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This help page on Fake is designed to answer anything you need, if you have any questions or need extra help please leave a comment below!


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2006-05-27 [RitoriMisu]: LOL

2006-05-27 [Lust]: Man, really there isnt any reasons besides harassment messages ... o.O.... We should have big dick messages thingy's! *nods*

2006-07-02 [Shuiichi]: who is incharge of FAKE cause, not to be rude, but some bitch Hacked into my [Vicromos] account and I really want it back one i couldn't log in and I never got my PW in my mail also their are a few unpleasent changes to it so please direct me to the addministrater of this site please!

2006-07-10 [RitoriMisu]: That would be me, and I dealt with it already. *pets*

2006-08-11 [Luna_Tari]: how do i close my account

2006-08-14 [neon_butterfly]: You mean unjoin from FAKE? You can't, but you can just stop logging in, and maybe write something on your house about you not visiting the site anymore.

2006-09-05 [Your Brompton Cocktail]: how do i do sexypoints???

2006-09-08 [Fornax]: How do I do relations? *is frustrated*

2006-09-08 [RitoriMisu]: Sexipoints = Click on the link near the top of the person's page that says give this person a sexipoint.
Relations = You can either type a custom relation or use one of the pre-made ones from the drop down menu... This is located at the very bottom of the person's house. Note that you cannot make a relation with someone until you have exchanged messages with them in BOTH directions.

2006-09-10 [Fornax]: *smiles* Thank you!

2006-12-02 [Princess Cupcake]: can you put my wiki up there plz Linking to fake

2007-01-23 [Burned Out]: I have a question! <.<; >.>; (Duh)

A member has multimedia (e.g. songs) on her profile. Is this a privilege? Or am I just ignorant of an upload feature?

2007-01-23 [Lust]: Its a new feture. Would you like the code? I'll send it to you on MSN

2007-01-24 [RitoriMisu]: Its <sound:>

2007-02-05 [VanillaKisses--]: how do you put a line on your profile

2007-02-05 [Lust]: <hr>

2007-03-15 [Your Brompton Cocktail]: can i put vids in my house???
and a song too thatd be kewl

2007-03-15 [Lust]: Yeah. You can. But it turns out to be a read and white tage. But leads to the videos, I have it explained in description sense you obviosuly dont understand what [RitoriMisu] means by that 4 people up

2007-03-27 [RitoriMisu]: <>

2007-03-28 [Your Brompton Cocktail]: ahh ok now i just have to find out how to get the songs i want

2007-04-04 [Ultiem]: have it loaded someplace and inline it i guess

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