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This help page on Fake is designed to answer anything you need, if you have any questions or need extra help please leave a comment below!


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2008-08-28 [fuck y'all im done]: Well I'll take a screen shot of my house page and send it to you...

2008-08-29 [Your Brompton Cocktail]: okies

2008-11-24 [♦Harley♦Quinn♦]: HOW DO I DELETE MY PROFILE ON HERE

2008-11-24 [fuck y'all im done]: You can't, you can remove all your information from your description and just not log in again but you cannot delete your profile

2008-11-24 [Your Brompton Cocktail]: people need to lean to read, at the very botom of your profile it clearly states that you cannot delete your profile on fake

2008-11-24 [Killopkie]: or elftown, or elfpack, or cathug, or writersco, or uh.. the music one... and probably others that i don't know about yet

2008-11-25 [fuck y'all im done]: musmakers is the music one

2008-11-26 [Killopkie]: how dare you correct me, go to hell

2008-11-26 [Killopkie]: gogogogogogogogogogogogogo

2008-11-27 [fuck y'all im done]: *rolls eyes* Fuck off Travis, or I shall make a point of kicking your ass the minute I step off the plane no matter what anyone says about it. *grin* Have a good day

2008-11-27 [Your Brompton Cocktail]: children!, play nice!

2008-11-27 [RitoriMisu]: *takes baby aside and gives her a mug of cider* Don't poke at people, dear.

2008-11-27 [Killopkie]: taking text on the internet seriously.. what a moronic thing to do..
especially this website in paticular. oh yeah, i can file a police report against you just for threatening to kick my ass on this wiki LOL
our system is moronic
technically i can anyway
will anything get done? doubtfully
a fight would be nice though, havn't been in a good fight for a good while.. maybe i'll get some kind of competition..

2008-11-27 [RitoriMisu]: *pokes Killo* Whats up?

2008-11-28 [Your Brompton Cocktail]: killo, fighting on the internet is like eating a big mac to loose weight, no matter how mutch you take off, your still gonna get fat

2008-11-29 [Killopkie]: i'm talking about physical combat dude...


2008-11-29 [fuck y'all im done]: *snuggles against Kaite and sips on my cider*
P.S. Travis, gotta learn to take things lightly. If you HONESTLY thought that in a million years I would take your so called threats seriously you are sadly mistaken. You want a fight Travis? I'm willing to give you one if you wish, if you think I'm scared of getting thrown around by a guy then maybe you should take the time to get to know a bit about me.
*snuggles Kaite again* but poking people is FUN! *pouts*

2008-12-01 [Killopkie]: ohh ee ohh ah ah ching chang walla walla bing bang

2008-12-01 [RitoriMisu]: Stoooopit... x_X

2008-12-01 [Killopkie]: And OH AH SEE THE LIGHT NOW AND BOY IT'S BRIGHT
excuse my stupidness please, i've been in bad moods and stuff, anger makes me stupid

2008-12-01 [Your Brompton Cocktail]: understandable, i do the same ^_^

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