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This help page on Fake is designed to answer anything you need, if you have any questions or need extra help please leave a comment below!


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2008-12-01 [Your Brompton Cocktail]: understandable, i do the same ^_^

2008-12-01 [RitoriMisu]: *pats Travis on the head and backs away slowly*

2008-12-01 [fuck y'all im done]: *nuzzles behind Kaite and sits before poking her gently and whispering* I needs to talk to you... but I no knows how to gets hold of you...

2008-12-01 [RitoriMisu]: Erm - email, or here... or uh... I'm not on Yahoo so much...

2008-12-02 [fuck y'all im done]: gets on yahoos... PLEASE!! I just need someone who will listen to me bitch and complain and threaten myself... but no one seems to want to do that... I gave ya my emails on elfpack so yea... Loves ya

2009-03-06 [Madame_Eleanor]: Sweeties. There needs to be more love in this room.
*gives everyone a hug*

2009-06-27 [oldbymurat]:
I, male, mrs., look for, there,

2009-06-27 [oldbymurat]: <img:stuff/aj/9651/1246122140.jpg>

2009-07-14 [Killopkie]: *cough*douchebag*cough*

2009-08-02 [Naghdia]: How does one send sexypoints?

2009-08-03 [fuck y'all im done]: click the house of the member you wish to send a sexypoint to, then click sexypoint and enter what you want to say then send it...

2009-08-03 [Naghdia]: Thank you.

2009-08-05 [IceDragonKing]: how do u change the size of the text

2009-09-08 [unforgiven]: how do i delete my user acount from fake?

2009-09-08 [Killopkie]: you cant, just take everything down and don't log in anymore

2009-09-08 [IceDragonKing]: how can you change colors on your page

2009-09-08 [fuck y'all im done]: Have to be a donor or have someone donate and give you the ability

2009-09-08 [IceDragonKing]: no

2009-09-08 [fuck y'all im done]: You asked how to change the font colors on your page, that is how

2009-09-08 [IceDragonKing]: how can you do it in wiki's

2009-09-08 [fuck y'all im done]: Ah I see, next time make your question more specific though as far as I know it is the same way...

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