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Welcome to the official Wiki Index of Fake


Official Fake Wikis:

## Information Pages ###

Help ...a page with general information of how Fake works
Wiki Guide ...a little introduction of how to make your own wiki page
Dungeon Masters ...a page with all Crew and titles listed
Uploading Art Rules ...rules everyone should read before uploading pictures
Fake - Rules ...a page listing the very simple rules of FAKE.

## Fake Feature Pages ##

Daily Sex Story ...Write a sex story and get it on the Main!
Slut of the week ...The wiki for the Mainstreet-title of the "Slut of the Week", and how you can become one too.
Poll Topic Suggestions! ...Suggestion a poll for Main!
Main Calendar Suggestions! ...Get your wiki or contest linked on the Main Calendar area!
Official Fake Contests ...The wiki that lists all of the official Fake contests, with deadlines.
Fake Awards ...The wiki where you can vote for your friends in lots of different categories!.
Award Winning Wikis Wikis that have either been Featured on Fake or have placed in the Best Wiki Award contest.
Fake Improvement Suggestions ...Suggest your ideas for Fake to the Crew!
Fake Graphics ...a page with graphics used for Fake. Entries welcome.
* Pornlinks Post your links to porn here

## Fun Pages ##

The Fake Market Place ...The right place to buy & sell slaves. Like ebay, just with people.
Guess ...A page to make guesses about body parts.


Unofficial wikis by Fake members:

Members' Wiki Index ...member's wikis are listed here



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<img:stuff/aj/21/bullgrn.png> Help
<img:stuff/aj/21/bullgrn.png> Index
<img:stuff/aj/21/bullgrn.png> Fake Chat
<img:stuff/aj/21/bullgrn.png> Slut of the Week
<img:stuff/aj/21/bullgrn.png> Fake Awards
<img:stuff/aj/21/bullgrn.png> Daily Sex Story
<img:stuff/aj/21/bullgrn.png> Official Fake Contests

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2005-10-27 [ho]: dam i hard

2005-10-27 [homo erectus]: I'm alittle hurt that i wasn't asked before the wiki was taken...

2005-10-27 [Yiwerra]: This is an official Fake page. It has bigger purposes than being owned by a member.

2005-10-27 [Burned Out]: Hm... Is this page blank to everyone else? Or am I the only one

2005-10-27 [RitoriMisu]: Everyone. [Yiwerra], I need editing privs to this page, please, sweety...

2005-10-27 [homo erectus]: I know its an offical page but it wouldn't have killed you to ask and i'd i've said 'sure have it'

2005-10-27 [Yiwerra]: Well, it doesn't belong to you, and you don't own it, because it's an official page.

2005-10-27 [homo erectus]: I did own it.... once. Any way, i'm gonna shut up and go away, but i hope you'll ask next time, please.

2005-10-27 [Yiwerra]: You did NOT own it! It's an official page, and if you made it to edit it before the crew did, well then you were lucky! But it doesn't give you any right.

2005-10-27 [RitoriMisu]: You are disrespecting the head boss Mistress ladeh of FAKE!! How dare you!

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