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Pick-Up-Line Contest <---- Deadline: No Set Deadline; Continually Running Contest
Fake Awards <---- Deadline: No Set Deadline; Continually Running Contest
Porn Animation Contest <---- Deadline: N/A
Slutiest Slut Competition <---- Deadline: N/A


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FAKE Left Border Contest <--- congrats to our winners: [RitoriMisu] and [Za'leia]!
FAKE Logo Contest <--- congrats to our winner: [Za'leia]!
FAKE badges <--- congrats to our winner: [Za'leia]!
FAKE Front Page Image Contest
Sexiest Halloween Costume Contest <--- congrats to our winners: [Burnouthappy] and [Fabian]!
Best Halloween Sexy Story <--- congrats to our winners: [Prince Albert] and [horny angel babe 69]!
Fake Christmas Card Competition <--- congrats to our winner: [bondagekitty]!
slutiest make-up contest <--- congrats to our winner: [Echo]!


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2006-04-05 [Lady Di]: lol alrighto i'll just go with the one on 69..

2006-04-05 [Lady Di]: lol ahhh ok, gotta find the red and black one now

2006-04-05 [Lady Di]: kaitlyn, anymore contests to add up there?

2006-04-06 [RitoriMisu]: Not as of yet, but watch the Crew Serious Fucking forum for more! You can be in charge of cataloguing this.

2006-04-06 [Lady Di]: score! lol i was hoping you'd say that

2006-04-06 [Lady Di]: yes i know, i'm the weird one

2006-04-06 [RitoriMisu]: Lol...

2006-04-06 [Lady Di]: :P

2006-04-06 [RitoriMisu]: You so silly.

2006-04-06 [Lady Di]: which is surprising. i had a really bad day and in person...i'm like the bitchest depressed person right now. but online..apparently i'm silly!

2006-04-06 [RitoriMisu]: XD

2006-04-11 [Lady Di]: aw damn..i liked my banner! *cries*

2006-05-25 [DRACE]: o.o

2006-05-26 [Lady Di]: lol a little late there buddy

2006-05-27 [DRACE]: *puts [Lady Di] over his knees and spanks her*

2006-05-27 [Lady Di]: O.O hey now! *squirms and wiggles away*

2006-10-27 [DRACE]: *pull syou back, ties you over him and to his chair, then starts spanking you more* :P

2006-10-29 [Lady Di]: *breaks out a chain saw and cuts the ties and bolts* :P

2006-10-29 [DRACE]: *whimpers*

2006-10-30 [Lady Di]: *grins evily*

2006-10-30 [DRACE]: o.o

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