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This help page on Fake is designed to answer anything you need, if you have any questions or need extra help please leave a comment below!


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2005-11-25 [hot n horny]: can anyone tell me how to change the color on my page.

2005-11-26 [Red_Mole]: Could one of the 'fake' guards please message me, i've got an important message to pass on for a freind.

2005-11-27 [SEXmonster]: see Guards or Council

2006-01-20 [fireballjr]: how do I create a wiki

2006-02-10 [dirty_angel]: i'm really confused right now i need to put my pic in the wiki were i'm putting myself up for rent but i can't figure it out

2006-02-20 [H2O-Foxyroxy]: how do i put images in my house

2006-02-21 [midnightspectre]: Let's answer a few questions: First off, you cant get colors in your page to the best of my knowledge... but you can if you're a sponsor on elftown. If anyone knows how otherwise, feel free to share. Creating a wiki is simple, just type in what you want to name your wiki in the Wiki-page search bar. Finally, to post pictures in the Description or your wiki, you have to have your picture hosted elsewhere. There, i think i covered everything

2006-02-26 [tigress1984]: how can i change my discripton

2006-02-27 [Rosy™]: I can't find the description changey button thing *cries* ...where'd it go? O.O It's as though my presentation is not mine, and I'm just viewing someone else's...I can still change and edit my picture stuff, though.

2006-02-27 [RitoriMisu]: Mine is still on the second line of buttons just above my username... o_O But as a member of the Guards, I suppose I could edit it for you, if the change is small.

2006-02-28 [Rosy™]: That's alright, it seems to have reappeared now, but thankyou. ^_^

2006-02-28 [RitoriMisu]: Cool ^^

2006-04-06 [RitoriMisu]: Wow wow wow this looks so good, Lynneh! ^___^

2006-04-06 [Lust]: Thank ye.. =)

2006-05-24 [Free at last]: How do i get the secret service to put a message on my wiki?

2006-05-24 [Lust]: Ask a guard

2006-05-26 [RitoriMisu]: We dont put messages on wikis. Only houses.

2006-05-26 [Lust]: *blinks* I could of sworn that said house when I put that.

2006-05-26 [RitoriMisu]: And furthermore, we try not to put random request messages up unless its to warn about harassment or requests for cybering.

2006-05-26 [Lust]: Artistic nudity.. Wait.. Never mind!

2006-05-27 [RitoriMisu]: LOL

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