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This help page on Fake is designed to answer anything you need, if you have any questions or need extra help please leave a comment below!


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2009-09-08 [fuck y'all im done]: Ah I see, next time make your question more specific though as far as I know it is the same way...

2009-09-08 [IceDragonKing]: ok

2009-09-18 [Chewy671]: how do u delete an old account that u dont want ne more ?

2009-09-18 [fuck y'all im done]: You can't, you can only remove all the information and place the password in the description for use by another person. :)

2009-09-20 [Your Brompton Cocktail]:

you cannot delete an account, it says so at the bottom of your house page ^_^

(disclamer) not being mean, just random ^_^)

2009-10-08 [Kemeca_Lerana]: I need help I would search a page and it's not taken and it won't let me edit it! I need help!

2009-10-10 [Your Brompton Cocktail]: then its just an empty page that someone has claimed, or someone has claimed and forgotten about, keep trying ^_^

2009-10-10 [Kemeca_Lerana]: What about a wiki name?

2009-10-10 [Your Brompton Cocktail]: what do you mean?

2009-10-10 [Kemeca_Lerana]: For my wiki name

2009-10-10 [Your Brompton Cocktail]: well whats it going to be about?

2010-01-20 [sexyred11]: can someone please remove my profile....

2010-01-21 [Your Brompton Cocktail]: no, it says at the bottom of the page you CANNOT delete a profile, if you wanna leave, just delete everything off your page and stop coming to the site, if you want to make a new profile, make a new profile, delete everything off your old one and put a link you your new username in your description

and besides, are you blind, i put it in huge letters

2010-03-08 [RitoriMisu]: Lol Brompton.

2010-03-29 [_perfucktion]: if you send someone a message and immediately block them so they cant reply, can they still receive and read the message? j/w :)

2010-03-31 [Your Brompton Cocktail]: actually not sure about that one, .....

2010-04-02 [DysprosiumOxide]: if i just ignore my page for a while, will it get deleted? (I want mine to be deleted)

2010-04-26 [The Vampire Lestat]: can someone send me a message telling me how to mass upload photo's to a wiki? like just a whole folder all at once. PM me if you can please

2010-05-26 [The Vampire Lestat]: umm a little help?

2010-06-02 [Your Brompton Cocktail]: you have to put it into a zip file and upload the whole zip file

2010-06-02 [Your Brompton Cocktail]: and i swear if i see one more friggin person wanting their page deleted im passing out glasses

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