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These are the horniest of all; the Council. They try to devise new ways to make Fake sexier, get more people having sex, and make sure no one has interest in having any clothing on. They'll also help with any problems you have, just ask in the comment box.


[Virgin Slut] - God Slut & Programmer (Part-Time)
[Stephen] - Guard Captain & Communty Überspanker (Part-Time)

[That Nik Guy] - Warden & Guards Sergent
[Tr!X*] - Reviews Member Applications

[Ultiem] - Police Captain
[Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose] - Slut of the Week & Daily Sex Story
[The Doctor] - General Help
[D.K. Moubitt] - General Help


Who should I talk to?

[Virgin Slut] is the owner and programmer of Fake; he is very busy and should only be contacted for account-related issues. (Passwords, hackings, etc.)

[Stephen] is the Guard Captain; he handles reports about private message harassment - he is also rather busy and should be contacted if you believe a Council member is abusing power or about message harassment.

[That Nik Guy] is the Warden of Fake; meaning he has been entrusted with heading the Council and site affairs - he should be contacted if you have an issue with a Feature or need help someone else cannot provide.

[Tr!X*] assists with important decisions and helps accept applications of new members - however member application inquires should be placed on this page's comment box.

The Feature Bosses handle various aspects of Main - they should be contacted for information about that feature.

If you're not sure who to ask, you can always ask questions on the comment box of this page. Please report members who are breaking the rules.


If you want to join the Council, then submit an application on apply to the crew - pestering the Council about being added seriously reduces your chances.

Retired Council
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[Fallen King]
[Deleted user]
[Sweet P]
[Dark Wizard]
[Lady Di]
[Lollipop Rage]


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2012-06-18 [Hardee Har har]: I think you should get unlimited privs. Considering that you're actively TRYING to do something, that already makes you better than absolutely everyone who has ever been on the council.

2012-06-18 [Loki]: thank you very much would you like to help in my cause

2012-06-18 [Hardee Har har]: Not really. I'd rather watch FAKE burn from afar than help someone fluff their wiki.

2012-06-19 [Fallen King]: Hardee Har Har i think your a little out of line [Virgin Slut] and all those whos stayed faithful to this site have worked hard to say that is just disrepectful to everyone whos put time into this site please be more respectful to those who do care about this site and keep those opinions to yourself, if you dont like this site so much you have the choice to leave.

2012-06-19 [Hardee Har har]: "stayed faithfull"? "Worked hard"?
Are you new here or something?

2012-06-19 [Loki]: hes saying to the ones that have been here and are trying to change it for the better like me trix and young nik

2012-06-19 [Hardee Har har]: Right. Members. Not actual council members, like [Virgin Slut] and the other lazy asses who always work for a month and then quit.

I give you the same time frame, [Loki]. Prove me wrong. But when you don't, I'll be laughing. Hardee har har.

2012-06-20 [Loki]: well as you can see fallen king, trix and a few other members have some council member powers, nik and trix will be updated to council as soon as i give them the badge and update this page

2012-06-20 [The Doctor]: Don't forget to update the application page too ;)

2012-06-20 [Tr!X*]: o.o since when have i been council? xD

2012-06-20 [Hardee Har har]: Since we say so. Nanner nanner.

2012-06-20 [Tr!X*]: thank fucking fuck for small mercies!

2012-06-20 [fantasybitch]: Wahey! S'about time. Groupie powers, activate!

2012-06-22 [Sammie h]: Well if you ever need any help I am more than willing I do a lot on other heddate sites. x

2012-07-02 [Fallen King]: alright bboys and girls time to get together and really work on the next step of getting the site up and rolling

2012-07-02 [Fallen King]: were doing great at getting the awards running smoothly. ive begun talking to the big boss man [Virgin Slut] on another site so i will see if i can work with him some and see where he wants things to go in what direction and another thing i think we need to focus on is getting more recriutment in the fake population getting more memebers to be online in the site

2012-07-03 [Sammie h]: yes your right, we do need to work on that and we should advertise it more.

question, is there a fake shop?

2012-07-03 [That Nik Guy]: As in, merchandise?

2012-07-03 [Fallen King]: merchandise? really ummm yeah i think thats over kill

2012-07-03 [That Nik Guy]: Yeeah

2012-07-03 [Fallen King]: i ment recriueting more members to join the site itself

2012-07-03 [That Nik Guy]: I was referring to [Sammie h], "question, is there a fake shop?"

2012-07-03 [Sammie h]: yes merchandise. :)

2012-07-03 [Fallen King]: not gonna happen

2012-07-03 [Sammie h]: Ok lol :)

I did think of some designs :)

2012-07-03 [Fallen King]: well thats going a bit over board sammie dont be worrying about a fake shop atm other things need to be hiandled and are alot more important

2012-07-03 [That Nik Guy]: Like getting number's and participation up.

2012-07-03 [Fallen King]: yeah i gotta agree Nik

2012-07-04 [Loki]: i do to we need more people as well as guards and a few members need to be took off of here

2012-07-04 [Fallen King]: .> *raises hand to vollunter*

2012-07-04 [Fallen King]: no no im kidding :D

2012-07-04 [Sammie h]: *raises hand to say, I would be a guard*.

I have experiance as a contest moderator and, council on here and cathug. :)

2012-07-04 [That Nik Guy]: There isn't a single active guard on the site, nor does [Loki] have the ability to make anyone a guard. Nor does [Virgin Slut] think that there is any need for new guards.

2012-07-04 [Sammie h]: Which really, all sites should have at least one active guard.

2012-07-04 [Loki]: witch is complete bull crap, because [Virgin Slut] is the only barely active guard

2012-07-04 [Fallen King]: sammie the thing is you cant just raise your hand to be anything here. you have to earn it with loyalty and hard work

2012-07-04 [Loki]: I think there needs to be 2 people with a priv of 4
2 people privs of 13 and 2 or 3 more with the priv of 14 and I think every one on council needs priv of 49

2012-07-04 [Fallen King]: if we could get that to work it sounds like a sound plan but its all up to the big guy [Virgin Slut]

2012-07-04 [Sammie h]: I volunteered because nobody else did, [Loki] would make a better guard as I only have experiance with priv 89.

2012-07-04 [Fallen King]: but vountering for that responsiblity isent enough though it boils down to quite a few things really

2012-07-04 [Sammie h]: Go on? X

2012-07-04 [That Nik Guy]: It boils down to people like [Echo] and [Ultiem] trusting you, and other people on the site, such as [Virgin Slut]. Have people whom support you to do what is right for this site. To have knowledge of the site's Pseudo-HTML. Know how to run polls and solve conflict, etc..

2012-07-04 [Fallen King]: welll it all boils down to trust esspecially by [Virgin Slut] using the power correctly, having extensive knowlegde of da rules and what you need to keep a close eye on. and highly highly active

2012-07-04 [Sammie h]: I am active, I know Pseudo-HTML, I know how to do polls, I know how to defuse conflict and I can keep a close eye on things.

2012-07-04 [That Nik Guy]: Sadly, none of that matters much anymore. FAKE is the forgotten step-child left to fend for itself with no real power to do anything except linger.

2012-07-04 [Loki]: so does ever active council member but like nik said [Virgin Slut] does not see a need for it at the moment

2012-07-04 [Sammie h]: Yeah, but we all need to be determinned to get it back up and running smoothly, and its up to us to persuade [Virgin Slut] to help us get our site back up to life.

2012-07-04 [Loki]: blood_omen for either crew or gaurd Kaitlyn for Warden
Burnouthappy For Guard/Warden applied and got no where with it blake r for guard! is mine and all i got was council so far

2012-07-04 [Sammie h]: Well at least that's a start, what you have also got to think about is if they have caused a bit of hassle on one site, then they are sure not going to let them be a guard or a council member for a while or If its that bad, for ever. :)

2012-07-04 [That Nik Guy]: I've had my application up for forever, and I've gotten more supporters than anyone else, except [Doll], and the only reason I'm on Council now is because of [Loki].

2012-07-04 [Loki]: yea I pretty much gave everyone under my name there council powers some have used them some are just sitting there annoing people with them or not doing anything with them and if they dont change they will be removed

2012-07-05 [Loki]: o nik u need to add trix she has you beet by 3 lol

2012-07-05 [Fallen King]: well guys ive thought of an idea for the slut of the week a monthly or bi monthly couples slut of the week

2012-07-05 [The Doctor]: *cough*Forums*cough*

(From your friendly neighborhood admin Nazi).

2012-07-05 [Loki]: or just a pm lol * sneeze

2012-07-05 [Fallen King]: -.-

yes thats the i hate you both smiley

2012-07-05 [The Doctor]:

2012-07-05 [Fallen King]: its no secret just wanted opinions on that idea

2012-07-05 [Loki]: lol had to pick on ya buddy i know you hate forms

2012-07-05 [Fallen King]: Hate is not even the word something more beyond hate darker more devilish!!! >.<

2012-07-05 [The Doctor]: ...supermegaloath?

2012-07-05 [Fallen King]: that just sounds like how i feel about my ex wife no i hate forums more

2012-07-05 [Tr!X*]: lol, i so nearly commented here xD i had to restrain my original post!

2012-07-05 [Fallen King]: which was

2012-07-13 [Deleted user]: ... XD Lol Zero

2012-07-13 [Fallen King]: the slutty milf has arrived XD

2012-07-13 [Deleted user]: Lol oh hush

2012-07-13 [Fallen King]: ;) grrrr

2012-07-13 [Loki]: i thought it was a fitting name

2012-07-13 [Deleted user]: Lol indeed

2012-07-20 [Sammie h]: Hay, how is everyone x

2012-07-21 [Ultiem]: bacon

2012-07-21 [That Nik Guy]: BACON YOU SAY?!

2012-07-21 [D.K. Moubitt]: mmm bacon XD

2012-07-21 [Tr!X*]: crispy baccon ;3

2012-07-21 [Loki]: you know what you call 2 pigs having sex........ makon bacon

*ba ba tisss*

2012-08-07 [Loki]: active council members check the council forum

2012-08-21 [Ultiem]: council forum now please

2012-08-26 [Arctic Knight]: It has come to my attention that someone has been abusing her power as Secretary and harassing member of this site...last I knew abuse of power is a "serious offense" here (though since there is no legal action able to be taken I'm not sure how serious it really is). This person has been reported multiple times with nothing being done so it's either the allegations are false, the abuse of power isn't as great as people make it seem, or someone else isn't doing their job to reign in the rogue Secretary.

So a warning to the Secretary: watch yourself or things will get ugly quickly.

2012-08-26 [Tr!X*]: lol; jimmy-i assume this is aimed at me.
would you like to message me and discuss it? :3

nb; it is defiantly aimed at me. i would like some clarification so have messaged him about it.
sidenote, threatening another member is also generally frowned upon.... -_-;

2012-08-26 [Ultiem]: usually gets you banned too

2012-08-27 [That Nik Guy]: [Fallen King] worries about things after he has fallen.

2012-08-27 [Ultiem]: worrying about things gets you nowhere so he can be a warrior

2012-08-27 [Arctic Knight]: Messaged explaining intention to Trix...if I am banned, so be it but she knows why it was posted.

P.S. This isn't the first time I have seen threatening gestures/comments on this site with the threatening person was not honestly, the track record on banning for threatening another member isn't to high. But to reiterate: if I am banned, so be it.

2012-08-27 [Lollipop Rage]: How is she a rogue Secretary? Because she isn't sunshine and rainbows to everyone in creation?

2012-08-27 [Tr!X*]: i like the rogue secretary. sounds hot ;]

2012-08-27 [That Nik Guy]: I'm picturing the most odd, rpg style outfit right now.

2012-08-27 [Lollipop Rage]: should draw it for her.

2012-08-27 [Tr!X*]: i need you two in my life<3

2012-08-27 [Ultiem]: <img250*0:>

2012-08-28 [Crimsonwolf of the Obsidian Rose Clan]: i am looking for ppl that can give advice to others and who wants to bring fake back to its former glory if anyone is interested feel free to add your name to the staff section of member advice

2012-08-28 [Ultiem]: there is a forum and a wiki dedicated to that

2012-08-29 [D.K. Moubitt]: Not to mention numerous other member wikis, including my own world of words.

2012-08-31 [Sammie h]: Very true

2012-08-31 [Sammie h]: My opinion is fake is a lost cause, the boss rarely logs on, the staff rarely have dutys to do, I am doing all I can to get elfpack up and running again and smoothly, and I see more members joining again, new competitions, more jobs to do, more fun for the members no fun equals no interest.

2012-08-31 [Hardee Har har]: FAKE's death will be one created by petty elitism, abuse, and mass disorganization.
It's like having cancer and waiting for the doctor to confirm it's terminal.

The fact so many have abused the privileges given to them without the slightest repercussion speaks volumes of the administration's attitude towards FAKE.

Also, in the years I've been here, I've seen more down-time in the last year than in previous ones. I keep expecting it to just go down entirely one day.

2012-08-31 [That Nik Guy]: The Council is actively working to try and get everything up and running again. It's just going to take time.

2012-08-31 [Sammie h]: +1

2012-08-31 [Hardee Har har]: I believe you, Nik. I do. People I trust are finally at the helm.
That says something.
But all the same. I remain negative. Forgive that.

2012-08-31 [Ultiem]: changes happen Friday things that council should be doing together are being done. jobs will be rotated onto other staff to ensure efficiency. and a new method to admitting staff is being tested. New staff will be voted in just as other less performing will be voted out. pending evaluation

2012-08-31 [Sammie h]: Well if you ever need a hand, I have 2 lol, I have priv 79 and I do the badges what haven't been prosessed yet and I can do the news as well.

2012-08-31 [Tr!X*]: I think zero learnt the error or his ways pretty sharpish with that generous offer, previously :)

2012-08-31 [Ultiem]: [Sammie h] if you haven't applied to the crew please do, will be decided upon by crew what to do with it.

2012-08-31 [Sammie h]: I was on the crew but they decided to lay me off and I did put my application on again I think x

2012-08-31 [D.K. Moubitt]: Your app is on the Apply to the Crew wiki.

2012-08-31 [Sammie h]: Yeah x

2012-09-03 [Sammie h]: Updated it now x

2012-09-14 [Lady Adrasteia]: ok i understand that [Loki] made the whole best nipple award thing and there are no badges but he was on council when he made the contest and even if he is no longer council i feel it is your guys responsiblity to try and make fake members happy and do whats right its not fair to me or the other two contestants not to get badges for this contest even if it only ran once. thanks for listening to my complaint. hopefully something gets done about this.

2012-09-14 [That Nik Guy]: He didn't act as a member of the council when made those awards, nor did he plan ahead enough to make the badges himself. The badges were made for the best cleavage award because it was voted to stay.

I will however, make the badges when I have the time for it.

2012-09-14 [Lady Adrasteia]: thank you nik. i really apreatiate it. council like you puts my faith back in fake ^_^

2012-09-14 [Tr!X*]: <3

2012-09-15 [Ultiem]: will have the badges delivered before the next meeting day

2012-09-16 [Sammie h]: Although I am not on the council I will say this, we can get fake up and running again, but we all have to put effort into it, including normal members!

2012-12-02 [Sammie h]: How is everyone doing? X

2012-12-02 [Ultiem]: had a nifty idea, waiting for the first bit to show off to you guys :D

2012-12-02 [RitoriMisu]: Mornin...

2012-12-02 [Ultiem]: morning

2012-12-02 [RitoriMisu]: I'll be heading into Photoshop here in a bit. We need new badges, new wiki headers, a new left border, and what else?

2012-12-02 [Ultiem]: badges award badges contest badges for seasonal shit, left border? maybe i dunno, dont really care :D oh do you know how to edit video?

2012-12-02 [RitoriMisu]: Yes, and I have a professional program for doing so.

2012-12-22 [Stephen]: @Kate: From my past experiences, it's unlikely (although not impossible) to get the left hand border changed.

2012-12-22 [RitoriMisu]: I've been the only one who's done it.

2013-02-02 [Killopkie]: you guys are gay too <3

2013-02-10 [RitoriMisu]: Nice to know. :P

2013-02-10 [Sammie h]: Ha ha, gotta love fake humor, we should have a new site, lol. X

2013-03-28 [Sammie h]: Anyone need a hand with anything well I have time on my Hands? :)

2013-05-30 [Pretty Little Slut]: Good evening Council. I need a hand switching ownership of an old wiki from a now defunct user to me. It's a mirror of one I ran on EP, but the current owner left Fake almost 3 years ago without handing over the page controls. I'd like to keep it alive if possible. Please contact me if you have the time and there's a way to do this and I'd be more than happy to explain it more in depth.


2013-05-31 [Stephen]: Message me the situation, and I'll help you out with it. (:

2013-10-03 [silverraven66699]: Hello council, I am in need of some help. I have someone I wish to block (which I have done), but this person can still use my name in comments to others and wikis. I thought after blocking this person they could not do that. What should I do?
Thank you...

2013-10-03 [That Nik Guy]: If they're harassing you or slandering you, you're welcome make a report that the Guards will handle accordingly.

2013-10-03 [silverraven66699]: Thank you, my friend is having the same trouble and has made several report, all with no actions taken against the person. I do thank you for your help and I will be readying a report.
Thank you so much for your help today.

2013-10-04 [Lust]: Best way is block and ignore... Just throwing that out there, scares the trolls away

2013-10-04 [Hardee Har har]: ^it won't "scare" them, and the "wait it out" strategy isn't always effective. I'm curious how guards handle this kind of situation, though-as there's only been one person I know of to ever really get "banned" from FAKE, and it was only after he had become such a nuisance that he was unavoidable. Do we have any hardset guidelines for the community to look at, or is the base rule still "Don't be an asshat"?

2013-10-04 [Lust]: I have never met a troll that after being ignore kept pushing someone unless they where fed. Yes it does work, but most people need the last work and keep responding and show that this said person is getting to them, so they persist.

And what if this person was kind to a million and rubbed the wrong way with one? Do they deserve to be banned? now two people, how do you not know the friend had egged this person on so they are 'harassing' them now? I guess a guard can see every message to see what is going on...

But back to the original question, for 'harassing' one or two people but kind to everyone else do they deserve a ban? or just a warning? or a shrug off?

2013-10-04 [silverraven66699]: I'm just going to ignore the person. Plus, this person lives about a ten minute drive where I live so I always show up one morning with the police and I have everything they have sent to saved on my computer so evidence won't be hard to find.
I was taught if you want to fight with the alpha dog, be prepared to get bit more than a few times.

2013-10-04 [Hardee Har har]: Trolls grow if fed=true.
However, this strategy isn't always effective, especially in the case of the persistent. Sometimes people truly enjoy causing other people misery, and will find any means to do so.

How'd they did they "rub" this person? If we're assuming more parties are involved, it becomes a question of evidence and circumstance.

I'm not implying guards should see every message, or should. You misunderstand. I was simply asking what, if any, procedures were in place for this kind of thing. I'm happy to see the new council/guards actually actively trying to make the community a better place. It's a hell of a lot more than they were doing before. But the baseline rule of "Don't be an asshole" has questionable merit. In a community this small, it works roughly 95% of the time.

This again is a question of what they've done, how they've done it, and more. As with FAKE, reputation is everything. If someone was polite to everyone but snipped the popular minority, there could be problems for that person-just as there would be with a more substantial populace. So this brings us to "bans" being subjective measures taken, which are highly dependent upon their situationally appropriate use.

What I'm saying is this: "Don't be an asshole" works fine as intended, but as we've all seen, can still result in a few slips. Some hard by-line rules would be nice, but as the guards today both enforce and regularly do their job, things are fine.

I was just curious as to how often practical enforcement is carried out.

2013-10-09 [Stephen]: Actually, there is a firm guideline. It wasn't followed until recently, but it does exist and it is enforced now.

There's two types of harassment, in general. Targeted harassment and random harassment. Random is a generalized insult; those are normally handled by telling the one being harassed to block the one doing the harassing, and the one who did the harassing being told to cut it out. Those generally do not result in a ban unless it's obvious the person doing the harassing is just intentionally malicious, or if the insult is extreme in nature (even then, we don't ban first offense.)

Targeted harassment is worse; that's when people get bugged on wiki-pages, messages, friends of the harasser bug the target, etc. That's a three-strike rule; if you bug the person after the third time being told to stop, you get banned.

Bans are generally only used if we feel the person being banned is "beyond help" - be it in a way that they don't want to get along, or they just can't learn.

As to Guards seeing messages; there's only two Guards on site who can read any private messages at all and that's [Stephen] (me) and [Virgin Slut]. Message reading is something we view as invasive and do not allow others to have or use lightly; only those who have been experienced Guards for years are given that ability. Messages are only read when we receive a report about message-harassment.

A large problem prior was that there were no Guards on site with the ability to read messages, so most message harassment cases couldn't be handled correctly. We rarely get those, though. (I do them all and I see perhaps three a month.)

However, yes; in the case of anyone who is intentionally causing others misery they will be banned.

2013-10-09 [Stephen]: Also, [silverraven66699]:

There haven't been multiple reports filed on anyone in the Fake community in nearly a full year. Since I became active here, nearly all Guard actions I've done personally and I have no idea what you're talking about. =P

Although, feel free to either private message me with information, or report it. Reporting is always better. Unless you report something, there's not too much we can do. /:

2013-10-09 [silverraven66699]: This was awhile (when I first joined). The person has stopped harassing me on Fake but started harassing on here instead, and said person started in on me in my REAL daily life. And thank you for your concern, I will send you a private message if I need help with anything else. 

2014-03-28 [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]: May i do the interviews for the slut of the week in order to find a new face to be up on the main page?

2014-03-28 [Hardee Har har]: ^Second, if this is possible.

2014-03-28 [Tr!X*]: yeah man, dolls been up for ages, not that i mind looking at dat ass >;D

2014-03-29 [Ultiem]: *spank spank*

2014-05-13 [Pretty Little Slut]: Who does the approvals for new members? I know I've asked before, but I can't remember and a good friend just submitted for a name here. I know what the profile requested is as well, if that helps.

2014-05-13 [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]: [That Nik Guy] does the approval

2014-05-13 [Pretty Little Slut]: :/ I know...this is the thrid personal freind whos tried for a House and never got the email and isn't in the pending people either. All three hit 'save' and were told to wait for an email, but never got it and when I checked with Nik, weren't in pending either.

2014-05-13 [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]: im not sure then. ummmmmmmmmmmm let me see the emails they sent and ill look it over and then bring it up to him

2014-05-13 [Pretty Little Slut]: *shakes head* When you submit for a house, you hit save and it tells you to wait for an email. but they never get it.

2014-05-14 [Ultiem]: they check their junk mail?

2014-05-14 [Pretty Little Slut]: Yes, I had them go back and check last night. On the same thread, I did apply for a house under the name [PLSTester] and from everything I can see I'm stuck at the same place, where it should be pending approval, but I haven't gotten an email releasing the username for use.

2014-05-16 [Ultiem]: have you tried PMing nik directly?

2014-05-16 [Pretty Little Slut]: *nods* yes, twice. He told me each time that all pending approvals have been cleared.

2014-06-13 [Texas Saint]: its funny I was going to ask about the same thing with my fiancé tried creating an account and we been checking and we have not received any email of any kind

2014-06-14 [Tr!X*]: odd. i can link accounts no problem...

2014-06-17 [Stephen]: Interesting.

You can always just send an invitation link - that completely bypasses the approval process.

There's also three people who do approvals, so it's hard to know exactly who approves what and when - generally, we all just hit "Accept" when an application appears unless there's some reason not to. :3

2014-06-17 [Samerisam]: anyone need some task done, feel free to call upon [Samerisam] heh lol. just throwing that out there. I want to make fake what it once was...

2014-06-22 [Pretty Little Slut]: [Stephen] how does one send an invite? Fir all I've been here under different names fir years, I've never sent one, as you didn't used ti need approvals. Thank you!

2014-06-22 [Stephen]: [Pretty Little Slut] - you need your privs adjusted to 99 to be able to send out invitations. I changed your priv to 99 so you can invite members.

You can now find the invite button on Mainstuff;


2014-06-22 [Texas Saint]: so has any body figured out what going on with the accepting members because my fiancé still hasn't gotten a e mail and that was over 2 and a half weeks ago?`

2014-06-22 [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]: I remember that when I joined you had to wait 2 to 3 days then login. I never received an email I just tried every day til it let me login. But that was yrs ago tho I doubt it changed. Try that. It's frustrating but it will let you eventually. Same for my partners account and a few of my friends too. They waited a few days then kept trying until it let them login.

2014-06-22 [Pretty Little Slut]: Thank you [Stephen]!

2014-06-22 [Stephen]: [Texas Saint] - are you positive your fiance signed up using a valid and working email address?

It might be best at this point to just invite them with an invitation or have a friend invite them, which will bypass the application process.

There's a chance the application system will be removed anyway to help increase member join rate, but I'm not sure at the moment. :P

2014-06-22 [Stephen]: [Pretty Little Slut] - you're welcome. :)

2014-06-23 [Texas Saint]: [Stephen] - I personally filled out the forum ill have her sign in im not sure how to send invites lol ( ten years on this site and still don't know the works sad) but ill look into it and let you know 

2014-06-23 [Stephen]: [Texas Saint] - You need a priv level of 99 to be able to invite members; I changed your privs to 99.

You can now find the invite button on Main;


2014-06-23 [Texas Saint]: Thank you oh and if there is any thing that needs to be done ill be more than happy to help i would donate but money is tight i sure we all know how that is thanks every one

2014-06-24 [Stephen]: You're welcome. :)

I have no idea what the to-do list of Fake is, haha. Not my department at all.

[That Nik Guy] is the person to ask for that. :D

2014-06-24 [Texas Saint]: ill send him a message and let him know thanks again

2014-06-26 [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]: I control update and monitor Slut of the Week & daily sex story.

2014-06-30 [Pretty Little Slut]: Hello agin! A fiend is trying to set up a house, and he needs an old request for the name [RuskoD] canceled out. He's now using the link I set him with the invites, but it's telling him he has to wait until [RuskoD] is cleared or approved. The new name he is trying for is [DamionR].



2014-07-01 [Stephen]: The username [RuskoD] is not currently pending approval under applications - he shouldn't have an issue.

2014-07-13 [Killopkie]: dongs

2014-07-14 [Ultiem]: cocks

2014-07-17 [Caramela]: penor?

2014-07-18 [Samerisam]: shlongs

2014-07-22 [Stephen]: Council members, please look at: [4991 (Unknown or private posting)]

2017-10-02 [Fallen King]: Im curious to see how many active council members there are at this point?

2017-10-02 [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]: i am here

2017-10-02 [Fallen King]: You look like the only one hun

2017-10-02 [Fallen King]: Id help if i could but retired

2017-10-24 [Tr!X*]: i'm here every now and again :)

2017-10-28 [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]: I know you would [Fallen King].

2017-10-28 [Fallen King]: Hope everything does livin up here. i Remember when this place was fairly active it was great fun

2017-12-09 [Sammie h]: yh i agree

2018-07-21 [The Mystik Warrior]: The place should have a requiem read for her.The lady is losing her battle and her life support is giving out fast!!!i love being ignored. this is what makes fake so great.

2018-07-21 [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]: Yay sammie has returned!

2018-08-30 [Sammie h]: Im returning fully now :)

2018-08-30 [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]: I block people who over harass me with things I repeatedly ask not to be sent. Questions are fine, but all the other stuff consistently through every minute of every day is completely different. If you have questions, message here. I gave warning over the last 2 years and you didn't listen.

2018-08-30 [Tr!X*]: ashes is overworked, lol? doing what? this site is mostly a deadzone. there's nothing for mods to do :') i sign in pretty often and short of accepting a few new applications nothing actually happens here anymore.

2018-08-31 [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]: Running the site
Taking complaints
Updating the main board often
Inviting new people
Working on new contest

etc etc etc and im not a deleted user, so if you are going to post on the main board and put my name in, look at my home page. My name is on there.

2018-09-01 [Tr!X*]: .... my name linked as deleted user aswell. there's no need to be a prick about it, go edit it to be fixed instead of bitching about it? or just whine about it, that's cool too.

p.s. you don't 'run this site'. i'd be surprised if there's any active complaints. there's no-one participating in contests. sorry to burst your bubble but you do the same as me which is log in and be active. there is little need for us mods here now.

2018-09-01 [Sammie h]: :/

If this is the attitude of the site now then i'm out.

2018-09-09 [Hardee Har har]: Trix is absolutely correct.
I've been on this site as long as she has, in one form or another.
FAKE started to go downhill in the wake of superior websites/apps around 2009. Ever since then there's been numerous attempts to "revive it" with none of the suggestions taken seriously.

Nobody actively "runs" the site anymore because literally no one is here.

I used to log on once a day, then once a week, once a month. Now I occasionally log on when I remember this site exist. It's been that way for about the last five years, and guess what?

I'm surprised if there's ever more than 1-2 other people on here.

This site is absolutely dead and pretending at all whatsoever that it takes "time" to manage it, or that it's a "stressful" thing to do is absolute ego-based hyperbole bound in tunnel vision.

This site has been forgotten because it refused to get with the times, much like Geocities or Angelfire. I've said this several times and there's always 1-2 dickheads that come out of the wood work to "prove me wrong", with glaring and obvious evidence staring them right in the face.

Ashes, IDK how or why you're still here. But you're outright lying if you act like this is stressful to do.

2018-09-10 [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]: Hardee tends to get upset and of course go against anything he believes without actually watching what is going on. And has had several complaints about me since the falling out a few years back. So I don't really care what is said from him because I have messages simply proving the dislike of me. Same goes from trix. Got into an argument and since then treated me like im nothing since I got on the council. Its quite pathetic. If youre here to help then help. Otherwise dont scrutinize what you haven't helped with in the last several years. Ive already put a list in these comment of the things I've done and still gets spit on. I truly wish people here would grow up. I'm not at all surprised that you came back and tried to take over. Ridiculous. *shakes my head* have a good day guys.

2018-09-10 [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]: Welcome back [Sammie h] and I appreciate your current help and happy attitude. It is long since been needed. <3

2018-09-13 [Sammie h]: Thanks ashes, glad to be home, here if you need the help. :)

2018-09-30 [Tr!X*]: 'Same goes from trix. Got into an argument and since then treated me like im nothing since I got on the council'...


have you ever thought, Ashes, that maybe the longer standing members of FAKE!, like myself and Hardee, don't like you for a reason. we know, we remember everything. as much as you try to push your drama onto everyone else, it'll always be remembered, which is why you're a fucking nightmare to deal with. there's reality, the way things actually happened. and then there is your account, which is way more 'woe is me' than anything that realistically happened.
woman up.
i don't HAVE to like you, that isn't one of the rules of being FAKE crew. no-one gives a literal shit. but what people do acknowledge is the sheer levels of bullshit that come out of you on a near constant basis.

now seriously, take your own advice, ("Its quite pathetic. If youre here to help then help. Otherwise dont scrutinize what you haven't helped with in the last several years") and pipe the fuck down with the personal shit. you CANNOT on the one hand say things like "" I appreciate your current help and happy attitude. It is long since been needed. <3" whilst in the same breath talk to and about me (the only other active, longstanding crew member) like absolute shit on a public forum, consistently, which you *have* actually be warned about doing from the higher mods here in the past... just saying... :)

2018-09-30 [Fallen King]: Alright this is just getting fucking stupid. I have been a retired council member from a while back. One this place is not gonna revive let alone im amazed [Virgin sluts] even letting this ghost of a site still run. This drama bullshit from you all is personal egos and stupid drama between individuals. Let it die and let it go like this site has. The doors here will go down one day and thats almost certain. So girls be adults and just enjoy what time here yeah can.

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