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<img:stuff/Council.jpg> & <img:stuff/Volunteers.jpg>

The Volunteers members who work together to keep Fake running smoothly are known as the Crew - the Crew itself is composed of specialized groups.

If someone claims to be on the Crew and they're not listed on this page / don't have a badge for that position, report them and we'll get it sorted out.


If you have any questions about Fake, please ask in the comments below.
If someone is doing something they shouldn't be doing, please file a report.


                                         <img:stuff/aj/4455/fakeuberspanker.jpg> <img:stuff/aj/4455/fakewarden.jpg>

These members are the Administration - they're in charge of essentially everything.

[Virgin Slut], Owner & Uberspanker; Programs & Hosts Fake (Part-time, busy.)
[Stephen], Uberspanker; Head of Administration & Guard Captain

[That Nik Guy], Warden; Head of Council Selection, Guard & Council Leader
[Tr!X*], Deputy Warden; Right-Hand of Warden, Guard & Council Co-Leader


Guards are the Moderators of Fake - they handle rule breaking issues.

Take note that Captains can read any Private Message sent to and from anyone and can change account passwords; Elite Guards can delete all versions of a wikipage; Guards can edit user info, access any wikipage without passwords, delete comments from any wikipage, delete guestbook entries and ban members.

Captain [Virgin Slut], Account Issues
Captain [Stephen], Message Harassment, Guard Training & Internal Issues

Elite [That Nik Guy], Wiki Harassment & General Harassment
[Tr!X*], General Harassment & General Issues


Members of the Council help to keep Fake fun and active - they run events, competitions and are go-to for member relations. 

[Virgin Slut], Site Administration
[Stephen], Site Administration

[That Nik Guy], Leader of Council
[Tr!X*], Co-Leader of Council
[NerdyGothCurves], Accepts Members & Maintains Main
[Ultiem], Head of Police
[Sammie h], Relations & Design


Titles listed below this point are donor and contribution titles - they don't grant special authority, and they are generally permanent once earned.


The title of Volunteer is given to a member who has shown true interest in helping run Fake, but is not yet ready for the Council. 

[Majestic Nightmare of Massacre]
[Fallen King]
[nicholas chavez]


The title of Police is given to a member who has filed many well-written reports and assisted the Guards.
It can also be given when a member is a positive example to the community.

[Sammie h]


<img:stuff/aj/4455/fakecontractor.jpg><img:stuff/badgeartisza.gif><img:stuff/aj/4455/fakeartist.jpg><img:stuff/aj/4455/fakedonor.jpg>                                         <img:stuff/donoroffundza.gif>

The above titles are given when a member donates to Fake through various means.
Titles are currently given to members who create and maintain official pages, create official badges (first Artist badge), create official artwork (second Artist badge), donate enormous time or miscellaneous resources, and who <URL:donate.html> money.

To prevent bloat, the list of all donors is on donors.


If you're interested in joining the Crew, check out Apply to the Crew and fill out an application.
Selected members will become Volunteers and will be under consideration for Council.

Once again, if you have any questions about Fake feel free to ask - the Council is here to assist!

Username (or number or email):


2018-12-31 [Stephen]: I've deleted all the comments from this page.

I'm going to make a few ground rules clear - the Council page's comments are designed for members to get in touch with the Council as a whole, ask questions, or for Council members to interact in a friendly way with one another and other members.

Reporting people should be done via a report, some casual chatting is fine, but don't overdo it. We're aware Fake is dead/dying/rotting quiet and sleepy, so please don't come here just to reinform the world. If you have a constructive idea on fixing the issue, please do come here and give input.

Don't argue or harass one another here. You can argue in PMs, don't harass anyone anywhere.

Questions about Fake are strongly encouraged to be posted here, and hopefully we can keep this page clear and neat to ensure the most effective communication. =)

Comments that aren't official in nature / directly related to the content on this page will be pruned from time to time. It's nothing personal, just helps prevent derailing conversations.

2019-01-16 [Hardee Har har]: So I saw the front page, and as I've probably been here under one user name or another as long as any of you, here's what I personally think needs to happen. These are all very basic suggestions I've made countless times, and if you're genuinely serious about helping FAKE, I'd love to discuss these further:

1. Fake needs literally any kind of social media presence at all. I know at one point there was a FB page someone had, but I've no idea what happened to it. So we need to start with that. I personally suggest Twitter for entering into Kink community conversations. It's the easiest way to network quickly and efficiently with content producers and interested parties. A FB page could work, but their TOS have changed recently, and that might be a bad idea. is also an option, one that's risen to popularity in the wake of Tumblr's downfall.

2. Fake desperately needs a UI overhaul. To be blunt the entire site is incredibly ugly. Yes, it's simple, and simple is good. But not to the point of turning people away.

3. You need to make user customization idiot proof. Users also need a more nuanced gallery for their photos, and the option to create multiple albums (not wiki pages). I can't tell you how many times over the years I've had to answer basic upload questions for people.

4. The staff has been more active here in the last few months than they have been since FAKE initially premiered almost a decade ago. Good. You need to have that level of activity every single day or hand your duties off to someone that can manage for you. It's incredibly disheartening to see an inactive admin staff, and likewise when issues arise, there should be immediate action or same-day response. To my knowledge this hasn't been an issue-but if there's nobody at the helm (much more, if people don't genuinely know WHO is a mod)? It's a bad look that's caused by simple laziness.

Logging in for 15 minutes a day is literally nothing.

5. Literally any possible way of validating that members are of age would be great. I list this one last because I know it's virtually impossible and as nothing has ever really been done towards it (save banning underage members when they inevitably pop up), but a simple fix would be charging a $5 dollar one-time fee to join. Grandfather in current members, and make that the bar of entry going forward. It wouldn't cut off underage members entirely, but it would be a barrier for the majority of underage members while simultaneously generating revenue for the site. It's a crazy ass idea and I can already hear you all rolling your eyes, but it's a thought. There's no reason this can't be implemented and there's no reason NOT to do it.

6. Speaking of which, generating revenue would be a good idea. Ko-fi, Patreon and others are options. They're worth looking into. And before you star wringing your hands about NSFW content producers on those platforms, I produce NSFW content and use both. You're going to be safe.

That's as much as I can currently think of. You wanted a dialogue and suggestions-so let's talk.

2019-01-16 [Stephen]: [Hardee Har har] -

You're right about a social media influence, and Twitter is a good one to go with. Getting an official Twitter set up and going for Fake is something I'll talk with the other people on the Council about and see who's interested in handling that.

Fake DOES need a UI overhaul, pretty much everyone agrees on that. However, there's not much we can do. If we had someone around who knew who to do .css editing we could make it look better, but it would still be dated. Even then, I would have to essentially abuse my power to get a .css update spread out...

What do you mean customization idiot proof? There isn't much customization that I'm aware of.
The index system is kind of a giant spaghetti monster of spiderwebs. =|
It's almost better to just use a normal wikipage. Giving all members the ability to upload images directly to wikipages might sort of help with that? We'd need to discuss that a bit more to make any grounds.

Redesigning the Crew and Staff system to be more user friendly and easy to understand is something that can be done. Prompting volunteer Crew to spend decent energy on this is a bit more difficult. We'd need more Crew, but right now there isn't even a large pool of people looking to be on the Crew.

I understand the desire to keep out minors - but really, even sites like pornhub don't bother trying to keep out minors anymore. I'm not even sure they make you say you're over 18.
Maybe if Fake ended up popular enough to sustain itself it could be possible to try to implement something like that, but right now it could do more damage to add another block on how to be active here.

Revenue would be amazing. Once again though, that's probably something for when the memberbase is somewhat higher, and when we can realistically figure out some kind of reward system for it.

2019-01-17 [Stephen]: Council Members, please read and respond to [5063 (Unknown or private posting)].

2019-01-17 [Hardee Har har]: Stephen-

Honestly I was not expecting a response, much less one that was as respectful as that. This is probably the first time in my decade (d e a r god) that I've been here I've had a productive conversation with a Mod.

Thank you for being civil. It truly means a lot.

If you're going to progress forward with social media, Twitter is a great start for getting a foothold. It's going to take a lot of work to organically grow though. There's several options there as well-I would personally go with some draw for FAKE other than it being a "chat" website. Ironically however, that might appeal to a large niche of people. And Niches seem to be where a lot of people turn for kink related content, at least in my experience (I write erotica and do erotic voice work on commission).

If you're willing to consider it (or if the server can handle it), any kind of multimedia content (YT plugins, Soundcloud) would go a long way towards getting people to WANT to come here. There's a huge swatch of people in the kink community that engage through content only, and silently enjoy creator's work. Those people also very frequently share the work of those they enjoy-and sometimes toss money their way.

It's something I personally would heavily consider. I'm unsure what FAKE could offer (my hands are tied with my own endeavors), but there are a few talented people left. It's worth a shot to see if anyone would be interested.

2019-01-17 [Hardee Har har]: Okkkkay, so the page just shit the bed and ate my post, but here you go:

Stephen, I will happily work in an advisory role if you'd like. I know how to turn websites like fake around. It's a lot of work, but if you've someone dedicated and willing to do the legwork, I absolutely don't mind helping. I have always firmly held the belief that this site has an audience. It just needs some help.

Likewise, I would heavily consider multi-platform simul-uploads to social media, and using those mediums as intended. Twitter and Curious Cat are for "conversation", Pillowfort and other blogging platforms are for "community and content". Etc.

2019-01-17 [Tr!X*]: *insert enthusiastic reply to stephan and hardee* just tell me when you need boobies ;) they 100% help with advertising! (Or anything else i can do that is mildly constructive)

2019-01-18 [Stephen]: [Hardee Har har] -

Heh, sorry to hear you've been on Fake for a decade before you feel as though something you said was taken seriously. Fake was designed to be.. not serious to begin with, and it's not a thought process that's easily shaken off.

If you want to work in an advisory role, Fake honestly could use it. That would be fantastic, and you've been here long enough to be established. I'd much rather get core members involved in this than offsite people, at least when it comes to the first group.

There's a LOT we can't do when it comes to changing the site itself. I can go over the exacts with you on PM (or forum). However, there's also a lot we can do, so it really depends on what is needed overall.

2019-01-18 [Stephen]: Condensed all the various staff and titles pages to this page. Any opinions on it would be awesome!

2019-01-18 [Tr!X*]: i second hardee on side would be amazing<3

2019-01-28 [Hardee Har har]: Sorry for the late reply-was busy with actual work and my sex work I do.
So! Stephen I'd be happy to help. If you want to send me a message with any weak spots you want my thoughts on, I'll get back to you ASAP.

2019-02-02 [Stephen]: I'd like to welcome and present our newest Council member, [Sammie h]!

Sammie is planning on helping to focus efforts on member retention and has skill in .css redesign, which we hope she can use to make Fake a bit more.. sexy.

PS: Once again, cleared out chatter. Nothing personal, just trying to make sure the important comments aren't pushed back and derailed.

Update Feb 5 @ 04:14:59 -
Wiki-comments are deleted again. Same reason. Also, there are no teams. The Crew is not a schoolyard. I understand that the comment was made in jest, but it's an important subject to mention seeing as it's a common thought;
We, the Crew, work together as a whole. We are all a team. We have a hierarchy that can be seen above, but overall we are a team that weighs thoughts and opinions as equal.

2019-02-02 [The Obsidian Knight]: Um excuse me but a wiki of the history of fake would be interesting

2019-02-09 [Hardee Har har]: Stephen, still waiting on that message. I'm willing to help, but communication works both ways.

2019-02-11 [Stephen]: I thought I had sent a message to you. o.o

Edit -
I did send you a message, ten days ago. xD Check your inbox.

2019-02-11 [Sammie h]: lol, I have yet to receive my follow up message to. :o

2019-02-13 [Magara-Lady of the Ravens]: So why are you the only council ppl talking . there are others I thought?WeLL one more i think. its nice to see you guys do care . at least most of you.

2019-02-18 [Stephen]: Eh, it depends on the person. Everyone on the Council is at least interested in Fake doing better, that's true.
Some members are busy IRL, and some just aren't great at the social side of things.

There isn't really a reason for more than two or three Council members to respond to a single conversation thread unless they have some kind of unique input. :)

2019-02-18 [NerdyGothCurves]: Im usually on every day but if there is no need for an input in a thread, i won't.

2019-02-19 [Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: Ok there is an unclaimed country called the principality of sealand. yes this is real. you should buy it and call itsoverentee of fake. its about 7.5 miles of suffex in england. look it up in wikipedia. Trix you are the closset council member. you could move there and run it. Hedda could own his own his own country. you could his lord honorable stephan,. and as trix and nik are supreme baron and baroness of fake.katya has her title and sammie could be her ladyship sammie .

2019-02-19 [Stephen]: That'd be interesting.

2019-02-19 [The Obsidian Knight]: i saw what ana was talking about. its on yu tube called unclaimed lands you can actually rule. wat you could do is buy land on the moon and when ppl join fake electroniclly give them a piece of it. and in portsmouth england the are three islands you can get. you can make you own currency, your own flag etc. you could call the fakelin islands. as they are in england any fake member could move and run them and hedda could buy alot of these lands and staret the hedda empire. there is ares in anartica and the sahara. NOW rthere is a place called snake island where poinious snakes live in abundance. my idea is to drop death row cons on it and if they live they get life sentance. you have to live in anartica

2019-02-20 [Snakebyte Forktounge]: Nox would be great on here get her back or echo. Ijust noticed that on our profile change it has raping on it for sexual perversion . That is highly offensive and not very funny . it should be removed from our perversions.I mean it could really give some people fantasies and carry them out. i not sat it will or can . i just think that one is in poor taste.I thank you for taking the time for listening to my rant

2019-02-24 [Stephen]: We can't force old members to return. I'm not even sure how to contact those members.
If you know those members outside Fake, feel free to invite them back. :)

Being able to select a fantasy interest in Raping / Being Raped?
I can see why that would cause someone to be offended. Unless [Virgin Slut] decides to remove it, there's nothing we can do though, and tbh, he probably won't remove it on the grounds it's not politically appropriate.

2019-02-25 [Hardee Har har]: [Stephen], check your messages.

2019-02-26 [Tr!X*]: Margara- Lady Ballcutter - i presume the council member youre talking about is me, actually, i've had a pretty rough few weeks with a kidney and gallbladder infection, and am currently pre op on a shit tonne of antibiotics and pain meds (sexy, right?) so, if your dig was at me, redirect it. there is always at least one council member on here regular :)

2019-04-04 [Hardee Har har]: Hey folks.

So I messaged stephen over a month ago. It's sitting in his inbox, unread.

I'm going to extend my offer to anyone still paying attention on the staff/council. I would like to help. Please, feel free to hit me up.

2019-04-10 [Tr!X*]: :/ Hardee, hit me up if it's easier? I could talk to you alllll day<3 will check back here tomorrow. but i could schedule a time to chat about work? :)

2019-04-14 [Magara-Lady of the Ravens]: Seems a though we are not getting things done?


2019-05-23 [Hardee Har har]: Nah, it's more like I realized there's really no point.

Quite frankly the amount of work needed to pull the site around (not to mention the fact it NEEDS a complete overhaul from the top down) isn't worth it for a staff of largely unpaid volunteers.

The amount of time I could personally spend trying to help FAKE is better spent on my own material/numbers, and again-as there isn't pay being discussed for anyone involved in re-working the site, not to mention a complete and utter lack of capital/revenue for the site at all apparently-why bother?

FAKE is a relic from nearly twenty years ago. There are sites that do it easier, there are better communities, there are simply better things that exist by the thousands than FAKE. I enjoyed my time here, but you're asking people to breathe life into a decayed corpse. You're asking time of people that KNOW it's better spent elsewhere.

That's my two cents.

2019-05-26 [Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: . Congrats on her new position. told mistress katya not master. She is a rare beautiful intelligent woman not a guy. but thats her

2019-05-29 [NerdyGothCurves]: Finally got my stuff back. Some dumbass tried to hack it lmfao thats what safegaurds are for. How is everyone?

2019-07-05 [Sammie h]: Good thanks. you?

2019-07-08 [Tr!X*]: I have been approving new members whilst you have been off, Ashes :]

2019-07-08 [The Iron Warrior]: Excellent Job Tr!X*<img500*0:stuff/aj/9841/1562592841.jpg>Tr!X's new approval device for fake

2019-07-30 [NerdyGothCurves]: my account was locked. it isnt like i was up and disappearing on purpose. Thans, [Tr!X*]

2019-08-05 [The Iron Warrior]: i hope you are well ashes

2019-08-07 [NerdyGothCurves]: I'm better now. Annoyed as hell dumb asses keep trying to take my acct lmfao. Not today!

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