[Sinful Raine666]: I've been busy

[The Obsidian Knight]: Sorry and Mystik Raine can stay where ever she wants, you never clean your room. even the zombies say it stinks

[Sinful Raine666]: Boys behave

[The Obsidian Knight]: Yea you two boys behave, -reaches for raines hand.-looks at mystik and wudi and frowns. brooms and dust pans appear. you two clean up Now!!!!

[The Obsidian Knight]: --miss raine relax here on the couch beside me and talk

[Sinful Raine666]: Silly all of you thats why I miss you all when I'm gone. Its why I always return home.

[The Obsidian Knight]: i wish more would come home. do you ever wonder how the others are and what they are doing now ?And i call this home. but when you arent here it isnt home. you know that

[Sinful Raine666]: I still talk to a few namely vixen and arthin. Sometimes Vix. And why isn't it homewithout me

[The Obsidian Knight]: Because you were the rock here raine. Ana built but you others were the glue that held it to gether. one would go. another would return. but now only you come back. fake isnt about sex now its about home. its not crap like facebook or just gossip like twitter

[The Obsidian Knight]: get vixen,arthrin and vix to return once in awhile. a few days is all it takes for life to return

[Sinful Raine666]: We were a family of misfits and black sheep and we will always be that

[Sinful Raine666]: Vix wont return and vixen has a kiddo. I may be able to get arthin to return for awhile tho

[Sinful Raine666]: As always I am a dark angel watching

[The Obsidian Knight]: True but even that means we should see them once in awhile. like vix he was a rock now he has his own life but he could tell us how he is lil the polf known as vix ha ha

[The Obsidian Knight]: no one needs to be here for ever but at least let family know you are ok. some of us are gone never to be here

[The Obsidian Knight]: Ah no . you are not dark you are the light of family. the love you see around hearth and home

[Sinful Raine666]: I can be both

[The Obsidian Knight]: <img500*0:stuff/aj/5263/1544857210.jpg>The obsidian cycle. goes anywhere

[The Obsidian Knight]: lord i remember the day ana opened her house raine

[Sinful Raine666]: I do too it was a fun day

[The Obsidian Knight]: You ever gonna do the jukebox wiki lol<img500*0:stuff/aj/5263/1544857996.jpg>

[The Obsidian Knight]: And some rooms are pw as ana said it was allowed lol<img500*0:stuff/aj/5263/1544858092.jpg>This coul be you lol

[Moist Lips]: [I stroll in looking around the entrance way, my golden serpent eyes searching, my long wavy red hair gently swaying as my lithe body tenses then relaxes under my midnight blue dress armour]
Hello I lightly say

[The Obsidian Knight]: [coming down the steps dressed in my black silk pajamas and my long blackj robe. Isee you and stop. my hand moves in a pattern and you feel a bit of a tingle] Hello and may Iask who you might be ?

[Moist Lips]: [I look at you, the tingle dissipates] I am Victoria from the western marshlands

[Pretty Little Slut]: She drops her bag, a tattered rucksack, to the floor with a thump as her hands deftly slip a lovingly polished glaive off her back to lean against the wall before dropping into a chair. Her tail sweeps behind her, brushing against her ranger clothes as her ears prick towards the long quiet kitchen in hopes of food. "I used to be home more often... The trolls in the way made it unpleasant for a while. Traveled a while, fought a while, made some coin and now I'm here again."

[Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: Comes down the steppes looks up. a large smile on my face. runs over omg you are home at last. its been so long grabs you and hugs and loviung kisses you brushing your heart out of your face. my darling daughter how long are you hewre for. i hope a long time. suddenly a silver tray appears before you. my dear what ever you want to eat just ask / the hose lights up and light music plays we will have some others coming home now my swett daughter

[Pretty Little Slut]: She smiles widly, flashing her teeth as she spins Ana in a circle. "As long as I can be, as always! It's good to see the hose alive again."

[Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: now daughter you can always come back more often.

[Pretty Little Slut]: She nods, the shorter hair falling across her eyes. "Aye, Ana, I know I can but it hurts to see the house so quiet and dark."

[Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: ITS NOT QUIET AND dark my dear. we all just come at different times now. you know it would be like this. and our home has expanded inside and out hugs you tightly.

[Pretty Little Slut]: "Well, not currently, but I've been gone a long, long time. The people here are strangers."

[Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: dear you know the knight just changed his name and the others wander as the are spirits we took in

[Pretty Little Slut]: "I wouldn't know, I just got back today Ana." The tall wolf shrugs, settling in to a a chair.

[The Iron Warrior]: Briar you were one of our first family perhaps you will draw them back. - trips and falls. plants cane and stands up. lord i hate that. sorry briar old men do that.reaches to your hand and lightly kisses it. then walks away silently and proud

[Pretty Little Slut]: She snorts softly, shaking her head at the comment. "I doubt they'd come back for me. I wasn't well known living here, nor did they travel with me."

[Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: Briar the ones who can will the others will if possible.<img:stuff/aj/11024/1547679485.jpg> This is near my home Briar

[Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: Now start telling your story from when you lefy. Yes I know it will be long.  but I want to hear it Briar with no short takes. As some on here have told thier stories. We had members die Briar. And lost the chapter of our clan Sweet daughter. you know we are called the obsidian rose clan. And our proud of it. we alao are part of your p as you are of the clan ack Briar

[Pretty Little Slut]: She shrugs, her eyes guarded. "There is little to tell. I traveled, fought... Mostly for coin. I was caught, held and used. The child is a result of that. I eventually was no use to them, they had what they wanted of me. Now I'm back, missing family and safety.

[Pretty Little Slut]: She eyes turn hard, dropping to her flask. "That pup is nothing of me. Though I carry well, I have none of my own, only the one forced on me."

[Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: Briar if it is young it can not help what it is dear. walks over to my daughter with our family blanket. and holds her in my arms my sweeet daughter. i love you so much. starts crying.

[Pretty Little Slut]: "It can't help the circumstances under which it was born. Given that it's been raised under the watch of my captors however, there is no saving it Ana. There is nothing there for me." She speaks, curt in painful memories, her fingers abstractly stroking faint scars on her wrists.

[The Obsidian Knight]: Briar there are many here who                         ask our clan protective spirits to watch . you. You have been for ever watched by us. but we cant change you your patch. mere let you know we care.RAINE AND I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. WE WATCH OVER YOU WITH OUR HEARTS FOREVER OK.  -GIVES YOU A LOVING AND VERY PROTECTIVE HUG.

[Snakebyte Forktounge]: One wishes they could of been chosen to protect you. or help you take your revenge. This would be a way to leave here with honor BriarIam not a mighty warrior,a powerful knight. merely a lowly snakebite.

[Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: You have many friends on here daughter of mine

[Crimsonwolf of the Obsidian Rose Clan]: *comes in from making some extra money by bounty hunting* If there was a bounty on your captors Briar i wouldnt mind going after them and giving you the bounty, We take care of family here

[The Obsidian Knight]: grabs bag of hogwart gold tosses it. here now find briars problems

[spikey]: quiet

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